In Pursuit of knowledge (Content Strategi – SEO)

The pursuit of knowledge is a time-honoured tradition. From times of yore the importance of having the right knowledge and wisdom has been stressed upon us and why not? As the saying from Hitopadesha goes,

Meaning that true knowledge gives humility, and with humility one becomes qualified. With good qualifications one attains wealth, and with wealth, one can do good & noble deeds. That, in turn, leads to happiness.

And that is what we all seek: to be happy. To that end, we pursue valuable knowledge that will give us the wisdom to accomplish our goals

Knowledge: The instrument that determines our actions

In today’s age, there is no dearth of information. We are in fact, bombarded by a constant stream of information from a variety of sources. But, for our actions to contribute meaningfully to society, the knowledge we gain should be credible and worthy.

This premise for sharing good content & thoughts with the world is not new. It dates back to the days of Rig-Veda.

It implies a sense of common welfare and inclusiveness. It tells us that it is our responsibility to share knowledge and spread good ideas.

A laudable idea can take root and expand to transform lives and elevate communities. It all depends on the knowledge we have collected and the wisdom we have acquired.

Thus making appropriate information available for learning is the first step to building a better community.

Organisations like Khan Academy are already delivering free content, educating the youth of our world. As the leaders of tomorrow, enabling their noble pursuits will ensure a brighter future.

Knowledge and Wisdom: The conundrum

Gaining knowledge on a plethora of subjects is quite convenient and easy in this digital age. However, without good insight and the ability to separate the good from the bad, the knowledge serves no useful purpose. For society to develop, knowledge must be tempered with a clarity of perception to be of any good to the common welfare. And that is wisdom acquired through deep learning.

As Sri Aurobindo expounded, it is wisdom that can tear down the veil of false appearances and find the hidden kernel of truth. Knowledge is just the instrument that helps us gain the understanding we need.

This forms the basis for an advanced society. A good system of learning is key to societal development and overall wellbeing. It rouses the people’s ability to think, formulate their ideas and principles, free themselves from propaganda & dogma and contribute positively to society.

Let the light of knowledge shine bright and true

Meaning: A fool is revered at home, a Lord in his village, a king in his country but a learned man and scholar is revered everywhere.

A wise person is celebrated universally, an exemplary honour that no on else can claim.

So the pursuit of knowledge and the resulting wisdom is a noble and commendable goal. Let us do our best to see that those seeking knowledge can always find it and never be stymied, for intellectual curiosity is the first step to transforming lives.


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