Welcome to the Expansive Imagination of Espaco Interiors and Architects!

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Welcome to the Expansive Imagination of Espaco Interiors and Architects!

Get ready to experience the rare culmination of harmonious creativity and practicality for pronounced elegance. There is more to the transformational experience rendered by Espaco Interiors and Architects than simply presenting custom interiors.

Inventive Design thinking at Espaco Interiors and Architects comes into play through the harmonious melody of our customer tastes and traditions, an Interdependent approach which helps your final perceptions reach new heights. We believe in helping your expectations reach new realms of reality through an Intensive guided approach imbued in rich Infallible Interior design and Architecture experience.

Envisaging a wide array of sectors including Residential, Commercial, Hospitality and Retail, we blend practicality and sophistication at deep levels that help express the essence of your life and living may it be a Perfection of your Home design and furniture elegance, practical Office Space transformation or affordable Residential Apartments.

Get in touch with us now to get a first-hand experience of our beliefs in action as we take you through our rich processes that work towards creating a soulful harmony through the places where you live, work, and energise yourself.


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Have you ever wondered how your environment could create lasting impressions for your soul? At Espaco Interiors and Architects, we transform your spaces into unforgettable experiences. Innovation, subtlety, professionalism and elegance blends with your belief to roll out a space that speaks to you.

After spending years thoughtfully dressing spaces through a philosophy that derives its core essence from your perceptions and our perspectives, we have set our standards throughout the Residential, Commercial, Hospitality and Retail space.

Think of elegant designs, minimalistic interiors, or impactful practical workspaces, and we have some of the most unique design plans for you.  Explore our affordable furniture makeover solutions for that facelift your apartment deserves.

Get a peek at our special packages featuring affordable space transformations for your 2 and 3 bedroom residential spaces and connect with the manifestation of your deepest beliefs, thoughts, and insights. Our boundary-less perspectives in Interior Design are guided by our Design Philosophy of creating an Inventive, Infallible, Interdependent and Intensive experience for you.

Get absorbed in a trance and let your thoughts flow through seamless interior spaces.

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[New 2 BHK 3 BHK Segment]

Switch to Espaco Affordable Apartment Designs and Translate Your Thoughts into Experiences

Your simple apartment can become a sheer delight to dwell in through a special makeover by our focused approach to space transformations. After having worked on an immensely diverse portfolio of projects in a competitive market, we are ready to sweep you off your feet into perpetual bliss.

We welcome you to explore Espaco’s newest segment featuring intensely intriguing affordable designs for your two and three bedroom apartments. Get ready to exercise your choices fully and create a close match that elates you and keeps you flying in your mind’s most exhilarating acuities.

Share your deep beliefs and moods with us and create a warm living space for yourself that pulls you from one enchantment to the next as you experience memorable moments right from the cosiness of your very own home.

Let Espaco take charge of painting your interior spaces through the perception that resides deeply in your heart, mind, and soul.

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Espaco Interiors and Architects


Espaco Interiors and Architects

Inspirational Space Transformations

Elegance and Simplicity * Precision and Perfection


At Espaco Interiors and Architectures, transforming spaces is driven by belief to create an unmatched experience identified by cohesion and practicality.

We create spaces that speak for themselves, beyond a mere superficial appearance to rise far beyond your expectations of traditional interior design.

Guided by inspirational thinking, our designs energise your environment delivering unmatched experiences for clients with subtlety and creativity they can seldom imagine, rather only experience.

Every work undertaken by Espaco Interiors is unique regarding Ideology and Perspective, delivering the best in class Experience for your Design Requirement.

We bring your dreams to life by working extensively on every detail and décor that flows into a seamless design manifestation for unrivalled luxury and elegance.   


Why Clients Prefer Espaco Interiors and Architects

Clients rely on our Quality and highly responsive Service delivery.

Clients value our Honesty, Professionalism, and Efficiency.

We adhere to the goals of our Clients precisely and deliver well within their Time Frames and Budget.


At Espaco Interiors and Architects, Design Delivery is driven by Core Values for Unique Customer Experiences.

Creativity and innovation are built into our design guided by fine balancing principles that bring about harmony for a truly elegant space transformation.

Our broad range of expertise from elegant and timeless interiors to minimalistic design solutions is delivered with efficiency for creating truly responsive projects for maximum satisfaction.

Clients rely on our expertise as much as we honour their ideas and opinions for closely compliant solutions.

Our projects are delivered on target with predictable outcomes for spaces that speak of harmony, coherence, and coordination.


How Espaco Interiors and Architects Transforms Spaces Differently

Our Design Philosophy: Inventive * Infallible* Interdependent * Intensive.

Espaco Interiors and Architects goes that extra mile to deliver the most Inventive solutions that create a never before experience. Our track record of Infallible support and responsive for our client base is brought about by an Interdependent work pattern with top priority to Client goals and preferences. We create some of the most memorable projects by delivering Innovation Intensive outcomes.


Espaco’s Broad Domain Expertise in Interior and Architecture Design

Espaco caters to a broad range of sectors including Residential, Commercial, Hospitality and Retail.


Creating functional homes that closely meet the expectations of our clients is a top priority at Espaco Interiors and Architects.

