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What a push-button ambulance service can mean for your elderly…

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Letter to VC Circle (By Aakshey)

Hi Anupriya,

Forget about the previous emails.

I just want to point out a few things. ๐Ÿ™‚

By the way, previous revisions will be sent in shortly. Don’t worry. ๐Ÿ™‚

If you order 10 pieces, you need to pay for 10 pieces. However, as long as you stick to Content Strategi (INR 4/word) you can ask for revisions/redo/replacements (sometimes by one of our other writers provided the problem is significant and not in bulk) for any number of pieces where the quality isn’t met.

It need not always be within 30 days strictly as I previously said. ๐Ÿ™‚ But try to ensure it isn’t delayed by months. ๐Ÿ˜€ You can ask for any number of revisions if the problem is genuine. Or even a replacement of that piece. Provided you get back to me on time.

I just have one request to make to you:

If I submit for example 8 pieces in January
And then another 10 pieces in February

Then when you start publishing pieces received in January, in Feb/March, I request you to first publish all received in January and then proceed to content received in Feb and so on. And I’m glad that this has happened till now under both Pallavi and you Anupriya. ๐Ÿ™‚

It doesn’t matter when you publish or how many.

But just try to publish all of Jan’s before Feb and so on.

However, if that’s not possible, then at least let me know within early Feb itself about the Jan pieces that need to be revised or replaced.

And one more thing, when you give me a list of published, try to include the month they were delivered (not just published) in. That would help me a great deal.

Apart from this, I’m fine with the way things are proceeding. I have no problem at all. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sorry for the previous misunderstanding and harshness. I apologise.

Looking forward to a long term business relationship with you. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks so much and God Bless!


P.S. Sending 10 topics in the next email!


The below 8 topics were written in November. But published in December. All topics from November have been published and none have been rejected. So we are cool. ๐Ÿ™‚

Startups Should See Venture Capitalists As Customers (November)

Does Being Naughty Hurt Founders? (November)

The Future of Venture Capital as Startups Continue To Rise (November)

Founding a Startup? Five Counter-intuitive Facts You Should Know (November)

Do statup hubs matter? (November)

Does it make Sense to Start a Startup with one Founder? (November)

How can startup founders raise money? (November)

How to get constant funding for your startup (November)


Letter to MobiKwik (By Aakshey)

Hi Tarun,

I’m sure you trust me enough to know that I won’t try to lie or cheat.

First things first, I do NOT want to sour our professional and personal relationships because of a paltry sum of money. So if you feel the invoice isn’t justified, don’t bother with it. I’d rather have your friendship.

That aside, here’s the breakup of the invoice based on what I recall from memory:

4 x 250w Blog Posts
Given by Biren. One at a time. In October. And I don’t think you rejected any. Whatever revisions were asked for were sent back promptly. And all was well then.

1 x 750w Blog Post
Given by either you or Biren. In November I think. Maybe October. Maybe December. Probably November.
Again, there was no rejection to this.

3 x 250w Blog Posts
You ordered these after we met in person. I actually delivered 7-8+ but across just 3 topics. And you had only ordered three, so hence you’ve been charged just for three.
Because whatever you order from us, has to be paid for. Regardless of whether you use it or not. Unless there is a problem in which case you can ask for revisions. Which you didn’t as you haven’t seen the content yet.
You yourself accepted you haven’t seen these three. And you need to understand I still need to pay my team because you made an order. That time you didn’t mention you were planning to call off the contract and may not be paying for this content even if it is good.

That’s all.

So I didn’t bill you for the dozens of samples that got wasted because you didn’t like them or samples that were offered from my side just so you could select good writers of your choice. No charge for any of that.

And the invoice is a mere INR 2,000. I have probably spent more than that fixing work you never bothered to even look at.

If you believe the invoice isn’t justified or I’m not being honest, feel free to scrap it. But trust me, I’m being totally honest and open.

My relationship with MobiKwik and with you Tarun is far more important to me than this invoice. I hope you feel the same way.

So if the invoice is a problem, you may or may not pay it. But I want to have a long term future with MobiKwik regardless. There may not be any work immediately. But I hope there is work months/years down the line. Right?

Let me know if you’d like to talk on phone. ๐Ÿ™‚ Or regardless of what you decide.

Thanks so much, God Bless! All the very best!



Outlines for MobiKwik (By Aakshey)

MobiKwik Hai To Sahi Hai!

DeshKaWallet theme, how an Indian farmer in Delhi suburbs is using MobiKwik to pay at dhabas, buy food/milk, and live his daily life. And how his cash requirement has reduced a lot. And he enjoys the cash backs.

MobiKwik Bole To Pakka Fayeda Boss

About your 30 day Pakka Fayda sale. And 5 special offers from your Facebook page for Pakka Fayeda.
PakkaFayeda is a special offer cash back sale on many types of MobiKwik transactions that will last 30 days till late Jan.

