The Impact of GST on India’s Small Business Owners (Rank Princess – SEO)

GST is an initiative by the Government towards the reduction in the number of taxes. It has been receiving quite a positive response so far. Small business owners have had major positive impacts on their businesses.

If you have joined the MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) ecosystem recently or have been operating in this sector in the last one year, then the term GST (Goods and Services Tax) shall not be new for you. Below is a quick glance as to what this tax is all about and how it is going to impact you, as a small business owner –

GST Explained

The Goods and Services Tax was introduced by the Central Government last year. It is a form of indirect tax that focuses on removing any and all kinds of tax barriers between the states of India. This taxation scheme aims at creating one single tax umbrella for the entire nation. The GST is based on consumption tax wherein the taxable transaction is supplied to the existing taxable event of manufacture, provision of service or sale of any good.

Who is liable to pay the GST?

If you fall under the following categories of tax payers, you are liable to pay the Goods and Services Tax:

  • Service Taxpayer
  • Central Excise tax payer
  • VAT or Sales Tax payer
  • Entertainment Tax payer
  • Luxury Tax payer

How is it going to impact your small business?

The Goods and Services tax is going to affect you, as a small business owner in the following ways –

Impact #1: Easy process of starting your business

All thanks to this tax, all small businesses can now rejoice! As per old rules, when you had to start a small scale business, you would have to have a VAT registration that is issued by the state sales tax department. Since every state has its procedures, the form and procedure vary as well. But now, with the introduction of GST, there is uniformity in the process. GST has introduced centralised forms and procedures of starting the business.

Impact #2: Reduction in logistical costs

If you have ever gone on a road trip from one state to another, you must be familiar with the number of toll taxes that come up at each highway. Same happens when small-scale businesses import and export goods from one state to another. There was a lot of time, effort and money spent on these cross-border toll taxes. Now, with the introduction of GST, all of this will be eliminated. Interstate movement will now become a lot cheaper as the majority of toll taxes have been removed.

Impact #3: Simple tax processes

This is the best impact GST could have on small business. With high business volumes, it becomes a daunting task to manage so many varied types of taxes. Not anymore with GST. With this new tax, a lot of taxes are being amalgamated as one Goods and Services Tax. GST will integrate all the main taxes across states thus making the tax paying process straightforward and easy.

Above highlighted are the three major impacts that GST has on small businesses in India.

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The Impact of GST on India’s Small Business Owners (Rank Princess – SEO)

While the passing of the Goods and Service Tax (GST) bill was a much-celebrated accomplishment of the incumbent government, it has managed to transform the scenario for small businesses across the country drastically. The new system promises to score far better regarding transparency and less paperwork. Moreover, it requires far greater compliance as well.

To begin with, the owners of relatively smaller commercial services are finding it considerably difficult to migrate to the freshly released GST format. The primary reason for the same is that they have been unable yet to invest in hardware and software, and are still relying on old-school methods of manual calculations and hand-inscribed account journals painstakingly maintained over the years.

The pressure on these owners has increased manifold owing to the government’s order to have such businesses filed for tax returns in the new GST format by July 1, 2017. This deadline has led to shop-owners frantically rushing from pillar to post to complete all the necessary formalities before the stipulated date.

For small-time establishments which are yet to evolve in the variety of their products and services, or in the size of their clientele, the latest online format poses a major inconvenience. This is due to the need for thorough orientation, a precise understanding of the financial mechanism and greater work regarding employing third parties and agencies to handle the affairs arising for implementing GST. Without comprehensive elucidation in these matters, minor business owners will have no dearth of confusion in uploading documents and submitting them.

For others, the e-way bill, which aims to move goods from one point to another, is proving to be a rigmarole of sorts because of the incessant form-filling. Not only does it have to be filed electronically on a common platform, but there are also multiple times one has to repeat the procedure for various events.

