Casino Secrets Blog Post (Rank Princess)

Casino secrets that everyone needs to know in Vegas

Millions of visitors flock every year to Vegas, which stands right in the middle of a desert and is considered as an epic monument by many.

Vegas attracts more than 40 million visitors and gambling in the casinos is considered a ritual by all.

The countless casinos on the Vegas strip are traps, yet it attracts thousands of patrons every day.

People go crazy on the gambling machines and the neon filled lights enthrall spectators. However, it’s good to be aware about a few trade secrets if one has to try their luck at the casinos.

So, here are some trade secrets for anyone who wishes to gamble in style in Vegas.

Be careful with the locals

There are professionals; then there are amateurs and then there are the locals.

If you are a novice and sit at a table where the dealer knows everyone by name, then the safest thing to do is to exit that table. Go in for a table change as the locals are experienced people and they know how to make money from novices like you.

Go in for tables where you have tourists, preferably the ones who are in high spirits.

Go to the Venetian at 3 am where you will bump into drunken tourists who you can beat easily.

A drink at the Wynn

You need not sit at a blackjack table for a cocktail.

Vegas casinos serve free drinks to all their gamblers.

So, grab a free drink before you set out to gamble at the club. The best complimentary drinks are found at the Wynn, and they give all their thirsty gamblers free mojitos and tequila.

Find friends at the Circle Bar

Almost all casinos have a circle bar which is right in the middle of the casino. This is the best place for any gambler to find and make friends.

You will never find a local here; and some of the best circle bars are the Venetians Occulus and Mandalay’s Eye candy.

The Pass Line

It is safe for a new gambler to play craps and bet the pass line, especially if you are new to the world of gambling.

It’s a simple technique.

You need to put your money on the table while someone else rolls the dice.

You have won if everyone starts cheering and you have lost if everyone is quiet.

It’s a 50/50 bet, and you can head straight to Oshea’s where there are low stake craps tables.

Sports Betting

Sports betting is not illegal in Vegas, and the MGM Grand is one of the best places to indulge in this.

It has the vibe, energy, cheer and that is what is needed to cheer for a team. So pick one even if you are unsure of which one to go for.

Gambling and shopping go hand in hand

Most of the casinos on the Vegas strip have malls adjacent to them, and the prices too are reasonable.

The fancy boutiques are curious for gamblers who have hit it big at the craps tables or the roulette.

Do it local-style!

The Freemont Street is known for all its classic casinos, and they offer the cheapest table games.

You can indulge in a few games at these tables and hang out at the local places on this street.

Flaunt your cash in Style

If you are going to gamble all your cash, then it should be done with the rich and powerful.

One of the upcoming hotels which is known for its style and glamor is the Cosmopolitan.

Be a High Roller

You can get a casino’s host’s attention by gambling away a larger fortune.

You will be surprised when they offer you a free meal or free show tickets.

An insider’s trick is to visit the Mandalay, which has been generous with complimentary rooms.


Advertising Copywriter Blog Post (Rank Princess)

The Steps to Becoming an Advertising Copywriter

Writing copy for advertisements can be an exciting job. Copywriters may work on several kinds of customer accounts. This prevents work from becoming dull. While there might be tight deadlines, there is great scope for creativity and fun.

And we need good advertisement copywriters! We could do with more witty lines that make us laugh, or cry. Simply watching language and knowledge come together in a great way is a pleasure. So all you aspiring copywriters, march on!

Keep your creative juices flowing

Saw an advertisement that you thought could be better? Have an idea for your favorite running shoes? Thought of a better pun than the company’s original you scoffed at? Let it grow, write it down! Let what is around you stir you.

Read a lot and expose yourself to all the ways words can be played around with. Try to come up with clever ways to describe something. Think of analogies. Create puns. Let your mind be abuzz with words and wit. This is great exercise for the brain in fact.

What to do with all that talent!

If you’re a student, try landing copywriting work online and do freelance copywriting. This is a great space to learn the minutiae and work on your own skills. You will be able to see what you were missing and what you are doing well. If your work is good, you will develop the confidence to move to bigger platforms. If not, take it easy and give yourself time to develop gradually.

An internship in copywriting is a welcome step in the plan to become an advertising copywriter. But also try to get employed in an advertising agency eventually. That will expose you to better experience and progress opportunities.

Your portfolio is your best friend

Most importantly, whatever you do and wherever you do it, keep a record of your work. This is your portfolio. You can build a tangible file or book of your work. But you will inevitably find that having a portfolio on the web is a must. This is the age of the internet after all.