5 reasons why MobiKwik is the common man’s wallet

Introduce using Sending and receiving payments without fee. With friends, at small shops like tea shops etc.
5 types of offers under different categories. 1 each.
Gas, electricity, recharge etc.
One Wallet For All Your Needs
And cash back makes it cheaper than using money.


Beyond Love (True Story Of A Dipsite) (Aakshey Talwar)

Originally published at:

Beyond Love (True Story Of A Dipsite)

Dear Friend,

You definitely don’t want to be bored with a sermon. Being a copywriter, I ought to know to not do that to you. So. I’ll keep this short for you.

You probably want to know who the hell am I? I’m Aakshey Talwar. And I was diagnosed with Asperger’s when I was in class 9. You saw SRK in My Name is Khan? For now, this introduction should suffice.

But. I have set out on a journey that none of my *normal* school and college mates dared to take. You’re probably wondering what the heck is this guy talking about.

I’ll get that to that in a bit.

I’ll be telling you 2 short stories today. Just 2 of them. No big deal.

These short stories form the basis of who I’m today. And I’m sure they will help you in some way or the other, in your own journey.

First, let us talk about love.

Back in DPS RKP, in class 11, I fell in love. And I was madly in love. Her name was Annie. And I found her beautiful.

I found life harsh because she used to hate me. You probably know how terrible and painful that feels. Time didn’t stop though.

School ended. And of course, there wasn’t much hope after that.

But. I hope you don’t love anybody that way. Because it is poison. But. Now we’re moving off topic.

The question is why did Annie hate me?

And the answer is simple. I was different. Weird in fact. Teenagers, and popular girls in particular don’t like that. One bit. You’d agree with that perhaps.

My classmates used to call me an Alien due to my stratospheric IQ but weird behaviour.

And most of all, I just didn’t have the courage to approach Annie directly. I never got the courage to talk to her confidently. Even though she was in the same school bus!

And as you probably know, girls hate lack of confidence. And I was as under confident as one could be.

Long story short, Annie was never in my life as my GF.

And it was the biggest setback ever. You’d probably not want anything remotely similar to happen to you. Pray it doesn’t happen to you. And I’ll pray for you too.

And the biggest hurdle that was there was overcoming that Asperger related behaviour. You understand that. Right?

Anyway, enough about the first story.

You probably want to hear the next one.

The final one.

My love for Annie made me start my own company. Weaving Thoughts. When I was not even 18 years old.

Yes, I did enrol in a full time college course. From Delhi University, no less. I attended Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies and majored in Finance. And I did graduate as well. Albeit. I just about passed. But that isn’t what we are talking about right now. Right?

Coming back to the point.

Back in 2008, age 18 years, I still loved Annie. A lot. And that will never change. It hasn’t changed in 2016 either. And starting Weaving Thoughts was the best way I could think of to impress her. And to earn enough to buy gifts for her. Of course the gifting part never materialised.

You’d have done the same thing. Right? Thought so!

And later on Weaving Thoughts was to become my dream. My passion. My love. My life. I didn’t need to take up a job when my friends were taking up jobs or going for higher education.

There were times of success and those of failure. And even now I’m still recuperating from a low. But at least I’m happier than ever and I can see a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel.

To top it all. I have been on anti-depressants ever since school ended. I have been suicidal for a significant part of this journey. And not everything is hunk dory even now. As you’d probably have guessed.


There is a point I’m trying to make.

Had Annie not been in my life as an inspiration, I would have never started Weaving Thoughts.

Had I not started Weaving Thoughts, I would just be an unhappy and disgruntled employee in a corporate job with no existence of his own. I would never have been happy. And I wouldn’t know what to do about it either.

Had Annie accepted me, I don’t know whether I’d have taken out enough time to pursue Weaving Thoughts through college.

And this is just the tip of the ice berg.

There is a lot of stuff that never made sense till even a year ago. And there is much that doesn’t make sense even now.


Once you believe that you reside in the Creator of the Universe. And that he resides in you. And. That you and the Lord are all but one. You’ll be better equipped to deal with the problems that come.

It may not always work out. But. Do you know anything that will?

And just to show a glimpse of how much I loved Annie:

Back in grade 12, when all of us were 17 year olds, Annie had kept a Karwa Chauth fast for her then boyfriend, who of course didnโ€™t do the same for her! Frustrated at the thought of enjoying my meal while she was hungry and thirsty, I decided to keep one for her myself. That day, I didnโ€™t drink a drop of water nor ate a bite of food till I broke my fast with her pic when the moon came out. Of course, she doesnโ€™t know this even today. (I did drink a few drops of water early morning with my medicines, but thatโ€™s it!)

P.S. The name of my love has been changed to Annie to maintain her privacy. Which becomes even more important now that she’s happily married. Not to me of course! I’m single and ready to mingle.

P.P.S. Some 340 or so poems that I wrote for Annie, that I have self published on Amazon.com. Across two volumes.



P.P.S. You can download the poems for free from my server:




About the author:

Aakshey Talwar is the founder and CEO of Gaia Internet aka GaiaQ.com and Weaving Thoughts. Both companies are really two sides of the same coin.

