Content Princess

Content Princess is the mid-level
content creation service at Gaia.

Content Princess is known for only hiring native English writers, born or at least raised entirely (or at least almost entirely) in first world native English countries.

It is aimed at clients who want a balance of price with content quality, with little compromise on either.

The Content Princess Edge

Native English Writers

Pretty much all of CP writers have been born and raised in first world native English countries.

Aimed At English Audiences

Ideal for a native English audience.

Flat Rate Pricing

Flat rate pricing regardless of the type of content or the size of your order.

All of Gaia’s Edges

With Content Princess you automatically get all of Gaia’s USPs as well.

Sharing of contact information is NOT allowed on the portal. No emails. No numbers. Nothing. With anybody!

Content Princess Is A One Stop Shop For
All Your Content Creation Needs!

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do; we serve everybody:

Small Businesses




SEO Agencies

*Subject to a minimum write-up word count of 200 words or more. 18% GST extra as applicable for Indian customers.

*If the pricing is a problem, please email to discuss possible discounts and/or offers.

**If you place a Bulk Order, you’ll get samples from a number of writers to choose from to complete the rest of your order. Alternately, if you’ve hired us previously, you can share the name of your desired writer(s). All this is subject to availability and will likely increase the delivery time.