Facebook, WordPress, LinkedIn are commonly used web spaces for displaying portfolios. But having a separate all-my-own website is also a good idea. Make sure to have a link to this website in your other accounts. It gives a sense of being in control of, and owning your work. It shows you are serious about it. And if your work is really good, it looks best on its own, personal website.

You can do it!

Even if you think you don’t have a natural flair for writing interesting copy, don’t lose faith. There are some things that you and any aspiring copywriter should be doing:

• Reading as many advertisements as you can.

• Reading in general; it helps.

• Perceiving reactions of people around you- friends, family, or strangers at the bus stop.

• Keeping up with the internet’s reaction.

• Learning how to grasp the essence of what is to be advertised.

• Learning how to get the essential message across in a catchy, concise and effective manner.


Creative Copywriting (Content Princess)

Creative Copywriting Is Alive And Kicking!

Creativity in copywriting is still intact in advertisements.

With eCommerce on the rise, the diversity in advertising media is increasing.

The days of adverts simply being a name and number in the newspaper are long gone. These days advertisements are seen in new formats, at new places, and on new devices.

Everywhere people gather, is an arena for advertising.

It may be a sports stadium, a travel hub or a social media portal. There are examples of creative writing in advertisements all over the place.

Wherever people might have time to read, advertisers will attempt to entice.

Few public places are left that do not bear the mark of advertising giants’ creativity.

Weirdest places creative adverts have been spotted

The creativity of advertisers is evident not just in their words. It is also seen in the places they put their ads.

Everyone is aware of ads on TV and in phone apps.

Over exposure may even cause the majority to switch off to these common enticements.

So advertisements are appearing in some unusual places these days.

In the tangled phone lines on the streets over Bangkok. A huge comb was seen. Printed with an apt slogan for “switching” to a new hair conditioner.

In New York manhole covers were made to look like steaming coffee cups. With a “wake up” message, from well-known coffee brand Folgers.

Giant clam shells on a beach in India contained adverts for a seafood restaurant. Beachcombers looking for pearls instead found directions to Spar’s Seafood Cafe.

A billboard was placed, half submerged in the sea, to promote a disaster film in 2004.

Writers’ creativity is enhanced by the modern world

Some people say that creative talent in the young generation is stunted. That their minds are being nurtured by constant sales pitches. That their thoughts are becoming set on consuming not creating.

However, this is not the case at all.

People have always been inspired by what they see in the world around them. From scientists to artists, breakthroughs and masterpieces have been created. Inspired by nature and other more human creations.

Changing times may be seeing changing stimuli, but creative stimulus has not grown stagnant.

The most creative writing for advertisements

Creative copywriting in advertisements was born from a need to express and share something.

A product that inspires people is easier to write about than any other.

A list of product specifications is not enough to entice people to buy. The content of an advertisement needs to stimulate people, to motivate them to buy.

Some of the most creative copywriting can be seen in advertising slogans. Short, witty, catch phrases are every company’s dream.

Some advertisements are unforgettable, and that’s what advertisers want.

If prompted most people will remember the following most creative slogans.

“A diamond is forever” is still making diamonds more appealing to this day. It was a slogan for De Beers Diamonds in 1938.

“Don’t leave home without it,” was a lasting reminder from American Express in 1975. Credit cards became a must have accessory.

“Just Do It” a slogan from Nike sports shoes in 1988, became a catch phrase for thrill seekers everywhere.

“I’m lovin’ it” in 2003 made McDonalds more than just a fast food empire.

Creative content is changing, but the creativity involved remains intact.


Copywriting Article (Content Princess)

10 Effective Tips To Write Solid Copy!

1. Exploit your product’s benefits.

Your product’s USP is what your customer looks for. What’s in it for them?

You need to able to successfully explain the value of your product in an article and why your customer should buy your product rather than other companies selling similar products.

Understanding your audience in relation to your product will determine how well you sell your product.

2. Find your competition’s weaknesses’.

There may be a hundred other companies on the market that sell almost the exact same product that you have.

Research your competition and find their weakness and put them into words.
You need to prove to your customers what it is that makes your product more desirable and not your competitions through justified comparisons.

3. Know your audience.

Before investing in ad space, make sure that you know your audience.
Your product is specific and most likely, so are your customers.

In order to reach out to the right audience, you need to know the types of people that are interested in your product through research.

Set up a basic profile of your targeted customer. This can be done by creating a demographic profile of your audience/customers, with the help of certain characteristics such as; gender, age, ethnicity, occupation, family status, and income.

