The Future of Recruitment Is Here: Recruitment 3.0

“If you meet the criteria, you get the job. If you fail to meet the standards or just get one of the interviewers angry by staring at them, you don’t.”

‘The process of hiring the best candidate for a job opening having the right skills, after finding them in an efficient manner.’

The definition of recruiting hasn’t changed over the years as well as the recruitment process either.

This changes with the arrival of recruitment 3.0, ushering in a new era for the industry. “So what is recruitment 3.0 exactly, how is it different from recruitment 2.0 or just recruitment?” Let’s jump right to the answer.

All of these points are lacking in the traditional approach to recruiting.

Make Recruitment An Engaging And Interactive Process

Every neighbour and their dog know how a general recruiting process goes by. Find a company looking for candidates with your skill set. Then contact the company with your CV and if you get selected, go past their selection process after which you get into the personal interview sessions.

Finally, if you meet the criteria, you get the job. If you fail to meet the criteria, you don’t.

This stagnant process needs an overhaul which is exactly what one of the elements of Recruitment 3.0 is.

By building an engaging process of recruitment rather than the same old non-distinguishable from the millions, you get more candidates interested. Instead of emailing CV and waiting for a long selection process, how about a live video chat with the said candidate after verification of their identity and documents?

Human Beings are social animals. We love to communicate our thoughts and ideas. Making recruitment processes transparent like this greatly piques the interest of potential candidates.

Don’t Take Your Brand For Granted And Provide Better Work Environments

Big brands rely on their market name to attract new candidates each passing year. However, they forget the fact that the market is ever-changing.

Candidates are continually being snatched up by relatively newer companies that offer more or less the same pay but have a more attractive offer. This can be either due to better facilities for employees or easier selection processes.

Regardless of the underlying reason, candidates are moving away from your brand. Many of them potentially among the best fits for those roles. All this because of you, a recruiter, may be failing to acknowledge the changing trends.

This is something that is changing this new recruitment process.

Don’t Assume All Candidates Are Looking At Your Job Offer

Sure, job hunt websites, advertisements and CV searching results promise of thousands of potential candidates for a particular role. However, they may not be the most ideal.

Consider this, while unemployed, even the most experienced candidate will search for jobs. But when this isn’t the case, like when he/she is already employed, things don’t work the same way. They might be earning less than what you offer, but due to lack of interest, such potential is wasted.

Recruitment 3.0 aims towards fixing this issue. Instead of thinking traditionally, and going for the minority of interested candidates, we broaden the pool by hitting the majority too.

Candidate Psychology Can’t Be Challenged

As expressed before, human beings love to talk, and if you as a company do not acknowledge this fact, then you are in for a surprise. When companies follow a strict work environment where any form of social gathering other than that in the same designation is shunned, it will negatively affect the company.

It’s 2017 already, people have become more social than ever. One bad move by a company towards one of the employees can start a textual wildfire over social media overnight.

Word spreads, people verbally state their disagreement, and unless you are one of the Fortune 500 companies having millions of dollars to fall back on, you take a big hit. Overnight, you have lost your candidates trust and thus their determination and also end up losing untrusting candidates to other companies in the long run.

The goal of the new recruitment process would be to provide very friendly and open environments that nurture the relationship between owners and employees and develop better HR teams.

These are the changes brought up by Recruitment 3.0, which in itself is steadily evolving. Unless employment leaders who have majorly ignored these points up to this point, embrace the changes brought up by the fast-paced world they risk being ruled out.

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