Five Essentials To Landing A Job In The Hospitality Industry (Content Princess – SEO)

The hospitality industry in India employs nearly 9% of the country.  Tourist visas have increased nearly 300% since 2015, and demand for employees has increased at nearly the same rate.

 Do you envision a career of top-quality customer satisfaction?  Are you driven by creating memorable experiences for others? 

India has seen a substantial increase of tourists since 2015, and the boom in the hospitality industry is evident.  If your dream is to make a career out of outstanding customer experiences, you have nothing but opportunities in front of you.

To prepare for your career in the hospitality industry, it’s important to take a few things into consideration:

Start with an entry-level position

It’s important to dream big for your career, but you also have to be realistic as you break into the industry.

Your career in the industry will grow from time on the front lines.  The only way to climb the ladder is to start at the bottom, so take pride in your first entry-level position.

The insight you gain through working with customers will be invaluable to your career and will show future employers that you aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty.

Build a stellar resume

Once you’ve chosen the position you want to apply for, build your resume to highlight your relevant experience.

If you’re breaking into an entry-level position, you won’t likely have much field-related work experience.  However, your resume isn’t limited to work experience.  Don’t forget:

  • Personal projects
  • Relevant volunteer work
  • Relevant personal skills, i.e. Photoshop or Excel
  • Life experience
  • Language skills

Define your long-term career goals

While it’s important to start small, you need to have your long-term career goals fleshed out before your interview. 

Employers want people who want to climb the ladder and build their careers.  They want motivated self-starters who have a clear goal in mind, and a plan to get there.

Know where you want to be in five, ten, and twenty years.  Do you want to be a cruise ship director?  Or a hotel manager?  Is your dream to build your own business within the hospitality industry?

It’s not enough to know what you want to be; you also need to know howyou’re going to get there.  Having a strategy will show your future employers that you mean business. 

Research your field

It’s not enough to know you want to work on a cruise ship.  You need to be familiar with the education, training, and experience necessary to fill your desired position. 

For instance, many cruise ships have a minimum and maximum age limit for employment.  There may also be language requirements, such as fluency in English.

Restaurants may require food safety licenses and certifications.  Hotels may require a housekeeping certification

Even if the position you’re applying for has no special requirements, you may still be eligible for higher wages or faster promotions if you spend the time to educate yourself in your field.  As you move up the ladder, keep researching the requirements of the positions above you, and begin your training, so you are prepared for advancement.

Be passionate, but also flexible

Passion will drive your career further than any degree. Your love for your job will resonate with future employers, and help drive your commitment to your career goals.

While it’s imperative to be passionate about your career, it’s just as important to be flexible. 

Future employers will want to know you are willing to learn all aspects of your industry.  If you want to manage a restaurant, you may start by washing dishes.  It’s a boring, tedious, necessary aspect of understanding your field. 

As you begin preparing for a career in the hospitality industry, don’t miss out on the opportunity to educate yourself and add to your resume:

Above all else; stay confident!  Your career is the product of your effort.

Regardless of what position you hold, never forget the fire that brought you into the hospitality industry, and keep focusing on the next step. 

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