Demo Prospecting Emails By Aakshey

Email 1

Howdy George,

It was great talking to you on Facebook. I hope you remember me. I am Sushil from R Systems.

I was wondering if you could give me the name and email address of the person in-charge of your company’s Information Technology department. I have some information that might be of use to them.

Thanks in advance!

Sushil Sen
R Systems

Email 2:

Hello Michael,

George gave me your reference and said that you head the company’s IT department.

By the way, I’m Sushil from R Systems.

I was wondering whether you’re looking to outsource one of your applications and/or maintenance projects to a third party vendor. I had talked to George about the financial application your company was interested in.

You’ll be glad to know that R Systems is a company listed in India that has developed lots of applications across several industries. And we just happen to specialise in Finance, Banking, and other related verticals.

You need not share your project brief with me immediately. But. Would you be up for a complimentary consultation regarding your prospective project? No obligation to commit to anything!

And, don’t worry. There will be no pitching. You can discuss your doubts with me and I’ll just advise you on the way forward. Regardless of the company you wish to go forward with.

So. Do you you think you’d like to discuss this further over a phone call and/or private meeting?

Looking forward to a response, even if it is not a yes. 🙂

Thanks & God Bless!

Sushil Sen
R Systems

P.S. Find a link to our portfolio and past projects:

P.P.S. Here are our references:


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