4. What’s In It For Me?

As with everything else, you need to know what is in it for you. That will also motivate you sell better through your copy.

5. Address Your Audience Correctly.

The basic but most important tip is to remember who it is that you’re talking to and how your audience should be addressed.

You need to write in the second person throughout, using pronouns such as you, your, yours.

6. Understand your medium.

Apart from properly addressing your audience, you need to keep in mind the medium that you are going to post your copy to.

Each medium is unique and needs a particular written tone.

7. Don’t Over Explain.

As contradictory as it may sound, giving your audience unnecessary information will bore them, the last thing you want is to lose their attention.

Detail is key but providing too much detail loses the true essence of your copy, which is to interest your audience without giving away too much.

8. Include a call to action.

The purpose of your copy is to give your customers an invitation to contact you or your product, therefore, including a call to action is possibly the most important part of your ad.

9. Weigh The Odds.

False claims can expose you to unwanted lawsuits and where large companies may be able to cover their tracks; small independent businesses do not have the means to do so.

Therefore, it is important to be able to back up the claims you advertise.

10. Proofread.

The easiest way to lose customers is through poorly written copy.

Make sure that your copy has been proofread and is free from grammatical errors, and that it reads well.

A careless ad shows careless service; your audience will lose interest.


Strong Marriage Sample (Content Princess)

9 Signs That Show Your Marriage Will Last Forever

The eight letter word that keeps us all awake at night, marriage.

As with any other relationship, we are not handed a list of instructions while stepping into a marriage to tell us how it works.

No one can offer you a crystal ball which sees through to the future; however there are certain signs which prove your marriage is strong.

Here are nine signs that indicate your marriage will last forever:

1. You enjoy each other’s company

A relationship does not have to be all about romance. For a stable relationship to last, you should be able to have a good laugh together.

Treating your significant other to a date or simply trying new activities with them makes the foundation of your marriage stronger.

You learn new things in the presence of the person you love, all while having some light hearted fun.

2. You trust your spouse

Not being able to trust your partner at any stage of your relationship, leads to problems later on.

The key to a successful long-term relationship is not to hide things from one another. Being honest with your partner is.

3. You work as a team.

The factor that distinguishes marriage from other types of relationships is that marriage is a partnership.

Sharing your problems with your partner, be it financial or any other stress provoking issue, will make them feel like you are in it together.

4. You touch each other.

The role of intimacy is an element that should never be overlooked in a marriage.

The simple touch of a hand on the other’s leg or shoulder is more powerful than you think as it creates balance, and allows you share the one another’s positive energy.

5. You don’t hold on to things.

Keeping a grudge for too long is possibly the worst move in a relationship.
To understand that you can both make mistakes and move on from arguments as soon as possible proves your marriage may just be stronger than you think.

6. You express love via your body language.

As the saying goes, actions do speak louder than words, therefore, your body language will say “I love you” better than your words can.

Leaning on to your partner, kissing and even cuddling often shows your partner that you are responsive. You really do care.

7. You genuinely respect each other.

You are friends before anything else, which means that you like each other.

You can spend time with one another and value the others company.

8. You take his/her emotions as your own.

To be able to value your spouse’s emotions shows that you are there for them.

Empathizing with them helps to settle problems when they show up and reduce the chances of future issues.

9. You know how to patch up!

Making up is not just pushing down your problems because this does not tackle them.

The way you can come together after an argument and understand the issues which have been brought to surface prove your relationship is stable.


Sample Article On Relationships (Rank Princess)

Unhealthy and Irrational – Bidding Adieu to your relationship

Human relationships can be pure bliss when everything seems perfect.
On the other hand, it can get complicated when you tend to question yourself.

When relationships get unhealthy, they tend to affect every aspect of your life and this rule applies to every person. Every person needs to work on their relationship as there are two different individuals involved and when the relationship gets toxic, one needs to draw the line.

So, when does one do it?

When does a person say that he has had enough and needed to move on?
Sometimes it is tough for couples to admit that they are in an unhealthy relationship. They do everything that they can to get their relationship working again.

Admitting problems, seeking help from others and acknowledging the initial signs of an unhealthy relationship are key to resolving issues and regaining peace of mind.

These signs are a reminder to any couple whose relationship is no longer working or if they need to relook at some aspects of their love life.

Let’s see what these are:


One needs to trust their partner implicitly.

If there are constant occurrences of one checking the other’s email accounts or chat messages and then blaming them, it is indeed a sign of a cracked relationship.

