Why live-in before marriage is a boon

You’ve met a person, and realized that they’re THE person. So, the most natural next step is tying the knot. Right? Maybe not. How about living together for a while before calling the priest? It just might be the best decision you’ve made as a couple.

After the fireworks

While the initial stages of any relationship are arguably the most exciting and ‘through the roof,’ it should be borne in mind that your relationship will evolve. And time is critical here.

Marriage is a long-term commitment and decisions about it shouldn’t be made in haste. Living with your partner gives you that buffer time and brings you face to face with the realities of marriage and your relationship in general.

By cohabitating (that’s the fancy term for living together by the way) with your partner, you will experience how your lifestyle ties in with your partner’s.

Though mental and emotional compatibility is excellent, your lifestyle should not strongly conflict that of your partner’s.

Chores: Big and small

If you thought that was never going to happen, we’ve got news. Sharing a house and making it a home together requires a lot of effort.

You see, it’s easy to maintain oneself for an evening date. But when you know you’re going back to the same house after movie night, and there are clothes to remove from the washer, the leaking showerhead to fix and plants to water, things get real – real quick.

So, go ahead and share the apartment with your partner and get a dry run for what’s to come very soon. After all, practice never hurt anybody.

Money matters

Yeah, this is a big one that no couple likes talking about. Finances play a vital role in effectively running a household.

And if you are looking to take your relationship to marriage, living in together will provide you with the much-needed experience of dealing with money matters together. It’s important to know where the bread comes from and how bills stack up.

When you start living together things like budgeting and expenses and bills, come into play, and your partner’s spending habits stop seeming cute and surface up to something significant.

It’s best to have experience in handling finances together and sorting out spending habits before you say ‘I do.’

It may not be for you

There, I said it! As improbable and outlandish it may sound, one should not eliminate the possibility that they may realize at some point that marriage may not be their thing.

This is entirely normal and shouldn’t be ignored. So, the best way to test the waters for yourself and your partner would be to live together for a considerable period before marriage.

This also gives you an opportunity to deal with their pesky habits that you disagree with and see how they affect your relationship.

Marriage is the biggest (and probably the best) decision one makes in their lifetime. And the more effort behind the decision the better.

And also, what’s better than having a head start on the rollercoaster lives you would be living together for the rest of your lives? Hey, we’re just kidding, it’s not that scary.

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Live-in before marriage – Why this lifestyle deserves a chance

“Living together before marriage- can you imagine a bigger sin?”

Ah, yes! Yes, I can. But that’s a rant for another time.

Living-in is a big decision. And you shouldn’t consider it just because your parents believe their child in a live-in would cause the sun to explode, oceans to boil, and the end of the world as we know it.

The overbearing population aside, live-in is a part of relationships. It’s got its advantages and drawbacks. But, “what will people say” is not a viable enough reason to throw the idea in the dustbin.

Before you consider if live-in is the right next step for you and your partner, let me tell you why I think it’s worth the chance.

  1. Know your partner inside-out

Every party puts their best foot forward when you have limited access to them. It’s human nature. But when you live together, you get to see things you wouldn’t have otherwise.

She hates pepperoni on her pizza. You often wake up to her coding at night. She’s just unable to share chocolates.

He always gets up after midnight for a snack. He wakes up with you snaked around him almost every morning. He can’t stand how you invite over every dog you meet.

Live-in relationships open doors to really knowing your partner. Their likes and dislikes, pet peeves – you get to glimpse who they are on a regular, boring, uneventful Friday night just as much as when you go out on a five-star date with them.

  1. You have a roommate, with benefits

If you’re already spending a lot of your time with your partner, moving in is the cost-effective method for both of you. You’ll share:

  • Rent
  • Groceries
  • Dinner bills, and
  • Money

You earn, you spend. You share expenses for the facilities you both use. You save more as well. And you’ll always have someone to come home to.

Does that sound so bad?

  1. A sudden avalanche of responsibilities? Not so much

Marriage is very much synonymous with responsibility, especially in India.