We create interiors based on the personal tastes of clients and transform their living areas to an experience that clears the mind and soothes the soul.

We transform houses into homes through our beliefs, inspirations, and ideas that create dreams for your harmonious living.


We create the best and most perfect workplace makeovers for effective and efficient environments.

Clients count on our expertise for translating their business thinking into spaces that reflect the right mix of professionalism and practicality and help professionals meet business goals and management objectives.

Our design expertise revolves around your brand, ideology, and philosophies, helping you deliver your marketing message as a true experience for your clients.


The hospitality industry is one of the most flourishing and competitive industrial sectors today.

The environment is one of the major success factors for a restaurant and creating the right appeal in the environment, and an unforgettable ambiance is as important as a one of a kind menu. 

We understand that your customers live by experiences, and we believe in creating a strong emotional bond between the food and the place where it is served so as to awaken a complete experience in the hearts and minds of loyal customers.


Shopping spaces for customers have a direct impact on shopping behaviour and spell the difference between smooth sailing through a customer friendly space to a cluttered, busy space that deviates from the core goals of retail space.

At Espaco, we believe in creating the right balance in the interiors of a retail setting by creating experiences based on themes that form a strong structure for the merchandise and eventual marked increase in sales volume.


Espaco’s Unmatched Furniture Design Expertise for Home and Office

Expressive Furniture Design for Complementing Your Homes with Perfection

Built on the tastes and preferences of our client base, we create furniture designs that are both elegant as well as exclusive.

We coordinate design elements through our unique ideology for innovative, inventive, pioneering design transformations for some of the most stylish furniture elements.

Practicality oriented furniture concepts created with a craftsmanship that takes every little detail into consideration to complement your lifestyle in totality renders our values and beliefs seamlessly into your furniture design.

Practical Office Space Transformations for Your Office Spaces

Our premium range of office furniture is designed to cater to your workspaces through our contemporary design thinking.

We create practicality for your workspace and align it closely with the right kind of style and appeal for an office space that invites a transformation in the thinking and the workflow.

Your staff is bound to be influenced by our innovative ideas spanning across all office furniture requirements from discussion tables, workstations, and executive furniture to conference tables, high-end desks and credenza.

We cater through revolutionary thinking and ground-breaking solutions to deliver all commercial and private office furniture requirements.


Espaco’s Exclusive and Affordable Interior Designs for Residential Apartments

We are expanding our portfolio of design solutions to create the best experiences for your residential apartments – 2 and 3 bed room apartments specifically.

Our innovative designs will come at an affordable cost to make sure you experience the right mix of elegance and practicality within timeframes and at a cost that you are willing to pay.


A Brief About Espaco Interiors and Architects

Espaco Interiors and Architects creates spaces that manifest themselves in different ways based on the demands of the setting and the preferences of our clients. However, transformational, inspirational and professional ideas flow throughout our design work.

We live and work by our core design Philosophy. We are Inventive, Infallible, Interdependent and Intensive when it comes to working for our clients.

We serve a wide range of sectors including Residential, Commercial, Hospitality, and Retail. In addition, our furniture design expertise coupled with affordable design for residential apartments will allow you a range of options to choose from and select the package that meets your requirements closely.

The spaces that we create are harmonious yet practical, elegant and simplistic with innovation deep rooted into the design for the best and most rewarding experiences for you and your customers.

We are committed to meet your goals consistently and support you throughout your journey to create the right space that speaks truly about your ideas and your thinking.

Clients have a high degree of reliance on us based on our Quality Promise, our Efficient delivery and an Interdependent work pattern that keeps them fully involved throughout the project execution.

Your projects meet with the highest level of attention and makeover to the finest detail, seamlessly blending every aspect of your ideology into your finest interior.

And all this comes at an affordable cost and is delivered within specific time frames.


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Good Day!

Explore a world of design innovation and true subtlety for your interiors through Espaco Interiors and Architects for the best in class experiences.

Whether you are looking for space transformations in the Residential, Commercial, Hospitality or Retail space, furniture makeover or an affordable option to give a new facelift to your apartment, Espaco has the idea, the clear guided work plan and the eventual deliverable for you.

Whether you are looking for elegant designs, minimalistic interiors or impactful practical workspaces, we have some of the most unique design plans for you.

Every plan we deliver is created as a unique end-to-end design that creates an experience for our customers they can strongly connect with.

Featured: Best in class, affordable plans and pricing for transforming your 2 and 3 bed room residential spaces into unforgettable experiences that speak volumes about your belief, your thinking, your insight.

Explore more about our Design Philosophy: Inventive * Infallible* Interdependent * Intensive

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Hello [name],

If you have already tried a dozen interior ideas that make your design fall apart even in spite of the best materials sourced from top line sources, then look no further.

You have come to the right place where innovation meets cohesion.

We live by our design philosophy: Inventive * Infallible* Interdependent * Intensive

At Espaco Interiors and Architects, we create spaces that blend your ideas and our design thinking seamlessly for the best manifestation of a soulful experience that you will connect with instantly.

We transform living spaces into experiences that you will love to dive deep into. At the core, we create the right mix of practicality and sophistication through a Design thinking you will not find anywhere else.

Contact us now for a free consultation.

With Best Wishes and Kind Regards