Wedding Gifting Trends for 2017 (Rank Princess – SEO)

Weddings are the grandest platform of pomp and show. The delicious food, people dressed their best, and of course, the wedding gifts add the charm to the wedding. Gifts are an expression of joy and gratitude.

They are an integral part of a wedding ceremony. Here are the best gifting trends of this season for weddings:

Gift Vouchers There is no better gift than the gift of choice. This gifting trend is raging these days. With online shopping on the rise, you can gift the newlywed couple a gift voucher from Amazon, Flipkart, etc. they can select any gift they want and be satisfied with it because it was  their choice. You can gift them gift vouchers from trendy lifestyle stores like Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, etc. These stores stock up a wide variety of clothes, perfumes, watches, etc. Your gift will be appreciated.

Honeymoon or Holiday Package – What could a newlywed couple want more than an all-expense paid trip to a serene and exotic land. Gift the newlyweds a romantic holiday, and they are sure to appreciate the gesture. Both domestic and international packages are available at travel agencies.

If you’re looking for a domestic package, you can gift them a trip to Goa or Kashmir. These are best honeymoon spots in India. If you’re feeling more generous, you can gift them a trip to Mauritius or Bali. A romantic getaway every couple desires and this could be the best possible gift you could give to your loved ones.

Spa Treatment – Their wedding day is the happiest day of their lives, but the preparations and all the festivities leave the couple exhausted. Give the newlyweds a chance to rejuvenate after the wedding by gifting them a post-wedding spa session at a renowned spa. The relaxing Jacuzzi and the refreshing aromatherapy sessions are something they would be longing for, and you could gift them the perfect opportunity to pamper themselves.

Cash – It is one of the smartest and easiest gifts. Instead of wasting your time looking for the perfect gift, you could save yourself the effort and simply gift the newly married couple cash. Not only can they buy a gift of their choice, but it also takes the pressure off of your shoulders.

For two people who are about to embark upon a new journey in their lives, cash can surely come in handy. All you have to do is buy a nicely decorated envelope and put a decent amount in it and voila! Your gift is ready.

Customized Decorative Things– If you are close to the couple getting married, you could gift them customized gifts which are available at every gift shop these days. Not only do they add a personal touch to gifts, but they are also very affordable. From photo collages to customized wall clocks to personalized wall hangings, there is a wide variety to choose from.

A gift done right is a relation done right. Choosing the perfect gift for the happy couple can be quite a task. In a wedding, either you are from the groom’s side or the bride’s side. But it is always a smart idea to gift something that encompasses them as a couple.

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