Insufficient quality time together

When your partner seems to be spending time with his or her buddies every weekend, there seems to be some issue cringing.

Physical or verbal abuse

Abuse of any kind affects a person physically and mentally, and this is an alarming sign to let you know that your partner is an absolute misfit for you.

Everyday fights

Every couple argues and fights, but when you see that your fights are not stopping, and happening over the smallest of things, it is a sign that your relationship is heading towards the red zone.

Lack of transparency

There are times when you don’t want to tell your partner everything.

However, it is essential to have an open relationship where you communicate the key things.

One sided affair

To create a strong foundation of a healthy relationship both partners have to build blocks by mutually supporting and trusting each other.

A relationship is bound to go kaput if there’s only one partner putting in all the effort.

Lack of respect

Both partners need to respect each other for who they are and when this goes missing, it means that either the partner does not value you or doesn’t support the beliefs that you have.

One cannot just live in love if there is mutual respect missing.

Lack of physical intimacy

Physical intimacy combined with emotional love is very important for a healthy relation. The absence of any of this shows that the relationship is futile and lifeless.

Trying to fix your personality

There are couples who want to change each other’s behavior, style, personality, etc. And by doing this, they are looking for ways to fix their partner. This shows that the relationship is void of respect for each other.


Diet Sample Article (Rank Princess)

The Importance of a Gluten-free diet in your daily life

A Gluten free diet has grown to become a popular trend in today’s living and is considered as a healthy eating pattern by people all over the world.

It has gained a remarkable following in the last decade especially by people who have been diagnosed with Celiac disease that causes difficulty in digesting food.

The Truth about a Gluten free diet

Gluten free products are slowly making way into the market and consumers who aren’t diagnosed with Celiac disease are also buying these products.

Many consumers believe that a gluten free diet is better and a healthier option in today’s fast-paced lives.

So, what exactly is the Celiac disease and why being gluten free is considered a means to keep this disease in control?

Celiac does not have any major symptoms, and the only way to detect is through blood tests.

Why should you go gluten-free?

A Gluten free diet is advised for people who have the celiac disease, and they need to avoid foods containing gluten.

This fad has somehow caught on to the non-sufferers of this disease who consider it as a healthy option and a way to lose weight.

Foods such as wheat bran, barley, rye, flour, and oats need to be avoided in this diet whereas soy, potato, tapioca, beans and quinoa are considered gluten free and hence encouraged.

These foods are healthy, and many Celiac-free people have felt better by following this diet as well.

Many people aren’t aware that these foods can be pretty high in calories, fats and, carbohydrates, and the myth of weight loss may not necessarily be true for this diet.

Is the Gluten free diet a healthy option?

It is indeed a healthy option for people suffering from the celiac disease or for people who are gluten sensitive.

Quinoa, millet, and amaranth are healthy, tasty options and smart choices for everyone.

Gluten free flours too are made from these grains and are healthier options as compared to white flour or bleached flour.

For a person who isn’t suffering from this disease going completely, gluten free could mean the possibility of eliminating essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals required in their daily diet. It may not necessarily lead to weight loss by consuming gluten free foods.

Tips to incorporate a Gluten free diet

These are a few tips that could go a long way for people who want to be in good health and live a gluten-free life:

• One has to start reading labels on food products.

• Start incorporating gluten-free alternatives such as fresh fruits, leafy vegetables, poultry, fish and eggs which can be easily eaten with most meals.

• Gluten free grains too are popular and can be included in one’s main meals. These grains include quinoa, millet, and amaranth which are essential for a healthy life.

• For people who love their spirits; wine, cider, sherry is a better option as compared to beer, lager and stout which contain a significant amount of gluten.

A Gluten free menu is a good option for everyday meals as well as for maintaining one’s health.


Cloud Security SEO Sample (Rank Princess)

Security Issues Inhibiting the Growth of Cloud Computing

Reports of breaches in cloud computing security have developed a dark cloud over the growth of cloud computing.

Worries about security issues have kept the rate of adoption of cloud computing considerably low.

Cloud computing is a new technology

Cloud computing is a new technology in the field of IT.

This technology uses the Internet to share resources and information instead of using local servers and personal devices.
It promises global exposure to small and medium-sized companies desiring to make a mark in the global market. Cloud service providers offer flexible yet cheaper alternatives to many problems.

Beneficial to businesses

Cloud storage can be beneficial to companies as it involves reduced operating expenses as compared to traditional computing. The implementation of the cloud platform complements growth with innovation.

Even companies with a small budget can develop extraordinary business agility through cloud computing.

