MoMagic Technologies: 14 Million Users. Seven Countries. One Success Story.

The key to success in the industry, MoMagic believes, is bridging the gap between what technology has to offer and what users want from technology. And this formula seems to be working for the company as it wins the award for the fastest growing mobile internet company in India.

A Mobile First World

Technology has been evolving at an unprecedented rate in the last decade. What this means is that what might have been a groundbreaking idea yesterday, could be obsolete tomorrow. The constant category creation and disruption that we witness is proof to that. But there is an exception.

The exception we’re talking about are the tiny screens we spend our days staring at. The presence of mobile phones has not been challenged. In fact, it only seems to get stronger. And MoMagic knows this all too well.

There’s an App For It

The single biggest advancement in the history of mobile phones is them becoming smart. And the sole credit for that goes to mobile applications.

Apps have put the bank in your pockets. And they’ve done the same with the tickets, office, fitness instructor, celebrity chef, etc. You get the idea!

It’s Possible

MoMagic is a classic example of the small percentage of companies which recognize potential where it’s present and learn to harness it early on. The app ecosystem is a similar story.

Starting off as content developers for feature phones, this young company sensed when the tide was turning to smartphone territory. And now, it has some of the widest deployment of mobile applications across platforms and in multiple countries.

Seizing the Moment

When MoMagic entered the market, it was evident that they were striving to provide a profitable and consistent user base to app and content developers through Mobile User Acquisition.

It was a simple goal, and yet the industry was shaken with the response MoMagic received.

Partnering with the chipset maker MediaTek, manufacturing giant Foxconn, MoMagic put its efforts in the technological advancement of the company itself and widened its partner base across the globe.

These were signs that MoMagic was doing something very right, something that would pave the way for future expansion of the firm.

It’s All In the Detail

Though functionality is great, at the core of MoMagic’s philosophy is end user experience.

This attention towards users allows MoMagic to gain valuable knowledge about Consumer Behaviour and enable app developers to have a wide and profitable user base that pays for the services it benefits from.

The future, the chief of Momagic believes, lies in Online Distribution and further enhancing its partnership strategies with new players in the market. That’s a lot of work.

Under The Spotlight

The result of all that work? Over 10 million new users in 2016, growth predictions of 50%, and numerous awards for excellence.

Now in its sixth year, the company is looking to spread its feet even further and experiment in other business areas and other countries in Asia.

Possible plans for the company include using its substantial consumer base and user behavior expertise to try and create a similar success story in the Advertising and Marketing industry.

So whether you are an investor, market analyst or just a student interested in tech, MoMagic Technologies is one company to set your eyes on.

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Why MoMagic is Front Ranked in the Mobile Internet and Applications Ecosystem

The Indian technological applications industry is undergoing a sudden spurt in growth, thanks to the various initiatives of the Government. Though the growth has stimulated in the start-up trend, there are a few players in the field who are the early entrants. MoMagic is one such technological company that entered the arena of applications development before the onset of aggressive growth.

About MoMagic Technologies

MoMagic is a private limited tech company based outside Noida, India. The company has its presence in India since the year 2011, and it currently functions across five nations in South East Asia. The company has more than a 125 million app installations to its credit.  It is involved in the distribution of mobile apps both online and offline.

  Apart from applications, the company also engages in content distribution. In a short span of time, MoMagic has emerged as a bigwig in the mobile internet market and app environment. The company’s partner enterprises are Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), start-ups, e-commerce players, production houses and gaming houses.

MoMagic is a commonly used mobile platform, and it is delivered to the customer through all three core channels namely Factory Level Preloads, Retail Offline Stores and Online User Acquisition Platform. Since it was among the first few companies to enter the mobile internet ecosystem, nobody understands the market better than MoMagic. As a result, it is vitally associated with the end customer.

  MoMagic is a dominant player in the areas of innovation and development, and while developing applications, services, and own products, the company is looking at a dynamic expansion.

Investing Partners

The principal investor of MoMagic Technologies is MediaTek, a company that specializes in system-on-chip for mobile devices, DVD, wireless networking, and HDTV. In November 2015, FIH Mobile Limited owned 10% stake in MoMagic. FIH is a global tech company that provides green manufacturing services.

