Big Data SEO Sample (Rank Princess)

Do Big Data and Data Analytics Outweigh Standard Human Judgment?

Big Data or a large mass of complex, diverse, heterogeneous information; challenges traditional data processing methods. As a result, it questions the capability of human judgment to analyze a large body of data.

So, do Big Data and Data Analytics outweigh standard human judgment?

Some of the applications of Big Data in daily life:

• Predictions made by Google while searching for things using the search engine. Google analyzes the accumulated data based on the previous queries on similar subjects.

• Intimations from debit/credit card companies about unsolicited activities based on findings from millions of transactions every day.

• Different companies take online surveys for gathering data about their clients. The resulting data is used to predict customer requirements.

• Data analytics based on the medical history of patients can help doctors in predicting patients’ responses’ to drugs and aid in finding possible cures to diseases.

Impossible for humans to process Big Data manually

Judgment making abilities of human beings are inadequate to deal with Big Data. Information of such an enormous size and complexity cannot be analyzed by our brains.

Helping people make more informed decisions

Human beings may be inefficient in analyzing Big Data but the outcomes of data analytics by computers can help them achieve meaningful conclusions.

The development of algorithms for advanced data analytics is likely to lead to social, economic and political development.

Benefiting people through Big Data

• The Management of organizations’ could become more transparent and increase workforce efficiency.

• Data analytics will offer a greater scope for performance-related experiments.

• Categorization of a population for customized results.

• Automated algorithms for effective inferences.

• Customized services will increase profitability in business.

Some drawbacks of Big Data and data analytics

Too much dependence on Big Data can lead to false confidence leading to errors in judgment. Ruling out human judgmental powers will allow powerful people manipulate findings and satisfy their interests.

Dealing with data analytics in a positive manner

In today’s world, it is beyond doubt that we need computer-generated data analytics for processing of large information. That does not necessarily mean a complete elimination of the standard judgment skills of human beings.

Data analytics and human judgment should complement each other

The results from analytics can complement human judgment for making important decisions. This realization has inspired multiple scientists across the world to look for new methods of data analytics for quick effective results.

Need for storing large data

Effective storage and data processing of Big Data can generate wonderful results.

Data processing can help determine the causes of failures. It can help identify defects. It can increase business by analyzing buying habits of customers. It can also help organizations detect fraudulent behavior.

In order to get important results and their subsequent utilization, there cannot be a rivalry between Big Data, data analytics, and standard human judgment.

Making do without any kind of human judgment is currently out of the question. Ruling out standard judgment can create misleading conclusions.

On the other hand, data analytics and human judgment can together reap beneficial results.

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Nexus 6p Review (Rank Princess)

Google Nexus 6p: The Best Nexus Is This Huawei Nexus In Android’s Smartphone Domain!

Now all you Android-Andersons and Google-Garrisons will get just what the doctor ordered. You have the perfect, synergized technological bonding of Google; this time with Huawei. And the result is the new Google Nexus 6p!

Google’s Nexus has been with many hardware partners. But in 2014, it came up with the premium smartphone range Google Nexus 6 with Motorola.

And then in 2015, came the better deal; viz. Google Nexus 6p with Huawei.

Price Downgrade And Technological Upgrade All Rolled Into One

Motorola’s Nexus 6 was a flagship-grade phone. But its high price didn’t gel with Motorola’s brand image.

You bet there is an aspiration value attached to the brand. So, a lower price tag was the need of the hour.

With Google’s Nexus 6p offering, the company has hit the bull’s eye. A lighter screen, lighter in overall weight, and an upgraded version of the operating system all rolled into one. You are sure to go and grab this new offering and feel you have got your money’s worth.

What Do You Need To Google About The Google Nexus 6p?

The Google Nexus 6p is any day a smarter choice even at a price tag of US$499, because:

 It nestles fat on the Android 6.0 Marshmallow; the latest in the confectionery range (KitKats, Lollipops, and Marshmallows) of Android software.
 Dual quad processors power the CPU. Quad-core 1.55 GHz Cortex-A53 and Quad-core 2.0 GHz Cortex-A57 give you the fastest gizmo without substantial battery drain.
 AMOLED display panels give you a unique display, beating all “I”-world wonders!
 The 12.3 MP camera, the laser autofocus and dual LED flash is a cinematography delight. Ditto with the 2160p picture-perfect video capture.
 With a Type C USB plug, charging and battery backup basics are well in place.
 With 3GB of RAM, you can choose from 32GB, 64GB or 128GB of storage options as per your usage.