In light of the multiplicity of forms being a bane in India, GST has, at least initially, only fuelled the fire. The shipment of goods has been rendered into a complicated, cumbersome process. Also, because each business will try to prop up their resources on the portal, the traffic on the same will skyrocket, increasing compliance costs.

As though this was not enough, there are now problems arising out of the system of unique e-way bill number (EBN). If one single vehicle carrying many goods is crossing a state boundary, it is subject to scrutiny and detainment by authorities. This remains irrespective of whether the vehicle is merely passing through or intends to halt and unload. Stopping vehicles at state entries and commercial tax checkpoints would delay delivery and cause a loss of revenue for the concerned businesses.

Fortunately, however, tax consultancy experts report that once the nascent conflagration has died down and once business owners grasp the concept of the GST format, problems will be resolved and the system will come back as better and more secure.

So the wait for betterment continues.

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Look your Best this Summer! (Rank Princess – SEO)

Swimsuit season is here! There are a lot of swimsuits on the market, online. But which one will make you look as hot as the sun? Is it a bikini? Or a one-piece swimsuit? Or a microkini? The possibilities are endless.

Know your Swimsuit

Flaunt your curves and look like a sexy goddess this summer. If you are planning a trip to the beach to soak in the sun or take a dip to cool off, you need the right swimsuit. But which beachwear do you buy? A bikini is the most popular choice but what are the other kinds of sexy beach dresses? 

To avoid those uneven tan lines

To get the perfect tan that you are looking for while looking conservative, you can opt for a one piece swimsuit. A one-piece swimsuit, as its name suggests is one piece attire that covers the upper and lower parts of the torso with a single piece of clothing. It is also called a ‘Tank Top’ because of how much it resembles a tank top. It comes in many variants.

Traditionally, a one piece is sleeveless, has a small or a moderately low neckline, fits perfectly to the body and has openings in the bottom similar to that of underwear. A one-piece beachwear is your choice if you want to show some skin but not too much.

A Bikini or a Trikini

A trikini is another name for a bikini. A bikini, which is a two-piece beachwear.

It is the most popular with women all around the world. There are endless patterns, modifications and fittings in a bikini you can choose from online. A bikini consists of an upper garment that looks similar to a brassiere but consists of strings instead of a strap. 

These strings go over the shoulders or around the neck in some versions of the bikini, leaving the backside bare. The lower garment in the bikini is also similar to underwear, except that it is thinner and shows more skin than a regular underwear would. 

Sometimes, bikinis are accessorised with metal rings or beads that connect the strings to give a sexier appeal. Bikinis are the right kind of swimsuits for you if you want to get tanned evenly and flaunt your summer body.

You can buy bikini online in India, depending on the size that fits you the best.

Along with that comes the liberty of choosing the best rates and patterns available, as the icing on the cake.

A Mix-‘N Match Situation

If you want to opt for something modest yet something that lets you lounge under the sun, a tankini is your choice. A tankini is a combination of a tank top and a bikini. There are two pieces in this swimsuit. The top part of a tankini is similar to a tank top while the lower portion resembles an underwear. It is convenient for taking a dip in the waves and even for sitting back on the sand and enjoying a day out on the beach. Tankinis come in a various sizes, colours and shapes. So, there are plenty of choices of choose from on the Internet.

The tankini is mostly worn by children for their convenience and comfort. 

Other unconventional beachwear

If a bikini is not your cup of tea, you can opt for other variations of bikinis like a sling bikini. It is a one-piece swimsuit which is joined in the middle and is open at the sides, leaving the sides of the torso bare. A more daring choice, the monokini is a single piece swimsuit without a top.

To achieve a modest look with a monokini; it can be paired up with a crop top or a halter top. A microkini may not seem like the most obvious choice given its daring ‘if you got it, flaunt it’ look, but when paired with a transparent or a semi-transparent tunic, it is perfect for a day under the sun.

