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The Funk Of Junk Is Not Over Yet; Fast Food Chains Are Here To Stay

Here is a photo-finish moment. Your lip-smacking fast food dishes compete with health guards! And hurrah! Fast food chains are here to stay!!

The Craze Of The Junk And The Double Standards Of Acceptance!

You, any day, would vouch for a leisurely dinner at a fine dining restaurant. But is that dose of steak and gravy not as much a fat enhancer as hamburgers and hotdogs? So, have I stirred the hornet’s nest with this question? 😉

We, very conveniently look down upon junk food joints. It is perhaps because there is no snob value attached to them.


You can see suave entrepreneurs with loosened tie-knots at these joints at the end of a hectic day. And they enjoy the burger and fries on the sly!!

The Origin And History Of Fast Food Chains In America

The funk of junk food is not a new fad of the Y, Zee or Alpha generation.

Fast food chains trace their origin to White Castle, which was founded in 1921.

But health concerns are a recent phenomenon that gained momentum over the last decade or so.

Fast Food Chains’ Fact Profile: Job Opportunities Versus Archaic Labor Laws!

Interestingly, you have the most glamorous jobs with the least labor law concerns in this industry. These paradoxical facts will leave you stunned:

• More people are trained every year in this industry than in the US Army.
• Most stylized jobs for the unskilled workforce are a big draw.
• However, you bet these employees have to stretch a lot.
• The labor laws applicable are archaic and not work force-friendly.

So, here is an industry of roses strewn with thorns. And this happens to be the story of every fast food chain!

American Fast Food Facts

We, Americans have the highest consumption of instantly palatable delights. Here are a few breath-taking facts to leave you dead in your tracks!

• America alone has the biggest fast food industry in the world worth 240 billion dollars a year!

• Every morsel of sandwich, fries or burger on your plate is your proud contribution to this industry!

• We queue up more in takeaway joints than in movie theaters! Surprised?

The War Of Tongues And Hearts And Waists And So On..!!

All you health nerds, don’t you grab a mouthful of those instant noodles and tacos at multi-cuisine restaurants? So, the elegance of fine dining restaurants is not a certificate of health.

The idea is to stress on health but not without satiating your palate at times. Striking the right balance is not difficult.

Tax On Unhealthy Eatables Or Imposing Healthy Food Norms? How To Strike A Balance Between Health And Taste?

Shouting jingoistic slogans against fast food chains will do no good. A better option is to impose taxes on these unhealthy eatables.

• Mexico has passed laws to this effect.

• Next to follow suit are Ecuador, Chile, Brazil, and Peru.

• Socially responsible businesses will not blot out the taste from the health map.

• Better still, marry health and taste with proper research!

Hopefully, this serves the purpose better. These on-the-go eating outlets have a checkered history. But they will play a long innings on the pitch of taste buds!

So, moderation is the new buzz word in the fast food chain saga. Giving in occasionally, to your epicurean side is unlikely to block your arteries or even stretch your waistline. These factors having been taken care of, there will be no looking back for fast food chains!

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