Gaia Internet is an on-demand content writing service that is trying to make a mark for itself.

GaiaQ has worked as a content vendor with Nearbuy, MobiKwik, Portea, VC Circle, Economic Times, Times Internet, Hyatt, CoverFox and many more big brands.

Aakshey was a Dipsite and graduated from CBS (DU). He is a big foodie, avid music lover and crazy gadget freak!

To learn more about Aakshey Talwar or to contact him, visit Aakshey.com

To learn more about GaiaQ, visit GaiaQ.com

To learn more about Weaving Thoughts, visit WeavingThoughts.com


Demo Video Script By Aakshey


So nice to eMeet you here. I was waiting for you.

Is there a bleeding neck problem in your business that keeps you up late at night?

If you’re a Director or Partner in a business and you’re still unhappy about how soon the Good Ol’ days ended, that is exactly what I plan to address today.

Regardless of whether your business is doing well or not at present, if you want to grow faster and reach higher, that is exactly the purpose of our meet today.

But. Before you proceed, let me take a quick minute and introduce myself.

I’m Aakshey Talwar, the Founder and CEO of Gaia Internet. For you, I’m a Business Strategist and Content Marketer.

Now. I’d like to ask you:

Are you still stuck with single digit growth figures?

Or, is your industry on the decline? Let me tell you, even declining industries have Star businesses. Businesses that outperform the market. So. Would you like your business to become a Star Business?


If you’re happy with how your business is doing, I think you don’t need me. But. If there is something where you feel you’re leaving massive amounts of money on the table, I’m here to address that.

Now. If you decide to have a complimentary Strategy Session with me, there are 3 possible scenarios that may result from you doing so.

The first is of course that you’d be thrilled and you’d want to work with me. And of course the pleasure would be all mine.

The other possible scenario is that you may like my ideas and strategy but would prefer to execute it on your own. Nothing wrong with that either! I won’t charge anything for that and you’ll be free to execute the strategy on your own.

And lastly, you may feel like murdering me for wasting your time. In that case, I’ll gift you an Amazon Gift Card to apologise for wasting your time.


Rest assured, I won’t charge you a dime for this complimentary strategy session.


Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Or would you like to procrastinate and keep living in the Good Ol’ days? Just sayin’.

If you’re ready to up your game and challenge your competition, feel free to get in touch via any of the contact methods on my website – Aakshey.com

I’ll be waiting to hear from you!

Good day!


Content For R Systems (Blog Posts)


http://blog.rsystems.com/ security-analytics-as-lifesaving-mechanisms-for-cyber-threats/


http://blog.rsystems.com/ why-banks-cannot-do-without-custom-analytics-and-big-data/

http://blog.rsystems.com/ has-the-healthcare-industry-taken-advantage-of-latest-developments-in-cloud-computing/


http://blog.rsystems.com/ how-do-telecoms-compete-in-the-new-digital-ecosystem/



Demo Taglines For R Systems By Aakshey


One stop shop for all your IT needs.

Extremely high rehiring ratio and multiple experts for every single client.

Realtime visibility of projects through pSuite.

20000+ hours of experience among 400+ experts.

Experimenting with upcoming Big Data beta technologies.

Hybrid Global Sourcing model.

Packaged Services

Technology agnostic.

One of the few to have specialised teams solely for this.

Blend of tech with S&M.

Your next best option after Oracle. Comprehensive coverage 24x7x365.

Complete solution for startups and conventional offline retailers.

Handholding support.

Due importance to Content Management without overlooking other metrics.

Premium consulting.


Extreme agility and measured ROI oriented approach.

Infinitely scalable.

Computaris – Telecom

Convergent charging
Unique customer centered approach.

Mobile Broadband

Compliance on a budget.

Serving consumers and enterprises alike.

Bootstrapped yet profitable from day zero.


Stable but fast growing client base.


Serving every single mobile platform on earth.

In house product Computaris.


Sales force integration with ATM cloud tech.

All types of banking covered. Period.


US Govt compliant.

HIPAA compliant


Air, land and sea. We got you covered.

Repeat business from several US state govts.


Measurable approach and returns.

Largest project with 9600+ person months. Check.

Recommending against frivolous outsourcing by customers. Building credibility.

4000+ person years of experience.

Open Source
From social networks to complex apps, we specialise in it all.

No need for a third party partner.


Living in 2017. Future 2020.

Core programming. Beyond the backend.

6 time zones supported.


Custom SaaS modules and models.

About Us

Oyster Pearl. True story.

From USA to India/Global.

Oyster/Pearl Story
Dream it. If you mean it.

Caring before transforming. And transforming before innovating.

Merit only policy.

Global Management
It is all about leadership here. Human values come first.

Always ready. Never say no.

Continuous improvement. Never stop learning. A man can stop earning, but he should never stop learning.

One award too many.

Partners you can trust.

Fortune 1000 clientele.


Case Studies
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Learn infographic style.

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We love you.

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Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

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Team of scientists working in our R&D labs.

We believe in our Scrum Masters.

Quality Excellence
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Pre assessing product market fit.