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Beach Wear for the Ideal Vacation (Rank Princess – SEO)

    Summer is the time to soak in the sun. Whether it is beach vacation or just a day lazing around in the sands, the one dilemma every woman faces is the attire. The outfit has to be stylish and at the same time easy on your skin to support the extended outdoor hours.

   The humid coastal weather will make it impossible to cover up from top to toe, making it the perfect time to flaunt your body and get it exposed to the sun. If you are uncomfortable with exposing your skin to the sun, you can cover up and yet create a style statement.

Choosing the Right Beachwear

    Sexy beach dresses with little detailing and a glamourous look are perfect for beach concerts and dates by the beach. Casual beach outfits are ideal for a stroll by the beach or for relaxation on the sands. For playing in the waves and fun time in the water, a bikini is an ideal outfit.

   Here are some tips to dress up most appropriately for a day by the shore.

  1. Dress according to the event

    Though the options for an ideal beach wear are endless, you can start by filtering your clothes based on the occasion. While a business event demands a semi-formal outfit, an informal outing will require you to dress in a casual manner. An event-appropriate outfit will not only make you look stylish, but it is also a mark of respect to the host.

  1. Contemplate your style

   The dress should portray your style and personality. The clothes we wear speak a lot about us. Decide on the kind of style that suits you best- casual or chic or young or sexy or the much sought after boho look.

   For casual outings, sexy beach dresses or bikinis suit best. If you do not find the right kind of bikinis in any store in your neighbourhood, you can buy bikini online in India.

  1. Match the components right

   Once you choose the style, a lot of attention should go to putting the items of your clothing together so that they match the vibe of the event or occasion. The accessories and ornaments should match the surroundings. You cannot let the ornaments ruin the carefully thought out look.

   Printed bags, flip flops or small wedges can add an edge to your beach look. Sarongs, capes and throws in wild prints can jazz up a plain bikini.

Choose Weather Friendly Outfits

   The coastal towns are humid, so choose your clothes so that they are easy on the skin. The fabric of your dress should not suffocate you. So, while choosing an outfit, remember to keep the material light. 

  Light colours are more comfortable for a hot day. You can add some gusto to the look by incorporating fun prints and coordinated accessories.

  The beach favourite bikini can be stylised with the right kind of bracelets and flat sandals. Over the bikini, you can choose to wear a cape, a kimono, a thin throw or just a sheer dress. To find the right design of bikinis suitable to your body type, you can buy bikini online in India.

Stick to Casual

   Beach outfits should be put together with no fuss. When in a beach, remember to dress down. Stick to the basics and rock the minimal look.

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Claims Settlement In Health Insurance In India (Rank Princess – SEO)

To have a health insurance has become quite important these days. It protects you by providing financial security in times of need. You save money through comprehensive health plans during medical emergencies.

What Is A Health Insurance Claim?

A health insurance claim is a formal request for payment made by the insured individual to an insurance company. The company reviews the claim for its validity, and then payment is made as per the terms to the insured.

A third party acting on behalf of the insured by the approval of the insurance company can carry out transactions as well.

Insurance claims cover a lot of things, from death benefits on life insurance policies to routine health check-ups by your local doctor. Many a times, claims are filed by third parties on behalf of the insured person, but generally, only the person listed on the policy is entitled to claims payment.

Processes To Claim Health Insurance

There are different procedures for a health insurance claim that are based on the type of claim you make with your insurance provider.

  • Cashless facility: The insurance provider takes care of the medical treatment costs in their network hospitals. The insured must carry the cashless card provided at the time of policy purchase along with valid ID proof during admission and claim process. The insurer provides an electronic pre-authorisation form before hospitalisation.
  • Reimbursement: In this case, the customers pay hospitalisation fees and later get reimbursed from the insurance company. Reimbursement is done after proper documents are submitted to the company.

Reimbursement can be made for single or multiple insurers. If everything is in order, your health insurance claim gets approved in 30-40 days.

The important point is that if your documentation is in order and all the requirements have been taken care of, no insurance company can deny your health insurance claims.

