Evenings and Weekends in Sydney

Get out and enjoy Sydney! There are many spectacular sights, treats and activities you’ll want to experience. As a historic city of good size, Sydney offers a little of everything.

Or stay even longer! You’ll find accommodations to suit your needs and easily accessible transportation.

During your Negotiations.com training, you’ll have evenings and weekends to get out and enjoy Sydney. In this free time, you’ll be spoilt for choice as to how you want to experience Australia’s most iconic city.

For Architecture, Shopping, and Opera

While in Sydney you have to see the beautiful Sydney Opera House. That’s the distinctive building on the harbor with the roof like a ships’ sails. It’s become the icon of Sydney. There are restaurants and shopping right there and, of course, the operas.

For the shoppers among you, Sydney offers many venues for that. One of them is the Queen Victoria Building built in the 1890s with stained glass windows and a vast cupola. It covers a full city block and offers 180 excellent fashion venues all in one place. There are even jewelers where you can purchase some of the famous opals Australia is known for.

The Nightclubs and Live Music

For your downtime after a day of training, there’s plenty of options. Nightlife, bars, clubs, and dancing can be found in the city center of Sydney.

There are a couple of ‘eat streets’ in the city center, too, for evening meals with your friends.

Sydney hosts a thriving music scene with local, national and world bands performing at various venues.

One classically Australian bar is the Bald Faced Stag Hotel, a venue for local and national acts almost every night of the week. Also recommended is the Marrickville Bowling Club. Your hotel will be able to direct you to any of these locations.

The Beaches, Trails, and Barrier Islands

Within the city’s boundaries is Sydney Harbor National Park. The area provides hiking, surfing, and diving. It also offers opportunities to learn about the first peoples, geography, and geology of the area. Learn about the Barangaroo, the Cadigal and the Bennelong – rich cultures that continue to influence the culture of Sydney and beyond.

Sydney is also known for Bondi Beach with its famous surfers and huge waves. It’s only 8 km (about 5 miles) from the city center with white sand beaches, ice cream vendors and beach bars nearby. They even have lifeguards and calmer pools at either end of the beach for the less adventurous swimmers and surfers.

An inland tour2

If you enjoy the countryside, good wine, and drink, then one of the food and wine trails just outside of Sydney might entice you. These are Australian things – an auto or hiking tour set up to take you through beautiful scenery along a route of eateries, breweries, and wineries. The tours can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a full day.

Sydney offers excellent accommodation and transportation. Choose from two-star through five-star hotels. Transportation is available via car rentals, buses, ferries and trains depending on your preferences.

Give Negotiatons.com Sydney a call for recommendations to fit your needs. We can provide you with websites and phone numbers when you sign up for your training. Don’t miss out on everything Sydney has to offer while you’re here!


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