Privacy Policy

Gaia Internet may use any or all information (contact information or otherwise) for any sort of use for the benefit of Gaia or its brands/companies, or any of its partners or as an affiliate.

Gaia doesn’t spam. But Gaia does connect people with opportunities that it feels may benefit them, both, directly or indirectly.

The above is only a potential clause. As of now, all information shared by Gaia is for use by Gaia only. However, this may or may not change in the future.

If or when Gaia Internet adds/removes you to an email subscription/newsletter run by Gaia Internet, you’ll have an option to remove yourself from it, either from that particular list or from all lists managed by Gaia Internet.

Gaia currently uses Mailchimp as its auto responder service.


Contacting Gaia through any of its forms or even via email, may lead to you being added to one or more relevant email lists that Gaia deems fit. However, you’ll always have the option to remove yourself from one/more/all Gaia lists (even permanently), should you so desire.