Claims Settlement in Health Insurance

There is always a doubt in customer’s mind about whether the insurance company will settle the claim or not. One must understand about Claims Settlement Ratio to get a clearer view.

Claim Settlement ratio tells about the claim solving ability of the insurer. A higher claim settlement ratio means that majority of claims are getting resolved. For example, if an insurer has 60% claim settlement ratio, it means that he/she settles 60 out of 100 claims.

The companies mostly accept health insurance claims. That is because the insurers service a network hospitals where a cashless facility is available.

In the case of non-network hospitals, insurance claims are accepted as long as the treatment lies within coverage and stipulated requirements have been fulfilled. It must be fairly clear that no insurer rejects a legitimate insurance claim.

Steps Involved In Claim Settlement

The process is carried out in three stages – claim reporting, claim processing and claim settlement.

In claim reporting, claims can be reported online, at company offices and branches through a special helpline, or through SMS and e-mail.

In claim processing, your claim details are carefully scrutinised. The company assesses your claim and raises a requirement within a week or so. It also informs you of any pending documents.

The final step is claim settlement. Once the claim request is approved, and all the documents have been received, the claims are settled, provided no investigation is required. Moreover, to reduce hassle, electronic modes of transfer are used to pay your claim.


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Claim Settlement in Health Insurance in India (Rank Princess – SEO)

When buying a new health policy, the area of concern for the most is perhaps ‘claim settlement’. While we supposedly refer to the process as complicated but with proper awareness, claim settlement in health insurance can be made smooth and hassle-free.

Why Do You Need a Go Claim Settlement in Health Insurance in India

When buying a new health policy, the area of concern for the most is perhaps ‘claim settlement’. While we supposedly refer to the process as complicated but with proper awareness, claim settlement in health insurance can be made smooth and hassle-free.

Why Do You Need a Good Health Insurance Policy?

Nowadays, with the remarkable increase in the expenses associated with medical procedures and treatments, investing in real health insurance plans has become a necessity. To enjoy the monetary respite and peace of mind, especially in times of need, you have to have a medical insurance cover for you and your loved ones.

What Should You Consider Before Purchasing Health Insurance?

It is quite obvious that you will be doubtful about whether the insurer or the private company would settle your claim or not. To help you understand let us first discuss three important insurance claim ratios:

  • Claim Settlement Ratio for Health Insurance: It implies the claim solving capability of the company. The ratio would be high when the majority of the claims are solved. The ratio is calculated as (Number of Claims Settled)/(Number of Claims Reported + Number of Claims Outstanding at the Start of the Year – Number of Claims Outstanding at the End of the Year)
  • Claim repudiation ratio: It gives you an idea about the percentage of claims rejected by the health insurance company. It is calculated as (Number of Claims Rejected/Total Number of Claims)%
  • Claim pending ratio: It tells you about the claims that are neither approved nor rejected. It is calculated as (Outstanding Claims/Total Claims)%

Meaning of Claim Settlement and How Does the Data Help?

The claim ratio data gives you a clear insight into the history of the insurance company’s claim handling process. Although new insurers would naturally have low ratios, claims data helps you in analysing companies that have been in business for the same period.

If you have already invested in a valuable health insurance policy, you need to be familiar with all the aspects of claim settlement for easy dealings.

Claim Settlement Types

Cashless Claims

In the case of a planned hospitalisation, you can select a cashless settlement. Make sure you follow these steps for a hassle-free process.

