Email to (Successful)

Hey Raghav,

This is Aakshey Talwar from New Delhi. I have been trying to get in touch with you directly, through your IVR. But haven’t been successful yet. Hence this email to you.

The work you’ve done with so far is impressive. Schiit, Audeze and the other brands you’ve got here at such reasonable prices, is really commendable.

Honestly, you’re one of the few startups I’m truly impressed with. Anybody can lose somebody else’s dollars. But. What you’re doing right here is a really BIG achievement.

I decided to write this email to you when I listened to your IVR messages on the phone. One of a kind. Just my style. Something that only the best copywriters and marketers understand and you are able to deliver that so well.

Your unique approach with your IVR and even other elements of your web design etc, truly stand out. Even your web copy is above average for a small business. Even by international standards.


Why I wanted to get in touch with you?

There is a Whatsapp audiophile group by the name of Audiophilia. With over 40 members, mostly Indians, but a few foreigners as well. The group also includes important Audio people including:

Sennheiser India’s Head of Marketing
Owner of Lakhozy
Distributer of iFi Audio in India
Owner of
Eminent members like Hari, Keath etc.
Eminent TE members like Chaos
A moderator from Erodov forums
And many fun loving audiophiles.


I’d like to invite you to become a member of this group. You can help this small audiophile community in many ways. Like making it larger. And many other ways.

You can add me : +91-9910623813
And I’ll add you.

I would also like to talk with you once over phone. May I please have your mobile number?

I wish you every success in your business. And I hope you’ll answer this email soon. 🙂

Thank You so much, God Bless!



Marketing Quotes

1. If you have a great product or service, it is your duty to market it well. Your prospect needs it but doesn’t know it yet. It is in your prospect’s best interest to buy from you. Make it happen!

2. You know your MARCOM department is doing its job when the will of the buyer to purchase from you is greater than your will to sell to him.

Inspired by Jeff Walker and Perry Marshall respectively. Revamped by Aakshey Talwar.


Landing Page Copy U&I (Dummy Draft)

Make way for the world’s only Intelligent Collaborative Distribution Network!

Exclusively focussing on Information Technology & Telecommunications


Hold on. What is an Intelligent Collaborative Distribution Network?

U&I operates the world’s only inventory less comprehensive distribution network. We channelise the available shared infrastructure so that resource wastage is minimised.

This may be a bit difficult to adjust your mind to in the first go, as this is something unprecedented.

Think of it this way.

When you go to a restaurant, the restaurant doesn’t have a separate chef for each of their customers.

They have one, maybe two main chefs who balance their time and ensure a balance of delivery time, customer satisfaction and profitability for the restaurant owner. I’m sure you agree with that. Don’t you?

Unfortunately, this isn’t what is happening in the IT Distribution Network in India right now. And U&I is here to solve this bleeding neck problem of yours.

The U&I Edge

Comprehensive Distribution
We have ties with 123 Distributers, 123 Vendors, 123 Retail Units and 123 Sales Consultants in over a 1000 Indian cities across all 36 states of India. And you can partner all of them by just fixing a call with us!

Real-Time Analytics & Big Data
Get detailed real-time insight and information across several metrics, about your industry, sales, inventory, competition and a lot more, using U&I’s proprietary CRM.

Advanced CRM
Use your advanced custom software (PC, iOS and Android) to track every single of your tasks, from inventory to dues payable and a lot more.

Manage Your Finances
Our software minimises your losses by hedging your cash flow and realising possible credit risks well in advance.

Local Sales Consultants
A country like India is a conglomerate of cultures. And the sales process needs to be tweaked from one district to the next. You get instant access to over 1200 sales consultants who are master salesmen within their respective districts.

Increase Your Sales
We help you sell more units by streamlining your inventory management and helping with accurate supply and demand forecasts using your cutting edge technology. Sell more units while spending less to bring in those sales.

Execute A Pull Based Supply Chain Network
This results in a more responsive and agile distribution channel that not only costs less per unit but helps sell more of them.

Promote Your Product
You’ll gain access to infrastructure and resources that will allow you quick, easy and economical product promotions and advertising across all 36 states of India.

Do What You Do Best
All of the above allow you to focus more on your product rather than trying to distribute it a vast country like India that is impossible for a small business or even funded startup! Leave that to us.


Newsletter Front Page (Dummy)

From The Doctor’s Desk

From The Desk Of Dr. John Smith
XYZ Hospital, Mumbai, INDIA
28th February 2016

Dear Patient,

I have been using various LASIK machines for over a decade now. And I’m grateful to God that LASIK machines today are far easier to operate, quicker and less painful as compared to when I first started out.

But what hasn’t changed is that LASIK was safe then, and it is even safer now.

I’m sure you’d have heard horror stories about LASIK over the years. And truth be told, I have talked to patients first hand who experienced the original issues associated with LASIK. And to be honest, many of those issues were caused by inexperienced surgeons rather than inadequate technology. And I consider myself blessed that at our eye hospital, LASIK casualties are almost unheard of.

I’d like to share some developments that have happened at Adityajyoth.