So, you can go and grab your set now!

Hitches And Glitches In The 6p Pitches

There are a few hiccups in the technological wonderland here:

 The camera lacks OIS (Optical Image Stabilization); the very basic thing required to check blurring of images.
 Your affair with SD cards ends here. It has no external storage.
 Blame it on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset; heating is of prime concern in spite of the speed and memory assets.
 And yes, all you radio buffs, please do not set your eyes on this set. In fact, this is the story of almost all high-end smartphones for reasons unknown.

Must Buy, But. Why?

More often than not, high-end smartphones do not have FM radio. Neither does this phone.

Next, the internal memory is up to 128 GB. So, the above cannot be a deterrent in your buying the phone.

This 5.7 inches display Android delight will give tough competition to any “I”-centric Apple device. The aluminum, graphite, and frost add color options to its enviable contours.

To add to this is the look of the part plastic and part metal body with a superb finish!

And yes, not to forget, pay for this gadget for being loyal to you. It has fingerprint sensors to recognize the user. It ensures security while making many operations a button’s click away!

The Ultimate Reality Check

However, before being Nexus 6p’d by Google, here is a reality check for you:

 The price is still very high.
 It comes down heavy, well literally, not just on your budget but also in your hands. The set weighs about 178 grams.
 Your smartphone is not smart enough to be used as a remote for ACs, TVs, etc. Alas! It has no infrared sensors.

The Bottom Line

Buy this smartphone coquet if you want to get a good processor experience with the best available Android software.

Finally, are you racing for speed? Are you on the lookout for looks? Are you an image buff longing for a long battery backup in smartphones? The Google Nexus 6p satiates your gadget and technological urges to the core.

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Fast Food Chains SEO Article (Rank Princess)

The Funk Of Junk Is Not Over Yet; Fast Food Chains Are Here To Stay

Here is a photo-finish moment. Your lip-smacking fast food dishes compete with health guards! And hurrah! Fast food chains are here to stay!!

The Craze Of The Junk And The Double Standards Of Acceptance!

You, any day, would vouch for a leisurely dinner at a fine dining restaurant. But is that dose of steak and gravy not as much a fat enhancer as hamburgers and hotdogs? So, have I stirred the hornet’s nest with this question? 😉

We, very conveniently look down upon junk food joints. It is perhaps because there is no snob value attached to them.


You can see suave entrepreneurs with loosened tie-knots at these joints at the end of a hectic day. And they enjoy the burger and fries on the sly!!

The Origin And History Of Fast Food Chains In America

The funk of junk food is not a new fad of the Y, Zee or Alpha generation.

Fast food chains trace their origin to White Castle, which was founded in 1921.

But health concerns are a recent phenomenon that gained momentum over the last decade or so.

Fast Food Chains’ Fact Profile: Job Opportunities Versus Archaic Labor Laws!

Interestingly, you have the most glamorous jobs with the least labor law concerns in this industry. These paradoxical facts will leave you stunned:

• More people are trained every year in this industry than in the US Army.
• Most stylized jobs for the unskilled workforce are a big draw.
• However, you bet these employees have to stretch a lot.
• The labor laws applicable are archaic and not work force-friendly.

So, here is an industry of roses strewn with thorns. And this happens to be the story of every fast food chain!

American Fast Food Facts

We, Americans have the highest consumption of instantly palatable delights. Here are a few breath-taking facts to leave you dead in your tracks!

• America alone has the biggest fast food industry in the world worth 240 billion dollars a year!

• Every morsel of sandwich, fries or burger on your plate is your proud contribution to this industry!

• We queue up more in takeaway joints than in movie theaters! Surprised?

The War Of Tongues And Hearts And Waists And So On..!!

All you health nerds, don’t you grab a mouthful of those instant noodles and tacos at multi-cuisine restaurants? So, the elegance of fine dining restaurants is not a certificate of health.

The idea is to stress on health but not without satiating your palate at times. Striking the right balance is not difficult.

