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Swimsuit season is here! There are a lot of swimsuits on the market, online. But which one will make you look as hot as the sun? Is it a bikini? Or a one-piece swimsuit? Or a microkini? The possibilities are endless.

Know your Swimsuit

Flaunt your curves and look like a sexy goddess this summer. If you are planning a trip to the beach to soak in the sun or take a dip to cool off, you need the right swimsuit. But which beachwear do you buy? A bikini is the most popular choice but what are the other kinds of sexy beach dresses? 

To avoid those uneven tan lines

To get the perfect tan that you are looking for while looking conservative, you can opt for a one piece swimsuit. A one-piece swimsuit, as its name suggests is one piece attire that covers the upper and lower parts of the torso with a single piece of clothing. It is also called a ‘Tank Top’ because of how much it resembles a tank top. It comes in many variants.

Traditionally, a one piece is sleeveless, has a small or a moderately low neckline, fits perfectly to the body and has openings in the bottom similar to that of underwear. A one-piece beachwear is your choice if you want to show some skin but not too much.

A Bikini or a Trikini

A trikini is another name for a bikini. A bikini, which is a two-piece beachwear.

It is the most popular with women all around the world. There are endless patterns, modifications and fittings in a bikini you can choose from online. A bikini consists of an upper garment that looks similar to a brassiere but consists of strings instead of a strap. 

These strings go over the shoulders or around the neck in some versions of the bikini, leaving the backside bare. The lower garment in the bikini is also similar to underwear, except that it is thinner and shows more skin than a regular underwear would. 

Sometimes, bikinis are accessorised with metal rings or beads that connect the strings to give a sexier appeal. Bikinis are the right kind of swimsuits for you if you want to get tanned evenly and flaunt your summer body.

You can buy bikini online in India, depending on the size that fits you the best.

Along with that comes the liberty of choosing the best rates and patterns available, as the icing on the cake.

A Mix-‘N Match Situation

If you want to opt for something modest yet something that lets you lounge under the sun, a tankini is your choice. A tankini is a combination of a tank top and a bikini. There are two pieces in this swimsuit. The top part of a tankini is similar to a tank top while the lower portion resembles an underwear. It is convenient for taking a dip in the waves and even for sitting back on the sand and enjoying a day out on the beach. Tankinis come in a various sizes, colours and shapes. So, there are plenty of choices of choose from on the Internet.

The tankini is mostly worn by children for their convenience and comfort. 

Other unconventional beachwear

If a bikini is not your cup of tea, you can opt for other variations of bikinis like a sling bikini. It is a one-piece swimsuit which is joined in the middle and is open at the sides, leaving the sides of the torso bare. A more daring choice, the monokini is a single piece swimsuit without a top.

To achieve a modest look with a monokini; it can be paired up with a crop top or a halter top. A microkini may not seem like the most obvious choice given its daring ‘if you got it, flaunt it’ look, but when paired with a transparent or a semi-transparent tunic, it is perfect for a day under the sun.

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