#StartInCollege- Before It Is Too Late (Rank Princess)

Breaking the Stereotype

We have lived and still live in a society where the only two career options given to students are either engineering or medicine. Some of the best minds invest years of their college life behind books only to ultimately work for other people.

Our country has some of the best engineering colleges with some of the brightest minds taking admission every year. No matter how good the curriculum design might be, only theory is not enough for the holistic growth and development of any student.

Practical knowledge and skill development is an integral part of any learning process. One needs to gain some hands-on experience and industry exposure to become industry ready.

Widen Your Horizons with Startup Village

How about you get the opportunity to get practical exposure before you get recruited? What if you get the chance to incubate your idea and nourish it further? What if you also get the opportunity to get your investors to bring your idea to life?

And, what if you get them all in one package?

We use the internet for a lot of reasons. We socialise, we network, we entertain ourselves, but we hardly devote time to studying online. What we only do is look for information on Google. 

Have you ever considered studying dedicatedly online?

Startup Village is here to provide you opportunities like never before. If you have a hidden entrepreneur inside you, if you have revolutionary start-up ideas, Startup Village will provide you with the right platform for learning and cultivate it further.

You are admitted for a six months course on start-up that will entirely take place online. They have the best learning module designed for you, taking online learning to a whole new level. You do not need to appear for any admission test. Your abilities are judged on the product you build.

The Process Of Learning At SV

Join as a team leader, and then create your team further. You build your product decks and learn coding to build real products. Then you start talking to real customers and find your investors. Finally, the best part- you get to experience the Silicon Valley before you even finish college.

All of this is offered to you in a matter of six months. It is the best place for ambitious, innovative students, who want to explore beyond the classroom. It will most certainly give wings to your ideas and help you learn about the nitty-gritty of building your start-up from scratch.

What Are You Waiting For?

Books are good, but learning beyond books has become the need of the hour. So you think you have it in you to pursue an extensive course and see your idea grow? Apply to Startup Village right away and imbibe all that is there on offer.

Are you still not sure? Want more details? Look up the site SV.co.

You can also witness stories of the ones who have already tasted success. View the success stories here.

You will find engineers by the dozen. All of them flock to work for renowned companies. Very few get the opportunity to grow from small start-ups to well-known companies. Here is your chance. Do not miss it!


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