Our hospital has brought in a new machine for LASIK – EX500. And this has taken the entire experience of the patient to a whole new level.

The EX500 has several powerful benefits over its predecessors. To tell you about some briefly:

Far less discomfort

Significantly reduced risk of contracting an eye infection

More stable vision and often quicker. Several patients report a clearer vision within moments of the operation.

Less pain compared to its predecessor (PRK)

And that’s not all.

At our eye hospital we also offer SBK (Sub-Bowman’s Keratomileusis) aka Thin-Flap LASIK. And of course SBK also offers advantages of its own. To explain a few:

It is absolutely painless and highly efficacious thanks to the all-laser blade-less technology.

A more natural and stable cornea that is less altered and results in eyes that aren’t as dry. This happens because fewer nerves are cut due to a thinner flap of cornea being cut.

And of course SBK is even safer than previous LASIK technologies that were already pretty safe.

I could have wasted your time on technicalities, but I’m sure you wouldn’t enjoy that. So I’ll be sharing more about the technology as this newsletter progresses.

I sincerely thank you for taking out your precious time to read this newsletter. I hope you find this newsletter worthwhile, as I have tried my best to ensure what reaches you is a no-nonsense newsletter that aims to clear general misconceptions about LASIK.

Thank You & God Bless!

Dr.John Smith
HOD – Cornea
XYZ Hospital


Landing Page Copy (Dummy – Incomplete – R Systems)

DATE, Washington:

The US Federal Government Appoints R Systems Ltd For America’s Nationwide Health Information Network (NHIN)

R Systems is alone responsible for securing and scaling America’s NHIN to industry standards as per HIPAA norms.

Why do you think America handed over such a critical project to us?

Of course you realize that Washington won’t do this solely on the basis of competitive bidding. And nor is mere capability and technology enough to land one with something that is so crucial for Americans.

Moreover, year after year, several state and central government departments in USA have awarded several important projects to R Systems. So. How come biggies like Infosys and Accenture didn’t get those projects and they landed up at R Systems?

Obviously you know that there are literally thousands of software companies in the world. And several hundred of them are within the States. All these companies are very competitive in their pricing and even as far as technology is concerned.

But there is something that R Systems takes a bit too seriously. And although this causes us to lose a few big clients, but often it does just the reverse. That is it hooks up those big fishes to R Systems for years.

What is that we are talking about here? What is this secret ingredient?

R Systems founder Rekhi Singh started the company in 1993 with a few core values in mind. And fortunately, these core values bring in quite a bit of business for the company even today.

We will let the man himself tell you about the core values that make R Systems so special.

From the Desk of Rekhi Singh
MD & Founder, R Systems Ltd
1st January 2016, Noida, NCR, INDIA

Rekhi here.

I’ll keep this section short. I know you’re waiting to hear what was promised and I’ll come straight to that.

The R Secret Sauce


I believe that our clients should be able to trust us. I believe in forming a personal bond between Team R and every single one of our clients. If as a client you trust us, I feel I don’t need to try too hard to make a sale. And once that happens, I’m sure you’ll automatically consider me for all your confidential and critical projects.


A client isn’t a paycheck for me. A client is a friend who makes my life easier and better. And in return I feel obliged to keep my end of the bargain. And this emotional and personal relationship is what makes R Systems so unique. Also. This trickles down to Team R as well.

Learn Before You Earn

I believe a person should perfect his learning before he even thinks of earning. If you perfect your learning, earnings will automatically follow. And this is what I imbibe in Team R. I encourage them to learn for the sake of learning. Rather than to rush and mess projects in hand. And touch wood, it couldn’t have worked better. After all, if you already master a technology when it is in its beta stage, you are already way ahead of your competition.

And lastly, Time Management

It is said that if you master your time, you become the creator of your own destiny. And the philosophy we follow at R allows us to deliver projects before time, every time. While ensuring that Team R isn’t overworked or stressed out. So that brings about the best in them. And at the same time, resources are efficiently utilized between projects.

That is it my friend.

These 4 pillars are what hold the R Systems business together.

I’d like to take your leave now, God Bless!


As you saw, Mr.MD did a great job of explaining why he believes his company is doing so well.

I’m not saying we are the only company or even the best company out there. Far from it. But what Team R promises to you is that we will make your project with us an experience. And not merely a piece of code that will get outdated as time passes.

And all this doesn’t come at a premium either.

We take up projects of all sizes, of all types and from just about anybody who wants to do business with us.


Academic Definitions


The process by which a sender of information convinces an entity (almost always other than itself) to willingly become a receiver of information such that the information can be of any type, in any form or at any scale, and in such a manner that there is at least a potential to at least potentially benefit either the sender (most often) and/or the receiver and/or another entity.

Sales VS Marketing

Sales is done in person or such does it may seem

Marketing is usually via text and/or via audio/video and is often (not always) less personalized and/or with a larger reach.

A salesman who propagates via the written word and/or audio and/or video or other forms of selling where his realtime presence (in any form) isn’t required, is a marketer.