Maternity Wear from J Brand Jeans Sale a Hot Pick for Mommies-to-be (Rank Princess – SEO)

J Brand Jeans is a leading global brand of denim wear that has revolutionised the market with their unique designs carrying a signature of sophistication and comfort. The ladies wear collection of J Brand Jeans is renowned for their perfect fit that contours and complements the female body.

The brand has also been in association with leading designers to develop a line of clothing that embodies the latest definitions of female sensibilities.

In the women’s line of clothing, the skinny jean was revolutionised by the J Brand designs. They are hot sellers at our J Brand Skinny Jeans sale. The company also contributed to the women’s range, the unique Houlihan cargo pants which spelt comfort and ease of wear.

Their Love Story Flare pants were wildly popular at the time of introduction and have maintained that status since. The range of maternity wear from J Brand Jeans is also widely accepted, as can be referenced by the quick stock-outs at our J Brand Jeans sale and J Brand Maternity Jeans sale.

How do you Choose Maternity Jeans at the J Brand Jeans Sale?

A pair of jeans is a very personal piece of wardrobe, as it moulds to the shape of our bodies with wear. It is also more robust than any other clothing in a woman’s closet, and it carries a tag of dependability because it does not need to be washed after every outing. This anchor of a woman’s style statement is often the most missed among her clothing, as she steps into pregnancy. It involves a great deal of time and effort to zero in on a perfect pair of jeans while you are out shopping. Here are some pointers to keep in mind while you are selecting a jean at the store.

  1. Try multiple designs and brands before you make a choice.
  2. As opposed to your pre-pregnancy choices, it is optimum to buy something that complements your baby bump.
  3. Get jeans in multiple styles that would suit your body as your waistline expands. You may be short of shopping time later on in your pregnancy.
  4. Treat yourself to some good fitting designs, because it is important to love your body as you progress through your pregnancy.

Types of Maternity Jeans Available in the J Brand Maternity Jeans Line

Some shopping jargons that you should familiarise with before you step out to buy a pair of J Brand Maternity Jeans are listed below.

  1. Under-the-bump

This is an ideal design for the initial pregnancy period when your bump is small. The jean has a supportive wide band of elastic that falls below the tummy.

  1. Over-the-bump

This design has an elastic waistband that fits over your pregnancy tummy. This style is ideal for use in late pregnancies.

  1. Drawstring

An adjustable string is provided at the front with some elastic band panelling at the back for support.

  1. Jersey basque

This design is characterised by a stretchy front panel that expands while your tummy grows.  The panel is made up of spandex, lycra or elastane. It also has elastic panels at concealed spots to provide an optimum fit. The elastic bands of the jeans are also available in a spectrum of colours to complement the rest of the outfit. Jersey Basque design is the most versatile type of maternity jeans, as it can be used throughout a pregnancy without having to worry about your tummy growth. This is also a hot seller at the J Brand Maternity Jeans sale.

  1. Fly-front

This design has a normal zip or button opening with adjustable straps placed on the sides of the waistband or with stretchy panels on the front.

  1. Side panels

Elastic panels on the sides of the waistband are part of this style. These panels expand with your growing tummy.

Cuts of Maternity Jeans

On the lines of regular jeans, maternity jeans are available in different sizes and cuts. The J Brand Maternity Jeans sale stocks all sizes and cuts of maternity jeans. Some of the popular cuts are detailed below.

  1. Hybrid designs like the skinny legging maternity jeans have stretch panels located at strategic locations on the waistband and curve contouring patterns. This is also a very popular design at the J Brand Skinny Jeans sale.
  2. Bootcut Maternity Jeans are wider towards the ankle and are perfect for wearing with boots. This style of jeans is also an ideal fit for women with pear-shaped and hourglass shaped pre-pregnancy figures. Hence, this is another highly sought-after design at J Brand Jeans sale.
  3. Maternity Capris end towards the middle of the calf and are optimum for summers as the material allows air circulation. The comfort and style that this design offers have made it very popular among pregnant women.
  4. Straight cut maternity jeans do not contour the leg like the skinny jeans but are a comfortable casual wear option during pregnancy.
  5. Flare jeans are snug at the thighs and flare out towards the feet. This design has a retro seventies style to it that is accepted by many moms-to-be.


During the exciting pregnancy phase of a woman’s life, she does not have to forgo her personal style to accommodate her physical changes.  The J Brand Skinny Jeans sale and J Brand Jeans sale stock some of the best maternity wear for moms-to-be. 

Customers are, however, advised to familiarise with the different styles of maternity wear, size charts and the various cuts available in J Brand Jeans before they browse through the collections. Also, maternity bands are the best options during the first trimester of pregnancy, as these can be worn over pre-pregnancy jeans itself. 

The fit and comfort of J Brand jeans are guaranteed to enhance your shopping experience, and it helps you to arrive at a decision sooner than you would expect. If customers purchase from the J Brand Jeans Sale judiciously, the jeans could last them their entire pregnancy, and also even the next one!

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