Creative Copywriting (Content Princess)

Creative Copywriting Is Alive And Kicking!

Creativity in copywriting is still intact in advertisements.

With eCommerce on the rise, the diversity in advertising media is increasing.

The days of adverts simply being a name and number in the newspaper are long gone. These days advertisements are seen in new formats, at new places, and on new devices.

Everywhere people gather, is an arena for advertising.

It may be a sports stadium, a travel hub or a social media portal. There are examples of creative writing in advertisements all over the place.

Wherever people might have time to read, advertisers will attempt to entice.

Few public places are left that do not bear the mark of advertising giants’ creativity.

Weirdest places creative adverts have been spotted

The creativity of advertisers is evident not just in their words. It is also seen in the places they put their ads.

Everyone is aware of ads on TV and in phone apps.

Over exposure may even cause the majority to switch off to these common enticements.

So advertisements are appearing in some unusual places these days.

In the tangled phone lines on the streets over Bangkok. A huge comb was seen. Printed with an apt slogan for “switching” to a new hair conditioner.

In New York manhole covers were made to look like steaming coffee cups. With a “wake up” message, from well-known coffee brand Folgers.

Giant clam shells on a beach in India contained adverts for a seafood restaurant. Beachcombers looking for pearls instead found directions to Spar’s Seafood Cafe.

A billboard was placed, half submerged in the sea, to promote a disaster film in 2004.

Writers’ creativity is enhanced by the modern world

Some people say that creative talent in the young generation is stunted. That their minds are being nurtured by constant sales pitches. That their thoughts are becoming set on consuming not creating.

However, this is not the case at all.

People have always been inspired by what they see in the world around them. From scientists to artists, breakthroughs and masterpieces have been created. Inspired by nature and other more human creations.

Changing times may be seeing changing stimuli, but creative stimulus has not grown stagnant.

The most creative writing for advertisements

Creative copywriting in advertisements was born from a need to express and share something.

A product that inspires people is easier to write about than any other.

A list of product specifications is not enough to entice people to buy. The content of an advertisement needs to stimulate people, to motivate them to buy.

Some of the most creative copywriting can be seen in advertising slogans. Short, witty, catch phrases are every company’s dream.

Some advertisements are unforgettable, and that’s what advertisers want.

If prompted most people will remember the following most creative slogans.

“A diamond is forever” is still making diamonds more appealing to this day. It was a slogan for De Beers Diamonds in 1938.

“Don’t leave home without it,” was a lasting reminder from American Express in 1975. Credit cards became a must have accessory.

“Just Do It” a slogan from Nike sports shoes in 1988, became a catch phrase for thrill seekers everywhere.

“I’m lovin’ it” in 2003 made McDonalds more than just a fast food empire.

Creative content is changing, but the creativity involved remains intact.


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