If you directly jump into a marriage. You don’t merely marry a guy or a girl – you marry into a family. You’ve got expectations, duties, parents, in-laws and a changed life.

And to top it, you have a spouse that you still need to befriend, never mind spending a lifetime with.

In a live-in, you have a partner whom you know well. The basic understanding is – we take one change at a time and adjust accordingly.

There is no flood of life-changes that you must handle. Responsibilities are mutually discussed and accepted or discarded.

  1. Compatibility check? Yes, please!

It’s the best part of a live-in. You are free to walk out if you can see that things aren’t working well. The break-up could be ugly, or smooth, depending on how you handle it.

 It’s a no-fuss, minimal-mess method to check whether or not two people are compatible.

Try getting out of marriage. The paperwork alone would tire your soul.

Try live-in- the drawbacks aren’t sensible enough to not try it anyway.

I often wonder, you may have too, why two consenting adults living together ruffles the feathers of a majority of our delightful Indian population.

The replies – “But, there is no social responsibility!”, “What if he takes advantage of you and runs away?”, “She is using you for money, can’t you see?”, “What face would we have left in the society?”, “Because he’s an engineer and you’re a nurse- where’s the match?”.

And the time-tested classic, “What would the neighbors think?”.

Like I said, not sensible enough!

Opt for a live-in if you want to. The social stigma can be paralyzing. Don’t let it hold you back.

If your partner is the one you like, trust, and see some of your future with, go ahead!

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Flaunt your South Indian Love by Adding these Kannada Elements to your Home (Rank Princess – SEO)

If you are a proud South Indian, chances are that you want to hint at your Kannada heritage in your home. And even if you are not, there’s a lot to like about their simple yet elegant design choices. So, here are a few elements you can add to your living place to give it that South Indian spice.

Rangoli & Floor Murals: Design from the Ground up

Rangoli or Kolam, as it is traditionally known, is perhaps the first thing that comes to our mind when we think about South Indian culture.

Rangoli is a drawing made on the floor using rice powder, white or coloured. It follows a geometric floral pattern but may also be an imposing figure depending on the occasion.

It is made as a welcome sign for visitors and especially the goddess Lakshmi but is also a sight to behold without its religious value.

Metallic Art Pieces: Fashionable and Forever

If you have visited any temples in Karnataka, you must have noticed the intricately carved bronze statues all over the place. You can bring that royal palace look to your home as well.

Start with the miniature idols and figures and then move on to brass bowls and Urili. Not only are they beautiful and relatively inexpensive, but they are very durable (of course) and develop a beautiful patina over time.

Jhoolas: A Swinging Addition

Yes, we all know and love swings, and many of us have one in our balcony or the living room. But what makes a Kannada or a South Indian swing different is its solid wood construction and intricate carvings.

Not only are these jhoolas a favourite among the kids, but a breath of fresh air among the all-too-similar crowd of sofas and bean bags.

Carved Wood Furniture: Traditional yet Timeless

Now, furniture is a highly subjective matter and one design feature that can make or break the plans you had for your house. So it has to be done right.

If you are going for a Kannada theme, the right choice would be to steer away from the leather ones and adopt a more classy and wooden approach.

South Indian furniture is the perfect blend of utilitarian and rustic design with grand and sophisticated touches. Be it your bed, coffee table, or the wardrobe; the furniture looks traditional with carvings and ridges amplifying the theme you desire: pious, floral or geometric.

Make it Colourful: As Vibrant as the Culture

No, the dull white and grey colour schemes have no place in your Kannada themed home. Out with the dull and in with the vibrant and the cheerful.

Paint the walls in poppy colours like blood red or ocean blue. In addition to that, use colourful design elements such as traditional paintings, coloured lamps, doormats, etc. You are only limited by your imagination.

These are some of the design ideas you can implement for a traditional South Indian vibe in your house. Remember, that you don’t have to be an interior designer with a master’s degree to have a pretty home. All it takes is an open mind and a sense of adventure.