Tax On Unhealthy Eatables Or Imposing Healthy Food Norms? How To Strike A Balance Between Health And Taste?

Shouting jingoistic slogans against fast food chains will do no good. A better option is to impose taxes on these unhealthy eatables.

• Mexico has passed laws to this effect.

• Next to follow suit are Ecuador, Chile, Brazil, and Peru.

• Socially responsible businesses will not blot out the taste from the health map.

• Better still, marry health and taste with proper research!

Hopefully, this serves the purpose better. These on-the-go eating outlets have a checkered history. But they will play a long innings on the pitch of taste buds!

So, moderation is the new buzz word in the fast food chain saga. Giving in occasionally, to your epicurean side is unlikely to block your arteries or even stretch your waistline. These factors having been taken care of, there will be no looking back for fast food chains!

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SEO Website Content (Rank Princess)

Promote your Healthcare Business with a Professional Medical Website Design

Are you looking for a one stop solution to help your healthcare business reach out to patients far and wide? Your search ends here at Practis. Use our design services and make your medical website user-friendly with the perfect engagement tools for your patients.

Hassle Free Payment Processing with Our Medical Website Design

We offer you nothing but the best! The secure payment platform lets you collect money safely through online bank transfers. You can accept credit card payments from patients online without worrying about any issues of security or fraud.

Our HIPAA compliant form builder tool is well integrated and allows you to collect payments securely.

Why do you Need a Customized Medical Website Design?

The healthcare business is huge, and you need to reach out to patients to increase your business.

• Personal engagement as well as an easy to use website is the key to attracting new as well as repeat patients.
• You can engage your visitors and let them have better access to your website. We let you reach out to your patients wherever they are.
• Our secure forms and payment methods let you keep all worries regarding payment collection aside.

Why Practis?

We at Practis know what to offer to prospective clients. Making them aware and engaging them is the key to operating a healthcare business. You can market your business and maintain a long-term relationship with your patients.

You get continuous support and service delivery in a professional manner with high-end quality.

Well Researched Information to Help Patients

At Practis, we believe in delivering nothing but the best. We provide you with unique content on various medical issues. You can use our content which is crafted to not only give information but also to help you rank well with search engines.

You can use the educational tutorial that we provide which is crafted well with animations to give a better understanding. With an option to choose between English and Spanish, your patients have access to a lot of medical treatments, procedures and help for their health conditions.

With a vast collection of health and medical related videos on the doctor’s website, your patients understand the treatment and the medication procedures better.

The Best Service

We have worked with various medical groups as well as hospitals and assure you of a professional level of healthcare website design. Doctors, as well as vendors in this industry, use our customized design.

From an option to choose the custom web design, basic web design and SEO bundle, you are at liberty to select the package as per your needs.

Only promoting your business through pamphlets, brochures and advertisements is not enough. Today’s businesses are taking all steps to rank better in search results to draw more clients towards them. The healthcare industry is not behind.

With so many healthcare industries, you need to stand out with an informative medical website to attract clients. A well designed and easy to use website, well-researched information and a higher rank in search engines is what we promise to deliver to you. So why are you waiting? Talk to us today!

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SEO Article (Rank Princess)

Looking to Grab a Quick Bite? Rush to Fast Food Chains!

Fine dining restaurants are getting competition from fast food chains. Students and office goers find it easy to grab a quick bite on their way. These quick service restaurants are now in great demand.

The history of ready meals dates back to 1916. White Castle in Kansas was the first joint that sold hamburgers. People welcomed this new concept, and slowly many chains sprung up in the country.

Today, this culture is not just restricted to the United States but has been widely accepted throughout the world. You can drive through and take away your meal on the go.

How to Run a Fast Food Chain?

Looking to run a fast food chain? Here are a few points that you should know. Value items on the menu add to the business. Discounts also work well. However, it is important that you do not give deep discounts that cut into your profit margin.

A few new items on the menu, new beverages, and some low priced dessert items add on to the business. They keep you ahead of your competitors.

Customer service is the key to run a profitable business. Train your staff well. Even a smile or a warm greeting goes a long way in promoting the business.

Registering sales and managing clients to avoid long queues is a must to run a profitable quick service joint. Manage your inventory so that your store does not run out of order. But at the same time, you should not stack a lot as that can lead to wastage.

