All About LLDPE (Linear Low-Density Polythene) Granules (Rank Princess – SEO)

LLDPE is an extremely linear polymer that differs from a LDPE (low-density polyethene) in many ways. LLDPE granules are a result of scientific revolution and rapid development in technology in the last few decades. These granules are used for a host of purposes due to their versatile features that are relevant to various industries in the market.

What Makes LLDPE special?

With the below-stated features in its favour, these granules have a high demand in the international market, with many cross-country buyers and sellers.

  1. A high tensile strength:

With a tensile strength of 30 Mpa, LLDPE resin pieces are a smart option for building or manufacturing strong and resistant products like pipes and durables like polythene packaging bags.

  1. Surface Hardness/ Resistance to puncture:

The density of these granules is 0.915g/cm3 as opposed to 0.755g/cm3 density of maple wood. They are resistant to puncture and the reason why durables are being increasingly manufactured out of LLDPE resin grains.

  1. Flexibility:

The flexibility of LLDPE granules is 0.35 Gpa. This allows manufacturers to make more use of these granules than the less flexible LDPE granules.

  1. Elasticity:

Just as the granules are flexible, their elasticity also makes them the ideal material for the secondary manufacturing industries. They experience just 20% strain at being yielded.

  1. Chemical Resistance:

The chemical resistance factor of these linear low-density polyethene grains is a major factor contributing to their resistance force and durability. The product is long-lasting and does not easily give away when in contact with regular chemical substances.

  1. Water Resistant:

These grains have a water absorption index of 0.01%. This imparts the quality of resistance to damage by water to the granules and also makes them waterproof.

  1. Impressive Electrical Properties:

The Dielectric Constant at 1 kHz is 2.3. Being a polymer, it is resistant to electricity and is not a very good electrical conductor. It can be conveniently used in the making of covers for wired or even electrical appliances.

  1. Heat Resistance Factor:

The LLDPE resin grains can undergo high levels of heating, but their melting points set at around 120-1600 C make them comparatively heat resistant and hardy.

Though the LLDPE is less glossy and has a narrower range for the heat-sealing process than LDPE itself, it has still proven to be an extremely important polythene compound that has various uses today in the manufacturing industry.

Uses of LLDPE granules:

As mentioned earlier, this product has become revolutionary in the polythene market. The resistance of these resin grains to heat, water, chemical, as well as force makes them almost irreplaceable during the production of other items.

From the making of plastic bags, pouches, cable covers and plastic wraps to the likes of pipes, pipe covers, covers for wires, buckets, utensils, and lids or containers, LLDPE granules can be seen everywhere in the market today. Several toys, as well as toy covers, are made from these LLDPE resin grains. The flexibility, durability, and elasticity of the granules are what make them so desirable for the production of this wide range of everyday items.

The LLDPE molecule being lighter in weight than the low-density polyethene itself makes it easier to use for production, manufacturing, and building processes. The growth in the demand for these granules has been rising at the steady rate of 5.5% per annum on a global scale.

The largest contributor to the supply of this product has been China so far. Statistics show that the United States of America, Western Europe, and India or South-East Asia to have a high chance of becoming global producers in the coming years.

Suppliers such as Pwer2SME have thus been on the rise in the market. Global demand and usage of LLDPE granules have directly or indirectly lead to a growth of 3.5% in GDP of world nations since 2014.

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