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Adding the Kannada Touch to the House (Rank Princess – SEO)

Kannadiga arts, crafts, and culture have developed over the centuries to a high level of beauty and elegance. For buying home décor and art to add the Kannada element to a home, here are a few pointers. 

If a home is where the heart is, then why shouldn’t it look like the best part? Adding an artistic touch to our homes keeps us rooted, it does. And there are few homes which have richer cultural heritage and art/craft influence than the Kannadiga.

Now, it would be presumptuous to say this is an exhaustive list. By no means. But what we’ve mentioned below constitute the “Oh, how could you not?” list. These items are the gems of the bucket-list, so to say.

Bidri the way to a classy home

There can be no discussion on adding the Kannada touch to a home without dwelling on bidri work. Luxury can have no more unique vision than Karnataka’s bidriware.

Intricate silver inlay work over blackened zinc-copper alloy; bidri work can be found in vases, trays, mirrors, and cases, and much more. Any of them have the power to bring the onlooker to a complete halt. Buying bidri work brings the classiest part of the state, nay the country into your home.

Kannada arts and crafts have many forms, but rarely any cultural craft-work brings this level of elegance with itself.

Kinnal for knick-knacks, anyone?

Kinnal or ‘Kinhal’ art is one of the oldest art forms in Kannada cultural heritage. Kinnal is made from wood, natural colour, pebbles/semi-precious stones and paste of tamarind trees as glue. This is possibly one of the closest amalgamations of art, culture, and nature that can be found.

Kinnal home décor items can be had in toy figurines of people, animals, and birds. Made in bright hues, buying Kinnal handicrafts for the mantel and the showcase brings vibrant splashes of colour to your daily life.

Incidentally, channapatna is another traditional Karnataka artform which turns out exquisite lacquered and painted toys. An ancient tradition, channapatna toys can range from surprisingly affordable playthings for children to wildly expensive figurines made over several months of labour. Dealer’s choice!

Other arty doodads to make a home

Nameplates. Now that’s an item which nobody thinks too much about. But everyone notices a stand-out piece. Kannada art and crafts have turned the little nameplate from a placid announcement to an understated luxury.

The traditional Kannada nameplate is a masterpiece of wood, lacquer and love. Lightweight wood is treated, tinted and decorated in the traditional cursive script before being lacquered over to give ageless beauty to your name and household.

More Kannada kitsch for you

Incense and woodwork, oh, another two gems. Kannada arts and crafts would scarcely be complete sans these two. Some of the country’s most delicate aromas are captured into scent sticks to be bought the world across. And it would be a sin not to have a bidri incense holder and traditional incense sticks burning once the evening starts. Unless you’re asthmatic, then you can skip this.

Kannada arts can form the cornerstone when you’re planning to do home-improvement. Buying bidri work, kinnal and channapatna figurines and woodwork are but a few ways of adding the Kannada touch to your traditional home decor.

For bringing the artsy, ethnic Kannada feel to a home, the above pointers should hold you in good stead. And the nameplate. Don’t forget that.

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Evolution of a Present (Rank Princess – SEO)


Way way back, before the industrial revolution, did giving gifts mean a lot more than it does now? You see most of the people were poor, small things like a comb seemed like a luxury to them.

So as a result, gifts held a lot of significance for these people. Unlike our modern-day gift giving traditions where we often buy something because social norms and easy availability force us.

However, some traces of this behaviour could be traced back to the time when people couldn’t afford combs, yet the aristocracy used to give unique gifts as a token of love.

Why Do We Give Gifts?

Firstly, affection. It is only natural to shower the person of your love interest with gifts. Common amorous gifts were often aphrodisiacs.

Then there were the gifts you give someone when you attend a gathering hosted by them. Common examples are weddings gifts, birthday gifts, basically gifts for any occasion of celebration.

Thirdly and most importantly, for influence. Even today it is common for people to use gifts to exchange socio-political influence. Eg: The Statue of Liberty was a gift to America from France to establish their alliance. On a micro scale, people try to buy somebody’s loyalty with gifts, or maybe, the gift is a token of appreciation for the loyalty shown.