Numbers that reveal that MoMagic is the Industry Leader

As of 2015, MoMagic had more than 90 million users in India. This figure includes 75 million phone and smartphone users (as a result of OEMs), 12 million smartphone users through Over the Air (OTA) sources and close to three million users through offline sources.

   The first eight months of 2015 saw a rise of 15 to 18% of application installations. This number is on a monthly basis. The most popular application categories that were installed include Social Network, Games and entertainment related apps.

  In the offline user acquisition platform, MoMagic is ranked Number 1 in India. The number of impressions per month is currently more than 10 million. The 10 million mark was made across 250 cities that include 15000 retail shops and 30 million app user acquisitions through the offline platform.

  The reasons for the tremendous result in the offline platform are due to lesser usage of internet services in Tier II and Tier III cities, along with network issues.

The Future Scenario

MoMagic is expecting a tremendous growth in the revenue this Financial year and more than twice the existing increase in workforce. 

  The current growth rate of the handset market is said to be between 25% and 30%. MoMagic is looking to expand its user base by 12 million more by the financial year 2015-2016. With the Government of India promoting the Make in India and Digital India initiatives, a colossal growth is predicted for the Indian app and m-commerce environment.

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MoMagic and Spice Digital’s Recent AdGyde Launch- How Will the Venture Work out for the Former?

MoMagic Technologies was recently in the news for its joint venture with Spice Digital to launch AdGyde, an application analytics platform.

In the little over six years of its existence, this company has created a user base of 400 million people for different clients and partners. AdGyde is the most recent in a long line of creative and mobile-technology oriented/implementing projects that it has either funded or helped shape into a deployable product.

What Is AdGyde?

AdGyde offers software development kits for real-time application analytics. In an integration with any Android app. It allows viewing of tracked data, i.e., campaign performance, visual reports, retention reports, usage reports, etc.

MoMagic & AdGyde developers began working on this particular product in 2016. Spice Digital joined the equation for its expertise over handsets and experience with mobile operators.

AdGyde services include post back URL(server to server), cohort analysis, geo-location based performance analysis, revenue analysis, among other features.

What Does This Company Expect to Achieve With AdGyde?

Founder and CEO of MoMagic, Arun Gupta, who was present at the AdGyde launch event, commented on how the application carries a uniqueness to its services.

He believes that AdGyde will help clients improve their product quality, point out user loss, and determine the best possible channel for user acquisition.

Speaking on MoMagic Being India’s Biggest Offline User Acquisition Platform

Addressing the company’s position as one of the leading players in the mobile internet ecosystem in India at present, Gupta also commented on how his organisation is concerned about assisting developers, app marketers, and other businesses related to the industry.

Developing an application that helps in extracting meaningful patterns from any application’s user engagement data is one of the organization’s many current projects.

With his eyes on helping start-ups improve their ROI, gather quality consumer bases, and benefit from revenue acceleration- all through mobile engagement, Gupta plans to continue being supportive towards innovative endeavors in the future.

Consumer Realisation, Application Deployment, Mobile VAS, and More- Other Recent Ventures That MoMagic Took an Interest in

While it started out as a Mobile VAS provider in 2011, MoMagic has built its brand around content delivery in cell phones, application development and deployment on all platforms.

Before AdGyde, MoMagic was in the news for grabbing the title of India’s largest offline user acquisition platform in 2016.

It launched its operation in Bangladesh with the launch last year with existing services in different countries(including India, China, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, etc.) At present, the company works with retailers and OEMs. It works through OTA updates for publishing content and advertising.

It recently contributed Rs. Five crores to mChamp and a $1 million to the holistic learning solutions’ company EduAce (both contributions were seed funds directed from Foxconn invested MoMagic to the start-ups.) 

What Is Next for the Multifaceted Organization?

As a user acquisition company, its approaches are well-known for their careful factoring of the customer’s intended audience, resources, and business’s life stage.

In addition to helping other companies locate channels that are most favorable for their growth, MoMagic has also been seen investing in EdTech. It can be expected that the company would grab more projects like EduAce, given the estimated increase in Indian e-learning space by 2019.

Certain strategic partnerships and collaborations with many tech ventures are also possible aspects of its future.

There is no doubt that this organization is a key player in the Indian mobile Internet domain. With investments from Foxconn subsidiary FIH and mobile giant MediaTech and a client base in millions, it is quite reliable an assumption that there is a lot more to be seen of MoMagic in the future.

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