A clean and well-organized interior also attracts clients. All this goes a long way in increasing the sales of your joint. Not only does it attract repeat clients but also new customers who come from referrals.

Advertisements during sporting events or TV commercials spread awareness of your brand and are an excellent way to promote your business. These should be done from time to time.

Get Quick Service at Fast Food Chains

Quick service is the key to operate these chains.

• Delivery of the order in the least amount of time makes it very convenient for office-goers and students.
• Pre-cooked meals are prepared centrally and distributed to multiple outlets.
• You’ll usually find standardized menus in all the outlets.
• The price of items is very economical making it is a very affordable dining option for you.
• Opt for takeaway or drive-through as per your convenience.

Try Salads and Low-Calorie Snacks at Fast Food Joints

Fast food restaurants had been blamed to have pulled the masses to an unhealthy lifestyle. However, these quick service outlets are now becoming more innovative and trying to include a lot of fresh and healthy ingredients to their preparation.

The joints have introduced many low calorie and sugar-free items on their menu. Many joints have now included healthy salads and traditional cuisines also to their list.

The next time you feel tempted to savor a quick bite, rush to a quick service joint near you. The burgers, fries, wraps, salads and desserts are sure to tempt you.

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Modern Shades Solutions’s Website Content (Rank Princess)

Keep It Cool in the Blazing Heat with Modern Shade Solutions

Outdoor blinds are a great way to keep the sun out during the summers. At Modern Shade Solutions, we help you do just that. You can always get a blind for your outdoor spaces and make the summers a bit more fun.

Summers in Australia are just perfect for spending a nice time with the family. You can chill out with your friends and family on your patio. Now that’s called chilling, isn’t it?

However, sometimes the sun gets a bit too hot and that takes the fun out of things!

Outdoor blinds are really helpful in such situations as they keep the sun out and the fun in!

Therefore, these Modern Shade Solutions are just perfect for people who just love the summers.

What are Outdoor Blinds?

Outdoor blinds are just like window blinds. They give you shade from the blazing hot sun.

The only difference being that these blinds are meant for outdoor places like patios and porches.

Such blinds are quite common in Australia and the other parts of the world that have a sunny summer.

If you a commercial establishment like a cafe or a restaurant, then you need to get such blinds. This would give your patrons a comfortable way to enjoy your food.

Other commercial spaces like offices, hotels, and the likes can also use such blinds for a variety of reasons.

What are the different types of Modern Shades Solutions?

Our outdoor blinds come in a wide range of varieties. This is to meet the different demands.

Some of the common modern blinds solutions include-

  • Patio Blinds – Patio blinds, as the name suggest are meant for patios.
  • Alfresco Blinds – Alfresco blinds are commonly used in commercial establishments. They are strong and can withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • Zip Trak Blinds– Zip Trak is one of the best shades solutions for the modern day. It is a brand of track guided outdoor blinds. It is known for its unique locking mechanisms, motor powered operation, and stylish design.
  • Cafe Blinds – They are one of the most stylish modern blinds in the market. They are perfect for restaurants, cafes, and homes with an outdoor dining area.

These are only some of the types of sun shade solutions available in Australia.

How to Choose the Right Fabric for Modern Shades and Blinds?

Choosing the right fabric for the outdoor blind is crucial. This determines how useful the blind is really going to be.

The first thing that you should consider is the climate. Different fabrics are suited to different climates.

However, always try to go for fabric that offers more than 98% of UV protection and 50% of heat protection.

Another factor that you consider is the use. Open weave fabrics offer greater visibility but less protection. On the other hand, close weave fabrics offer greater privacy by compromising on visibility.

Fabrics made of PVC offer great visibility as well as protection. However, they tend to lose color over time.

The Cost of the Best Blind and Shades Solutions

The cost of the modern shades could be anywhere between a few hundred to a few thousand dollars

It really depends on the following factors

  • The Material – The more heavy and durable materials cost more. For example, canvas might cost more than PVC.
  • The Mechanism – The latest sun shade solutions that use sophisticated track systems are expensive. Blinds that use pulleys are comparatively cheaper.
  • The Size– The length of the drop and the width determines the cost. The longer and wider it is the steeper the price you have to pay.