Disaster Of Not Knowing The Other Person

We live in an era where everything is hyper-connected to everything else. In fact, Bill Gates thinks that in the case of an epidemic like the Black Plague, due to this connectivity the virus would destroy half the global population in three months. Since we are a part of society and we affect everything around us, we should know about the economic impact we have on the values of items we purchase.

Economic value is the price or amount an individual who owns the item is willing to pay for it. Whenever buying something we always know how much we are willing to pay for something and so we can make profitable decisions. However, according to Economist Joel Waldfogel from the University of Minnesota,  we might depreciate the value of a good by the process of gift giving.

For example, you like a girl and get her a mug as her Christmas gift. Let’s assume you paid X amount for the mug. Let’s say she likes the gift you got for her and was willing to pay twice as much for the same mug; you just created a value for the product. However, in most cases, we do not know how much one is willing to pay for a present, and this often leads to the destruction of value. 

So the point is that whether it is out of love or influence, we need to have a deeper and more intimate understanding of the person we are offering this gift to; make sure that your feelings are translated with a unique gift. It will not only strengthen the bond you share, but you will also be creating the value of a product and thus earning a profit.

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5 Ways To Store Your Bathroom Towels Like A Pro (Rank Princess – SEO)

Picture this! You are on vacation. You have found the best hotel room to stay, albeit in your budget. You check the pictures online, and everything looks neat and clean, but when you arrive, the towels are laid out on the bed. Untidy, isn’t it?

Another scenario, your husband’s boss and wife are coming for dinner next week, and you want to stun them with your spotless home.

Although you have done a great job in keeping the hall and other access areas clean and inviting, it is now time to give your bathroom a makeover.

You decide that it is the right time to experiment on how to make this relieving spot calming and yet sophisticated. Anything that makes a good impression is great advice! Let us share some tips with you.

A traditional way to set the bathroom is to use aromatic candles or add potpourri. However, there are some beautiful ideas on how to store bathroom towels.

So how do you go about storing towels that will look great? We will show you five simple ways of storing towels.

  1. Towels in a Basket

One simple way to store any towel is to neatly roll it and put it in a picnic basket. In this way the towels would look great and also picking up a single towel will not mess up the entire pack. It is a very nifty way of storing towels.

  1. Towel Rack

A towel rack is very handy when it comes to storing towels. It is a designated place to keep them within reach but without making them look out of place. Towel racks are easily available in the market at competitive prices. You just need to find one that will suit your bathroom style and get it fixed. Then, storing towels would be as easy as a breeze.

  1. Standalone Shelves

Nothing is as tidy as a standalone shelf. All you need to do is stack the towels up neatly on the single shelf. One thing that is important to remember when adding towels to a single shelf is to not overload it with many towels as it might look untidy. A maximum of three towels would look more than sufficient.

  1. Toiletries Cabinet

If you are of the opinion that extra towels should be out of sight, then toiletries cabinet is the storage style for you. It is very easy to get hold of this piece of bathroom furniture. Toiletries cabinets are available in stores that sell bathroom fittings. It is a good idea to grab hold of one if your bathroom is spacious.

  1. Storage Ladders

This storage item is in vogue right now. If you are pressed for space but want your bathroom to look uber cool, Old-fashioned but modified ladders can do the trick. How does this work? The rungs of the ladders can be replaced with broader stands to accommodate towels and other bathroom essentials.

Your bathroom will look spic and span if you try these options. Your family and visitors to your home will be bowled over with your towel storage skills.

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Are You Struggling To Find Things To Do In Gurgaon? Here Are Some Possibilities You May Have Missed! (Content Princess)

Though you may be familiar with many of the attractions that Gurgaon has to offer, it’s possible you may have missed some.

Let’s say you’ve got a long weekend coming up and you have no idea what to do. Well, here’s just a few activities that you never knew about in Gurgaon.

Get out there and start exploring your city with this guide!

Cyber Hub

Cyber Hub has customers raving all over the internet. With a lively environment and multiple food choices, it is a must for anyone who calls Gurgaon home (not to mention, anyone who doesn’t).