  • Check whether the health condition is covered according to the terms and conditions of the policy. Also, track a hospital included in the network of the insurer before going ahead with cashless hospitalisation
  • Inform the insurance company that you want a cashless claim on your policy. Fill the Pre-Authorisation Form during admission and submit it to the TPA counter
  • Submit documents such as the Cashless Card given by your insurance company and some documents for identity at the TPA counter
  • The original hospitalisation documents will be kept by the insurer once you receive the cashless approval. Therefore, keep a copy of the documents for your records
  • Check the pre-post hospitalisation cover in the health insurance plan. Retain all the medical reports, prescriptions and bills to claim expenses

Reimbursement Claims

Some policies do not offer cashless claim facility. In such cases compensation claims can be made in the following ways:

  • You need to inform the insurer by submitting the duly filled claim form offered by the company within 30 days after discharge from the hospital
  • Submit all the original medicine bills, hospital bills, and reports duly signed and stamped
  • The Discharge Summary issued by the hospital after your discharge has to be given to the company
  • The follow-up prescription, showing that you are fit after hospitalisation, has to be given in the original. You need to submit the bills within three to four months after discharge for post-hospitalisation expenses
  • For future reference, you must retain copies of all the documents submitted

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Claims Settlement In Health Insurance In India (Rank Princess – SEO)

The IRDA is the sole governing institute for all insurance bodies in India. An average consumer puts in a lot of effort into assessing the claim settlement ratios of individual insurance companies before they buy their product.

Understanding past claims and track record of settlements of an insurance company is important while shopping for a medical claim insurance. While this may be an essential parameter to judge the institution, it’s certainly not everything. Read on to know more.

Claim Settlement Ratio in Health Insurance

Claim Settlement Ratio in health insurance is the ratio of claims submitted to claims settled in a given time. The proportion of claims filed against the number of claims paid or settled is measured. When all submitted claims are paid, the company can claim 100% settlement ratio. Subsequently, when there are rejected claims – the ratio is below 100%.

Why do Health Insurance Claims get rejected?

Health insurance claims are mainly rejected due to the following:

  1. Pre-listed conditions within the contract:

To keep the plans viable and make premiums affordable, the insurance provider lists certain conditions like waiting periods, sub-limits and exclusions. Therefore, claims that fall into these categories are exempted. These are approved by IRDA.

  1. Fraudulent and misrepresented claims:

Falsified records or undisclosed information if traced, can lead to claim denial. This is usually the case where petitioners sign their forms without thorough study.

Outrageous charges quoted by the treating doctor or the hospital, fraudulent claims by a group of patients, etc. are also not entertained.

An efficient health insurance company that has proper legalities in place is due to see rejections. This proves that claims settled and rejected are both in accordance with the contract, without deviations.

How to Ensure 100% Claim Settlement

Here are some key parameters to make sure your claim is not rejected:

  • Always fill the contract yourself and read the proposal document thoroughly before signing.
  • Take the time to analyse terms and conditions of the policies. Use web services and online comparison tools to find your perfect health insurance plan
  • Private analyses indicate that about 95% of health insurance claims are rejected. Ensure that all past and present health conditions are truthful
  • Make sure declarations of the dependants like parents and in-laws, spouse and children are updated.
  • File claims within the time frame in the contract.
  • Provide all the necessary details requested by your insurer. Speak to your broking firm or an agent for clear understanding.

What to do when your Claim is rejected?

The following is the route to take when filing a grievance:

  • Go back to the contract and check for inaccuracies and misinterpretation of information.
  • Contact TPA to rule out systemic errors or communication problems.
  • Check supportive documents submitted for the medical insurance being claimed. Ensure all reports, bills including pharmacy receipts are there.
  • Talk to your doctor or hospital about providing adequate proof if your claim is denied for unnecessary medical procedure.
  • Register an appeal with the insurance company first, stating all the reasons and with all the proofs.

Insurance Ombudsman

If your insurance company further rejects your claim or if there is no response within 30 days of filing, you can register a complaint with the insurance Ombudsman, who will then follow legalities to test your claim and offer a solution.

