Truly Gifted – Upcoming Trends in Wedding Gifts (Rank Princess – SEO)

Indian weddings have seen it all, from simple ceremonies to extravagant destination weddings. Gift industry trends 2016 showed a vast divide of ideas amongst young couples to what exactly they want on their special day.

There has, however, been a breakthrough these last few years in the size of the gifting industry in India. Even though the gifting industry statistics in India is set at 30 billion USD, couples have realised that the more personal the ceremony is, the more memorable they are.

This year, there is an inclination towards eco-friendly weddings with gifting favours that are more personal, edgy and chic.

Gift Package

The packaging of the gift is as important as the gift itself.  Indian gifting market provides readymade options of decorated boxes to elegant pouches to accommodate gifts like small candles, jewellery, dry fruits and nuts.

Opt for green gifting like a small plant, cacti, or bonsai plants. The guests will love it and cherish it for a long time.

Personal Gifts

Gifting toiletries is always a go-to option as party favours. There is a wide range to choose from where you can either personalise it to your taste or your guest.

Go for options of personal items such as cufflinks, broaches, scarves, fancy hair clips, etc. These are useful items that the guests will appreciate and keep for a long time. There are a lot of unisex options in this category which makes the job of choosing much easier.    

Ditch the Sweets

Gifting business in India goes hand in hand with giving sweets. Many are now health conscious and often consider it a burden to receive sweets. Switch to healthier options that the entire family can enjoy like dry fruits and nuts. These stay for longer and come in very attractive pre-packaged parcels.

The edgy option here would be gifting wine, gourmet raw or ground spices, and preserves that are available in trendy tins that you can personalise with your names or logo.

Functional Gift Options

Choose party favours that go along with your theme of the wedding. For example, a couple who are football fans had a FIFA-themed wedding with party favours like team jerseys and other football souvenirs.

Go over the edge and gift a hangover kit, that includes coffee sachet, electrolyte sachet, breath mints, and an express make-up put-together, and finally, instructions to the nearest restaurant for that perfect hangover cure breakfast.

Let your Guests Decide

With the online gifting market size getting larger, with so many innovative options available to choose from, it is super trendy to let your guests decide what they want to buy.

Gift cards and vouchers are available with several online shopping portals, and this is probably the easiest and the most eco-friendly method to give and receive gifts.

Another alternative to this trend is gifting discounts on travel websites to give your favourite people a well-deserved vacation.

Create a Memorable Experience

Gifting an experience is not only new but is a welcomed concept in Indian weddings now. Many gifting startups in India are coming up with interesting options like dancing lessons for the guests and DIY workshops with a take home after the ceremonies.

A special spa and massage session for couples and cooking classes for the young makes the surrounding lively and interesting, and they are sure to be talking about it for a long time into the future!

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