Try different food joints and enjoy the entertaining and fun crowd. Each little restaurant and bar has its charming qualities, as you’ll learn as you stop by each of them.

With great drinks and great company, what could go wrong?

Check out the many different restaurants, and pubs Cyber Hub has to offer!

Location: DLF Cyber City, Phase 3, NH 8, Gurgaon, Haryana 122002, India

INOX Cinema

Operating over several different cities in India, many call INOX Cinemas a pan-Indian multiplex chain.

With top notch facilities featuring modern projection, great interiors, and stadium style seating with cup holders, the cinemas are quite popular.

INOX also has a variety of food to enjoy while at the theatre and a selection of English, regional, and Hindu movies.

Pricing: Get an INOX Cinemas open voucher for ₹349!

Location: 3rd Floor, Gurgaon Dreamz Mall, Sector 4 – 7 Circle, Old Railway Road, Gurgaon, Haryana 122001, India


Smaash is a gaming centre that can be found in the Cyber Hub.

With a mix of reality and virtuality, it gives you an interactive experience that you won’t find anywhere else. The arcade also features simulators for sports where gamers can play to test their skills in an immersive environment.

Not only does Smaash feature a top notch arcade, but music and dining will also await you.

Pricing: There are combos offered for pizza, games, buffet meals, and more!

Location: Tower B, Building Number 8, Opposite Dunkin Donuts, Cyber City, Cyber Hub, NH-8, Phase II, Gurgaon, Haryana 122002, India

Oysters Beach Water Park

While still termed a park, Oysters Beach has a very different theme than any neighbourhood park you’ve ever been to!

With dining, attractions, and water rides, this water park is fun for the whole family. Buy your tickets online and spend your day soaking up the sunshine at Oysters Beach Water Park!

Each ride offers a different experience, from thrills to calm water experiences.

Pricing: INR 1,600 for the amusement park, water park, and a multi-cuisine buffet

Location: Sector 29, Huda City Metro Station, Gurgaon, Haryana 122009, India

Adagio Riding Stables

The Adagio Riding Stables were created by Caroline Juneja Rudrika Singh. The pair introduced the idea of teaching children and adults in India how to ride horses.

Take your whole family here and enjoy a lesson in equestrian training! You’ll even get a horse that matches your size, so you’ll have an easier time learning to ride.

Pricing: Learn the basics of horse riding for INR 3,599 or just experience the joy for INR 999

Location: Village Baliyawas, Opposite Teri gram, Gurgaon – Faridabad Rd, Gurgaon, Haryana 122001, India

The Bottom Line

As you can see, Gurgaon is filled with things to do.

From malls to theatres to arcades to water parks, you’re sure to have an amazing time!

Plan your Saturday today with the help of this list! See, you didn’t run out of things to do in Gurgaon! You just left a few off your list.

And don’t forget to comment what your favourite thing from these activities was or which activity appeals the most to you!


10 Fun Things That You Could Do In Gurgaon over the Weekend (Rank Princess)

Are you new to Gurgaon and know not what to do on the weekends? Or have you simply gone through all your options and want to try something new? We’ve prepared a list of 10 things or rather ten places that you should visit over the weekend.

So whether it’s a quick, simple meal or a full body spa that rejuvenates your senses, we’ve prepared a complete array of activities for you to try out.

Pamper Your Body and Your Soul

Located in Ambience Island IV, Monsoon Salon & Spa does exactly what it promises. This popular unisex spa in Gurgaon uses Ayurvedic & Natural spa therapies to help provide holistic rejuvenation. With their excellent customer service and polite staff, you’ll feel that you’re in heaven. The spa provides facial and body therapy packages as well as scrubs and massages that suit your kitty.

Avail of Monsoon Salon & Spa’s Forest Essential Full body massage and shower for just Rs. 1,199.

