Copywriting Article (Content Princess)

10 Effective Tips To Write Solid Copy!

1. Exploit your product’s benefits.

Your product’s USP is what your customer looks for. What’s in it for them?

You need to able to successfully explain the value of your product in an article and why your customer should buy your product rather than other companies selling similar products.

Understanding your audience in relation to your product will determine how well you sell your product.

2. Find your competition’s weaknesses’.

There may be a hundred other companies on the market that sell almost the exact same product that you have.

Research your competition and find their weakness and put them into words.
You need to prove to your customers what it is that makes your product more desirable and not your competitions through justified comparisons.

3. Know your audience.

Before investing in ad space, make sure that you know your audience.
Your product is specific and most likely, so are your customers.

In order to reach out to the right audience, you need to know the types of people that are interested in your product through research.

Set up a basic profile of your targeted customer. This can be done by creating a demographic profile of your audience/customers, with the help of certain characteristics such as; gender, age, ethnicity, occupation, family status, and income.

4. What’s In It For Me?

As with everything else, you need to know what is in it for you. That will also motivate you sell better through your copy.

5. Address Your Audience Correctly.

The basic but most important tip is to remember who it is that you’re talking to and how your audience should be addressed.

You need to write in the second person throughout, using pronouns such as you, your, yours.

6. Understand your medium.

Apart from properly addressing your audience, you need to keep in mind the medium that you are going to post your copy to.

Each medium is unique and needs a particular written tone.

7. Don’t Over Explain.

As contradictory as it may sound, giving your audience unnecessary information will bore them, the last thing you want is to lose their attention.

Detail is key but providing too much detail loses the true essence of your copy, which is to interest your audience without giving away too much.

8. Include a call to action.

The purpose of your copy is to give your customers an invitation to contact you or your product, therefore, including a call to action is possibly the most important part of your ad.

9. Weigh The Odds.

False claims can expose you to unwanted lawsuits and where large companies may be able to cover their tracks; small independent businesses do not have the means to do so.

Therefore, it is important to be able to back up the claims you advertise.

10. Proofread.

The easiest way to lose customers is through poorly written copy.

Make sure that your copy has been proofread and is free from grammatical errors, and that it reads well.

A careless ad shows careless service; your audience will lose interest.


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