However, the price cannot be said with certainty. Different companies have different pricing. We at Modern Shades Solutions in Perth offer versatile blinds at affordable costs.

Taking the Help of the Experts

If you want help in choosing the right blind, you need to take the help of a professional. We at Modern Shades Solutions are willing to lend you guidance from our experts.

We offer a range of products including patio blinds, alfresco blinds and other outdoor blinds and awnings.

We offer our services to both residential and commercial establishments.

So, it would be wise of you to take the help of such an expert at Modern Shades.

So what are waiting for? Get outdoor blinds that fit your requirements perfectly.

Get the latest and the best in Modern Shades Solutions and make those hot summer days awesome and cool!

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Modern Shades Solutions’s Website Content (Rank Princess)

Adding Value to Homes with Blinds from Modern Shade Solutions

Modern Shade Solutions is a leading supplier of awnings, outdoor blinds and shades sails in Western Australia. We have a wide array of products to choose from. Residential and commercial enterprises can largely benefit from our offerings.

What Products Are Available In The Market?

Outdoor shades are far more beneficial than the aesthetic appeal that they offer. They provide energy efficiency and protect outdoor furnishings from fading. They also prevent sunlight and heat penetration to the interiors, thereby keeping the insides cooler.

They also offer protection from rain, snow and other adverse weather conditions.

The products that are commonly used as outdoor shade solutions are given below:

  • Awnings

An awning is an overhang or covering that is fitted to the outside wall of a building. It is a stretched canvas woven from acrylic, cotton or polyester fiber, and rests on a frame. In places with heavy snowfall or winds, where canvas cannot be used, aluminum sheets also serve the purpose.

Awnings are used extensively in restaurants with outdoor seating arrangements. Retractable awnings that can be folded for a period of time are also available in the market today.

  • Pros 

Awning canopies protect owners from the harmful radiations of the sun. These can also be installed outside a window or a glass door, and the insides would be relatively cooler than usual. Reduction in air-conditioning (heating or cooling) costs is an added benefit.

Modern Shade Solutions have an extensive range of awnings in their product list. Our range of folding arm awnings is attractive fittings in any home. Homeowners and commercial establishments have hugely benefitted from the top quality and ease of use of our products.

  • Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor blinds or solar shades are used to protect sunrooms or patios from heat, glare, and harmful solar radiations. These are available in the market, in multiple designs and materials. Some commonly seen outdoor blinds are,

  • Roof to Fence Blinds – These are outdoor blinds that cover the area that is exposed to the sun, between the building and the fence. These are completely retractable and are available in a range of colors. These protect the patio area and outdoor furniture from heat and light.
  • Heavy Duty Channel Blinds – These are the most durable and secure blinds for outdoor use. These provide maximum protection from the weather, be it heavy winds, rain or the scorching sun. Available in a variety of colors, these can be fitted to suit any decor.
  • Zip Track Blinds – These outdoor blinds are the easiest to install and maintain. Residential properties and commercial establishments would highly benefit from the ease of use.

We have all these outdoor blind products and much more in our catalog. We provide complete support in installation and answering customer queries regarding our offerings.

  • Shades Sails

With an appearance like the sail of a ship, this is a device used to provide shade outdoors. A membrane is fitted between certain points, and the area that falls under this structure is protected from the sun. The shade fabric is enhanced with UV inhibitors and even comes with UV degradation warranty.

These are tricky to install, as the membrane requires an exact tension to prevent it from flapping around in the wind.

We provide excellent shades sails with a ten-year warranty on the fabric. The sail poles and fabrics can also be customized to your needs.

Modern Shade Solutions – Customer Service

We are involved in end-to-end activities like manufacturing, supplying and installation of shade products. Our customer service is overall rated highly satisfactory. The glowing user testimonials indicate that we are always open to queries and have a quick turnaround in resolving maintenance issues of our products.

Cost of Installation of the shades

The exact cost of installation varies based on the customization requested by you. Overall, we install shades at reasonable costs that will definitely not burn a hole in your pocket!

Alternative Solution Providers in the Same Geography

There are competitors who provide such shades in Perth and Regional Western Australia. But the vast array of products, quality of fittings, reliable service and pocket-friendly quotes that Modern Shade Solutions offers have propelled our company to being one of the best in the industry.


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