Top Five Health Insurances for 2015-16

  • Apollo Munich: 89%
  • Religare: 87%
  • Star Health: 79%
  • Max Bupa: 86%
  • Cigna TTK: 94%


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5 Reason To Quit Your Smartphone! (Rank Princess – SEO)

I know that you’re thinking “how is it even possible when our whole lives revolve around our Smartphone?!”. You may also think that it’s impossible to quit your Smartphone.  However, if you think about it, for most of human history, people didn’t have smartphones, and they didn’t need them. Our ancestors had tools, and that’s what our phone is – a tool.


It’s egoistic to believe that we are in some way special or more important than our fellow flora and fauna. These biological machines (including us) are meant to be out in the open. We are meant to feel the wind against our hair and scrape our knees every now and then. Your Smartphone is keeping you from it. Let’s face it, would you rather start a new series or go for a run? To quit our Smartphone is to live healthily.

Screen Addiction

Scientists have proven that the screens have become an addiction. In fact, even developing countries like India have de-addiction centres. The reason we are having a hard time accepting it is because this isn’t like any other addiction where a person uses an illegal substance. If you think about it, the millennial aren’t living healthy lives. They are cooped up inside their houses NOT learning any of the necessary skills that helped their parents attain success. Let’s use our phones as a tool and begin to live a healthy life again!

Less Human Interaction

I know it’s laughable to claim that we have poor human interaction, especially because I could video call anybody anywhere in the world from the comfort of my chair. However upon close examination, you’ll realise that we don’t talk anymore, we don’t talk about how we really feel. Most conversations begin with “sup?” and end with “nm”. Are these really the bonds that we will cherish for the rest of our lives? Alternatively, we could quit our smartphone and only use them as a tool to make life smoother!

Social Media

Another new epidemic – Millennials are zombies that need Wi-Fi to survive. Social media is mainly about creating an image of oneself so that we can gain social acceptance from people. It is paradoxical in the sense that the people themselves are trying to maintain their superficial life. It’s a vicious circle. How is this healthy living?

Phones as Tools

The final argument is that our phones were invented to be tools. They were ironically built to help us live a healthier and more comfortable life. So in conclusion Smartphones aren’t bad at all, they are just tools, and like any other tool they will either help us or harm us, depending on how we use them.

Let’s quit our Smartphone or at least minimise our usage of them. Let’s know they joy of being human, of being flawed. After all, this isn’t what our Father in heaven would want for us. Let’s start a new trend, a counter-revolution – let’s change the world (again) simply by listening to each other.


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The Lazy Man’s Guide to Wall Art (Rank Princess – SEO)

We all have each of everything:  home, a desk, our gadgets, coffee mugs; you get the idea. But how many of those articles are truly ours? Most of us don’t consider giving our living space and our belongings some personality, and that needs to change.

You &The Crowd

No two people are alike. And we go to great lengths to stand out from the crowd and showcase ourselves. But somehow, this does not translate to our personal belongings. Rarely do we look at art as an instrument to facilitate and amplify our personality. And there are many reasons for that.

People have a misconception that they are not artistic and do not understand art in general. Others believe that acquiring and collecting art pieces is for the rich with too much money to throw around. That couldn’t be farther away from the truth.

The Breakdown

Art can be either ‘functional’ or ‘aesthetic’, and the definitions lie in words. When we talk about art that goes on the wall, we are referring to art that is intended to look good and improve the aesthetic value of something. We also call this ‘fine art’.

Design-based art is generally of three types: one-off paintings, prints and reproductions. Let’s run through each one of them real quick.

To Each Their Own

One-off paintings refer to the original pieces of work for which there are no copies. These are more expensive than the other types and may not fit everyone’s budget.

Reproductions are on the opposite end of the spectrum. They are made once and then copied into an indefinite number of copies, without an artist’s signature. They are an affordable option for somebody who wants to bring their room to life but can’t spend on one-off paintings.

Prints are the sweet spots between one-offs and reproductions. Prints can be made through many mediums such as wood or metal engraving, etching, digital printing, etc.

These works of art are rolled out in a limited number, and this makes them comparatively affordable. But unlike open reproductions, they have the artist’s signature and copy number.