Ice Away Your Time

Always wanted to fulfil that wish of yours to enjoy ice-skating but don’t have the time for a long vacation? iSKATE has made that wish come true! A 15,000 sq feet icing rink at Ambience Mall is exactly where you should be spending your weekends. It boasts of a café overlooking the ice skating rink, making it a perfect destination to be adventurous, get that much-needed exercise and socialise with your friends all within your budget.

Visit iSkate to avail an iSkate session along with food and drinks with offers starting from Rs. 599

Cricket Themed Fun

Gurgaon or more precisely Sector 15, boasts of a cricket-themed brewery for all those cricket fans. Howzatt presents a sporty, jazzy yet classy ambience for all those cricket and food fans. The perfect place for a fun dinner with your family or a night out with your friends, make sure to visit this place to be bowled over by their wide array of food and polite staff. Don’t miss the unlimited beer on offer for Rs. 699.

Smaaash It!

If you’re fond of the occasional thrill and adventure, then go ahead to Smaaash located in DLF City Phase 2. Smaaash boasts of a gaming and dining area that’s perfect to unwind and chill with your friends and loved ones. An air-conditioned game plus dining area with the option to let your kids tag along.Nothing should stop you from checking this place out. Smaaash is currently offering combos with a discount of up to 80% on all their food and activities.

Visit Smaash to avail their amazing offers on food and games before time runs out.

Of Wars and Molecules!

Gurgaon has a chemistry-themed air bar for all those chemistry geeks. On offer is also a Sufi night with renowned percussionist Hiten Parwar. Molecule Air Bar at Sector 29 is offering all this and a complimentary shot for a price that will suit your perfect evening out budget of Rs. 2500.

Enjoy this meal and good music with your loved ones and feel those musical vibes.

Start Your Fitness Journey Today!

The simplest and easiest way to get fit and running is mobiefit RUN. This Indian App voiced by Milind Soman and Gul Panag is a perfect way to lose all that accumulated weekend fat. Built for all those health enthusiasts, it helps improve your health and work on those fitness goals.

It includes guides for the 5K & 10K run as well as other training and motivation guides for a quick steal price of Rs. 99.

Excitement in a Shell

A cinema buff? Wakkao located at Ambience Island offers you the excitement of your life. With mirror mazes and spinning tunnels, and a 5d Movie to put a rest to those adventure enthused hormones, Wakkao seems to be the perfect place to hang out with your group of friends or treat your loved ones to a gentle doze of adventure.

With offers as low as Rs. 199, there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t be paying Wakkao a visit this weekend.

Treat Those Tresses

Treat that frizzy hair with a haircut, hair wash, and a quick blow dry by those hair experts at Tangles Salon in Sector 14. Get pampered with specialised treatments from experienced hands of therapists and beauticians.

Avail their ready to steal offers and give yourself a brand new look. Hurry before the offer times out!

Yummy in the Tummy

Enjoy, unwind and relax at this casual but mystic roof top restaurant well named Factory By Sutra with the Continental, Chinese, and North Indian cuisines along with a wide range of drinks. The options of indoor and outdoor seating choices allow you to chat, relax and eat with your colleagues and friends.

With a 45% offer on their wide array of yummy food, don’t back out from tasting their scrumptious yet finely prepared food.

Pose and Click with Ease

Always wanted to learn the fine nuances of photography but worried about finding good teachers? India Photographers Club offers a discounted online course or a weekend photography workshop to hone your photography skills. You get to learn different photography techniques as well as meet other photography enthusiasts.

Go fill your weekends with fun, beauty and an appreciation for the things around you.

Go ahead spend your weekend on a high with this wide array of offers and activities. Don’t forget to comment and share this post with your friends.


Got Spa On Your Mind? Check Out This Groovy Repertoire Spa Services In Bangalore (Rank Princess)

Squashed in the tohubohu of this rat-race world we all dream of escaping the reality every once in a while. We fantasise about taking a dip in a natural hot water spring and letting go of all the stress.

Unfortunately, we live in cities and don’t have access to such earthly luxuries. But not to worry since we have exotic and refreshing spa facilities to indulge in.

