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The Basics of Engineering Polymers

The field of engineering that creates, analyses and moulds polymer materials is known as Polymer Engineering. Aspects of the Petrochemical Industry, Polymerisation, Classification, Properties, Description, Processing and Application of Polymers are covered in Polymer Engineering.

Engineering Polymers are substances with extraordinary mechanical properties such as low creep, stiffness, and firmness. Other properties are resistance to heat, mechanical strength, rigidity, chemical stability, and fire safety. These features make these Polymers useful in the manufacture of structural products like Auto Parts, Gears, Bearings, and Electronic Devices.

Applications of Polymers

Engineering plastics are being put to use in many products, gradually replacing traditional construction materials such as Metal or Wood. The properties of these Polymers have surpassed metal or wood regarding weight and strength both. Engineering Polymers are a lot easier to manufacture, especially in varied, complex shapes and forms.

There are speciality engineering Polymers and thermally curable resins (epoxies). The other kinds of Polymers include Polyamides, Acetals, Polyimides, Polycarbonates, Polyacrylates, and Polyesters, 

Engineered Polymers are used in a variety of ways. The most common uses are:

The unique physical properties of Polymers give the engineers the scope to shape parts. This is the reason why Polymer composite products often look different compared to conventional products. However, certain products like Drive ShaftsHelicopter Rotor Blades, and Propellers look similar to metal precursors, because of the functional needs of the components of those products.

Since the applications of these Engineered Polymers are so vast and valuable, there are a series of suppliers of these Polymers that are available in the Indian market. These vendors cater to the needs of manufacturing units that make the above-mentioned products and the likes.

Engineering Polymer Suppliers in India

There are some Engineered Polymer suppliers in India. Some worth mentioning are:

  • Ensinger India – They have developed engineering plastics for over 45 years. The plastics provide high-performance when applied to products. Their products are found in many important branches of industry like Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Industry, Medical Devices Technology & Construction Industry, Food Industry, Aeronautical Engineering, & Electronics Industry.


  • Goyal Engineering Polymers Pvt. Ltd.– JRG group, which is one of India’s leading importers and distributors of engineering plastics raw material is the parent company of Goyal Engineering.They cater to automobile component manufacturers.
  • Bhansali Engineering Polymer Limited–The company makes raw materials that serve companies dealing in Motor Vehicles, Home Appliances, Telecommunications, Luggage, Bus Body and various other applications. 
  • JP Polymer Pvt. Ltd. – They specialise in providing Engineering Polymers for all kinds of new developments in different sectors.
  • Formulated Polymers Ltd. – They offer a range of Thermoplastic compounds. Their focus has been on specially engineered Polymers that are used by niche industries.
  • Perfect Polymers– It is a company specialising in customising various Engineering Plastics & Elastomers which match up to export quality standards. Also, they allow their clients to select the desired material. They have excelled in providing spontaneous solutions to their customers.

One Stop Solution

Engineering plastics are in high demand in the country. Owing to their varied properties and uses, Engineered Polymers have gained preference over other materials for various purposes. For a one stop solution, an online company comes to your rescue.

Power2SME is an online arena that serves the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in India. They concentrate on procuring raw materials exclusively for businesses in this sector. Currently, their services are available across precision engineering, manufacturing, automotive OEM, and construction, industries, and the likes. They provide raw materials for SMEs over multiple products in categories such as Inks, Chemicals, Metals, Paints, and most importantly Polymers.


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