No Wrong Answers

Whether it is an artist’s interpretation of the recent political issue, a quote from your favourite movie, or just an abstract illustration, there is a piece of art for everybody.

If something speaks to you, it deserves a place on your wall, and thanks to an army of creative thinkers and artists, there is no shortage of prints for every mood and theme

Developing Taste buds

If you are just starting out on your art collection, start with something simple and straightforward. The deeper you dive, the better palate you’ll develop and then start appreciating more abstract ideas and high art.

You noticed we mentioned ‘high art’ so let’s talk about that. The concept of high art is centuries old, and it refers to a piece of art that takes a cultivated mind to appreciate. High art is a very subjective topic.

Art that might be high art to somebody might be trash to someone else. Yes, we know, the world of art is a little wonky but filled with experiences. So get collecting and build your very own gallery. But before you proceed, we warn you: this stuff is highly addictive.

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Illustrations – The Exceptional Curios (Rank Princess – SEO)

As a nation, we have failed time and again to celebrate the value of art, though our history declares otherwise.  The large part of the population still considers art as a non-essential affair, not paramount to our living. In the recent years, the scenario has begun to change. More people embrace the craft, and there an increase in its patronage. The success of art biennials in prominent cities across the nation are proof of this fact.

An Introduction to Illustrations

   An illustration is simply a printed work of art. It can be anything from a drawing to a painting or a simple sketch. Illustrations mostly accompany any text, which can also be of commercial nature. For several years illustrations were predominantly a part of newspapers and magazines.

  One can commonly find illustrations in comic books, cartoon strips, greeting cards, advertisements, and as animation. Many techniques are used to create illustrations, like sketching and painting.

  To replicate these illustrations processes such as woodcuts, etching and lithography were commonly used. Since the advent of technology, the graphic software is used to create illustrations. Among the most widely used software are Photoshop, Abode Illustrator and Corel Draw.

 A few illustrators, however, stick to the traditional methods of pen and ink, watercolours, and wood engraving.

The History of the Craft

   The origins of illustrations are as old as civilisation. From the cave paintings of India to the ones in Spain, different races have embodied this form of art. These caves have several illustrations of what the people observed around them. The artwork on the cave temples of Ajanta and Ellora are renowned for their unique style. It has survived thousands of years since its inception.

   From the earliest collectives, it is apparent that several rulers and kingdoms across the Bharat continent patronized art. From the Mauryans to Guptas to the Mughals, there have been great connoisseurs of art. Before the Mughal era, the illustrations on the temple walls in the Northern region were imminent.

  In the Medieval age, during the rise of Bhakti Movement, illustrations were found accompanying texts that supported the Vaishnava cult.

  Following the Medieval period, since the early days of printing, illustrations have accompanied written texts in the newspapers and magazines. During the independence struggle, several home grown publishing houses, depended on the power of illustrations to add dynamism to the written texts of patriotism.

The Styles of Illustration

    There are several styles of illustrations. The ones for children or the ones used for arts and crafts are prevalent. The other forms that are practised include:

  • Art Deco
  • Expressionism
  • Romanticism
  • Realism
  • Gothic
  • Surrealism
  • Punk
  • Comic
  • Caricatures
  • Post-modern illustrations
  • Digital

Is Illustration Considered Fine Art?

   An illustration is seen as an explanation of an idea, and hence people do not view it as a fine art. Fine art is an approach that creates thoughts and raises questions. However, these petty differences cannot deny the fact that any art is supreme.

  The illustration is a more freeing art form, something that a common man can appreciate and enjoy without much examination of the minute details. Illustrators require high levels of skill and vision and a signature style. Several talented and young Indians embracing this art form are on the rise.

  In the recent years, corporate houses have supported this type of art, in accommodating them in their spaces. There are several platforms including the virtual ones and flea markets that bring this kind of art to the masses. Illustrations are the objet d’art that is an aesthetic collectable for a common man.

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