These rejuvenating therapies will leave your body, mind, and soul blissfully content. This is why I urge you all to pamper yourself in one of these hip Spas for 1000 bucks or less. 

  1. Shathayu Ayurveda – 100-year-old Ayurvedic healing

One of the oldest wellness centres in Bangalore, Shathayu offers a 360-degree Ayurvedic treatment for your mind, body, and soul. Satiate your senses in the aromatic fragrance of home-blended herbal oils. Indulge, yourself in age-old technique of healing, called Shirodhara or get a full body herbal oil massage called Abhyanga just for Rs.999/-.

Find out their other pocket-friendly deals here.

  1. The Soul Wellness Spa – If Soul Is Well, All Is Well

Their mantra is simple, keep your soul happy, and you will be fine. The Soul Wellness Spa is rated amongst the best Spas in Bangalore for its memorable and relaxing service given by the professionals trained in South East Asia. Invigorate your body in the incense of aromatherapy oils.

Of the several Spa packages offered by them, “Expedition to the Forest” should be a definite try, no questions asked for all you working class heroes. Lie down and unwind yourself after a hectic day at work with their extraordinary selection of massage oils straight from the dense forests.

Wondering which package suits you best? Click here to find out.

  1. The SPA.ce Spa – Soak In Your Own SPA.ce

Got no one to make you feel special? Don’t worry! The SPA.ce spa located in Indira Nagar is at your disposal to pamper you. With an exotic blend of chemical free products, The SPA.ce spa is sure to revitalise your energy.

If you are newly married and looking for a cosy, romantic soiree, then be sure to check out their honeymoon packages designed for you and your partner. Relax and rejuvenate your body with your sweetheart without burning a hole in your pocket.

Find your sweet deal here.

  1. Sama Spa – Your Spiritual Yatra Begins Here

Located in one of the finest hotels in the B-town – Hotel Marriot in Whitefield, Sama Spa has an excellent ambience. If you are looking for a spiritual evening, then visit Sama Spa. They strive to make you look beautiful, and bring that glow back on your tired skin. You get a complimentary drink and a herbal tea at the end of your session.  

Check out all their exciting deals here.

  1. Keva Ayurveda Spa

Located in 4 different places in Bangalore, Keva Ayurveda not only offers exclusive spa services for you but also provides treatments for many kinds of illnesses. Keva strongly believes in natural methods of healing and rejuvenating. It offers remedial treatment for many common illnesses. Ayurvedic doctors stick to your therapy throughout, healing your body, mind, and soul.

Find out their interesting offers here.

  1. Stone Salon and Spa – Look Good Feel Good!

Located in the top location of Koramangala, Stone salon and spa offers a bunch of high-end head to toe wellness service. Make yourself feel extravagant in the posh ambience of the stone salon. Sleek Italian furniture tweaks up the setting of the interior space. At 599/- a relaxing full body Thai massage, it’s a steal! 

Find out all of their wallet-friendly deals.

  1. Amruth Sparsh

Dreaming of living longer? Then be sure to check out one or all of the Spa therapies offered by Amruth Sparsh. The traditional methods of rejuvenation used by Amruth Sparsh will definitely sooth your senses and leave you vivacious even after a hectic day at work. The diligent team of doctors on their panel will make all your troubles go away. Pamper yourself in a 75minute Shirodhara for just 799/- ( inclusive of all taxes) plus get a complimentary drink on your way out!

Looking for a foot spa or perhaps want to go Swedish? Don’t worry; we have got you covered. Find your own deal here.

  1. Tantra Thai Spa – Tantalise Yourself

Enter into the world of enticing aromatherapy oils and indulge yourself in their fantastic spa services. Take a day off and spend time with yourself at Tantra Thai Spa. Their exotic range of therapeutic services will de-stress you in no time. Besides the well-trained professionals, the bohemian interior of the space gives you a chill and cosy vibe you wanna soak into. 

Get your bespoke spa arrangement here.

  1. 7C HealthcareSomething for Everyone!