Security issues hampering the cloud market’s growth

Instances of shortfalls in cloud computing security of many cloud service providers have generated questions regarding cloud computing risks.

Fear about the security of the data stored in cloud storage is inhibiting the growth of cloud computing.

Almost half the companies globally are ready to embrace cloud computing if they are assured of air tight security.

Types of clouds and deployment models

There are three types of cloud services provided to clients by cloud service providers namely, SaaS or Software as a Service, PaaS or Platform as a Service, and IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service.

There are different deployment models for cloud computing – private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud.

Security risks associated with these deployment models

The security risks that hamper the growth of cloud computing vary with each model.

In the private cloud deployment model, the security risk is the least as the cloud is owned by the company and the functionality is not divulged to customers.

The public cloud deployment model involves some additional risk factors due to the sharing model.

The third model or the hybrid cloud is the riskiest one. This model uses both, the private and public cloud to provide customized and enhances services to companies worldwide.

The major threats inhibiting the growth of cloud computing:

• Immoral or disreputable use of cloud computing.

• Programming interfaces with inherent security lapses.

• Insiders wicked enough to compromise the security system for vested interests hinder the growth of cloud computing.

• Defenselessness arising from the use of shared technology.

• Security issues resulting from traffic and service hijacking also hinder the growth of cloud computing.

Steps to win trust for combating cloud computing risks

To fight the issues obstructing the growth of cloud computing, cloud service providers need to win the trust of their clients.

The following security measures can develop a certain minimal level of trust and promote growth in cloud computing:

• The use of SSL or Secure Socket Layer.

• The use of digital signatures.

• The formation of strict authentication protocols.

• The use of access control methods for dealing with authorization.

If security issues are handled with care and utmost efficiency, the fear associated with the cloud can be reduced to an extent, clients will feel more comfortable opting for your cloud services.

Primary keyword – growth of cloud computing

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Big Data SEO Sample (Rank Princess)

Do Big Data and Data Analytics Outweigh Standard Human Judgment?

Big Data or a large mass of complex, diverse, heterogeneous information; challenges traditional data processing methods. As a result, it questions the capability of human judgment to analyze a large body of data.

So, do Big Data and Data Analytics outweigh standard human judgment?

Some of the applications of Big Data in daily life:

• Predictions made by Google while searching for things using the search engine. Google analyzes the accumulated data based on the previous queries on similar subjects.

• Intimations from debit/credit card companies about unsolicited activities based on findings from millions of transactions every day.

• Different companies take online surveys for gathering data about their clients. The resulting data is used to predict customer requirements.

• Data analytics based on the medical history of patients can help doctors in predicting patients’ responses’ to drugs and aid in finding possible cures to diseases.

Impossible for humans to process Big Data manually

Judgment making abilities of human beings are inadequate to deal with Big Data. Information of such an enormous size and complexity cannot be analyzed by our brains.

Helping people make more informed decisions

Human beings may be inefficient in analyzing Big Data but the outcomes of data analytics by computers can help them achieve meaningful conclusions.

The development of algorithms for advanced data analytics is likely to lead to social, economic and political development.

Benefiting people through Big Data

• The Management of organizations’ could become more transparent and increase workforce efficiency.

• Data analytics will offer a greater scope for performance-related experiments.

• Categorization of a population for customized results.

• Automated algorithms for effective inferences.

• Customized services will increase profitability in business.

Some drawbacks of Big Data and data analytics

Too much dependence on Big Data can lead to false confidence leading to errors in judgment. Ruling out human judgmental powers will allow powerful people manipulate findings and satisfy their interests.

Dealing with data analytics in a positive manner

In today’s world, it is beyond doubt that we need computer-generated data analytics for processing of large information. That does not necessarily mean a complete elimination of the standard judgment skills of human beings.

Data analytics and human judgment should complement each other

The results from analytics can complement human judgment for making important decisions. This realization has inspired multiple scientists across the world to look for new methods of data analytics for quick effective results.

Need for storing large data

Effective storage and data processing of Big Data can generate wonderful results.

Data processing can help determine the causes of failures. It can help identify defects. It can increase business by analyzing buying habits of customers. It can also help organizations detect fraudulent behavior.

In order to get important results and their subsequent utilization, there cannot be a rivalry between Big Data, data analytics, and standard human judgment.

Making do without any kind of human judgment is currently out of the question. Ruling out standard judgment can create misleading conclusions.

On the other hand, data analytics and human judgment can together reap beneficial results.

Primary keyword – Big Data

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