7C healthcare offers relaxing spa services for everyone. Pregnant women can also indulge in an invigorating massage session with their unborn child. 7C has a solution to all your needs. Their nap therapy for children in the age group 7month – 12 years does wonders for kids with insomnia.

Cleanse your skin with a full body scrub at a dirt cheap rate of just 499/-. Looking for something else? Click here to find what floats your boat.

  1. Birla Ayurveda – Holistic Ayurvedic Treatments

Modest interiors but exceptional services at steal prices. Popular amongst Banglorians this Ayurvedic treatment centre offers some eclectic therapies. Apart from the usual essential and herbal oil, at Birla, the experts explore healing properties of cucumber, carrot, mint, lemon and so on.

Try out their cucumber full body massage priced at just 799/-. The refreshing cucumber will revitalise your body and leave your skin supple.

Not interested in cucumber?

Go explore other options for yourself here.

So the next time, when you want to loosen up your body be sure to check out these fabulous spas. A great spa day will not only re-energise you for the week but also increase your output at work! Do remember to share this with your friends on Facebook!


OMG – Oh My Gurgaon! (Rank Princess)

Think Gurgaon and fun, merriment, glitz and glamour don’t match let alone appear in the same sentence? It is my promise that by the time you finish reading this, your judgment is going to turn head over heels.

The millennium city is bursting with alluring temptations that might just make you forget the phrase, ‘home sweet home.’

Eat, Drink And Repeat – A Cool Hangout

Warehouse Café at sector 29 is one place you’ve got to be to indulge in exotic breweries and taste bud tingling food. Be surrounded by the agrestic ambience and hang out here all without punching a hole through your pocket especially with these cool vouchers.

Dine And Wine In Style

Feel like gifting yourself with delectable delicacies and lavish opulence, then arrive at the Kitchen District in Hyatt Regency. You get to pick from international cuisines and an array of food choices that will immerse you in the senses of dining and wining in style.

Destress, Lounge & Relax

What’s pampering and de-stressing without a day at the spa? Just lie back for the staff at Monsoon salon and spa to work their magic on you. Walk out as a new you, flaunting your novel look and renewed outlook.

Flex Your Muscles A Bit

Put your sports gear on for sure if you are off to Smaaash at Cyber Hub and prepare yourself to face the deadliest opponents. It isnext to real sports simulation that is well equipped to quench your gaming thirst with a bit of music and food thrown in. And the bonus isthese ‘smaaashing’ offers for a visit to ‘Smaaash’.

Skate, Slip, Slide And Stumble

Slide like a pro, stumble like an amateur and ice skate to your heart’s content at iSkate Café in Ambience Mall. This rink has got a karaoke room and food to fuel you as well. Not a bad place to people watch either (politely, of course).

Freak Out For A Day

Signature rides are waiting to wow you at the Oysters Beach Park. On a sprawling area, themed like a rainforest and designed to thrill, here you can splash away in water or play away at the arcade for hours. Just give rise to your adventurous and wild streak for a day.

A Package Of Your Dreams

If ever there is a potpourri of culture, then India is the epitome, and capturing this essence is the Kingdom Of Dreams. The perfect medley of art, craft, music, dance, drama, magic, heritage and what not, at this spectacular carnival, you can see unfolding before your eyes the colourful face of India that is going to be stamped onto your memory forever.

Nature At Its Best

Hike, walk or cycle but doing it at the Aravalli Biodiversity Park, MG Road is your direct ticket to experiencing nature in its rawness. Serene with wafting freshness and soothing sounds in the air, you will feel invigorated after your debut with this paradise on earth, contrasting the urban hustle and bustle.

Say Hello To Your Inner Sherlock Holmes

If you have got the guts to escape in time, step into Mystery Rooms at DLF City Phase 2 and solve mind-boggling puzzles. Feel your heart thudding away as you wait for the lock to click. The more the merrier, so make sure to bring your gang along and avail these hard-to-ignore discounts

After all this, I cannot help exclaiming, OMG – Oh My Gurgaon, and I guess, neither can you. So, did I stand by my promise?

Let the world know what you think about these shades of Gurgaon!