Explore What Lies Beneath the Ancient City of Varanasi (Rank Princess)

SandHI is the clever name IIT Kharagpur has given to its mega-project of reestablishing the heritage and antiquity of India’s heartland Varanasi through scientific research.

One of the most exciting parts of the project is the geo-exploration of Varanasi city. The present project is geared towards looking at the way geology or nature controlled the origin, evolution and survival of the city through ages.

Primarily funded by MHRD under the SandHI megaproject, funding for the Varanasi geo-quest project is by British Geological Survey (UK Aid).

Varanasi’s Facelift and What Lies Beneath

Varanasi (Banaras or Kashi), is seen as holy in many ancient religions of Southeast Asia like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism. 

Along with Alexandria, Luxor, Faiyum, Varanasi has the distinction of being one of the oldest cities of the world that has been continuously inhabited.

Varanasi today is being brought rapidly into the twenty-first century with investment in infrastructure.

Prof. Abhijit Mukherjee, Principal Investigator of the project, mentions that bringing ancient infrastructure into the structures needed for modern life is a challenge. The preservation of archaeological sites is a problem.

He also says that the city’s future will depend on the sustainable use of natural resources like groundwater, dealing with the possibility of flooding and a proper understanding of how the river works and how climate change will affect it.

We need to know the past and the present of the river and ground to predict the future.

Varanasi’s Civilisation through the Ages

The project is delineating the extent of growth phases of Varanasi civilisation through ages. It is exploring a number of routes:

  1. Exploring the evolution of the Ganga River, as this might have influenced the development and survival of Varanasi.
  2. A delineation on the quantity and quality of the river and groundwater and their interactions in and around the Varanasi area. This will help them understand the usable water resource and the renovation of the river Ganga.
  3. Understanding the weathering patterns and restoration of the ancient and historical monuments and Ghats of Varanasi
  4. Developing an urban geological framework of the future city of Varanasi.
  5. Excavating in several key locations including close to Kashi Viswanath Temple, to understand the historical foundation of Varanasi
  6. Urban mapping is being done to assist in the determination of archaeological sites and anthropological signatures. This may provide new insight into the North Indian civilisation evolution from Post-Harappa to modern periods.

So, What’s Been Happening?

The team has just completed drilling in about 100 locations up to a depth of 110 m below land surface, in and around the city of Varanasi.

They will then drill several deep boreholes to explore the deep earth control on the evolution of the Gangetic plain.

Detailed investigation of the river Ganga and groundwater resource and contamination studies are being carried out. Collaborating with Intel, the team is in the process of deploying several high-resolution chemical sensors to the River Ganges. This will allow for real-time water quality monitoring of the chemistry as well as the river pollution level.

New Century Tech Takes Us to the Past

Putting together all their research elements will help to build a 3D conceptual model and an underpinning database of the city and its environs. These can then be used to understand the location, evolution and future effect on the development of Varanasi and Ganga.

“Out of sight… out of mind, the role of the sub-surface in the urban footprint is often overlooked and rarely, if ever, makes an appearance in the long-term planning of the world’s cities,” says Dr. Martin Smith, Director-Global Science, British Geological Survey and collaborating scientist. 

An important thing the team emphasises is that the ground beneath our cities not only holds its history; it is a potential resource with groundwater aquifers and space for storage and transport.

“However, it can also be a hazard regarding stability and dispersal of contaminants” points out Prof. Probal Sengupta of IIT Kharagpur, Joint Investigator of the project, talking about the very ground we stand on.

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IIT Kharagpur goes deep into the past exploring the foundations of holy Varanasi, in order to map our future. 


Everything You Need to Know About Aegon iTerm Plans

Don’t Have Life Insurance?

As we grow old, one of the most pressing issues that we have to deal with is life insurance. What are we going to leave our loved ones after we die? What happens if I die suddenly, and my family has no way to support themselves? We ask ourselves these questions, and many of us have no answers. In fact, only 44% of Americans have a life insurance policy of their own, while 80% of Americans say that they need to purchase life insurance. If you are one of that 80 %, Aegon iTerm plan might be the option for you.

Aegon Life Insurance


Average Costs of Life Insurance

There are many life insurance plans out there, but most of them are going to be the wrong option for you. They all promise to provide only the best service and give you the most for your money, but this is not always true. Aegon Life is guaranteed to give you the lowest prices for your life insurance. They are primarily concerned with providing you with the best life insurance for both you and your family and will help you as you progress through life. 

Benefits of Aegon iTerm

Life insurance should give you more user benefits than simply paying into a fund so that one day your loved ones will receive a lump sum of money. With Aegon iTerm plan, the sooner you begin paying into your life insurance, the more you are going to save.


Unlike many of Aegon’s competitors, they offer the opportunity to change your life insurance, and add additional coverage policies, when the needs of your life change. Aegon wants to support your family, rather than bankrupt it. Aegon also covers:

  • Accidents
  • Terminal illness
  • Critical illness
  • Disability

Aegon Outperforms Competitors

Rather than listening to what Aegon has to say, however, it is better only to look at the numbers to find the best life insurance. When comparing Aegon to some of their biggest competitors, including Kotak and Aviva, it is clear that Aegon has more affordable premiums. The Aegon iTerm life insurance plan has by far the most affordable life insurance, coming in at almost half as much money as their competitors. 


When you look at the numbers, Aegon’s new Religare iTerm plan comes in at 4,128 rupees, whereas the competition comes in at 7,492 rupees and 5,850 rupees.

No Matter What Your Needs Are, Aegon Has You Covered

Aegon has made their name in the life insurance industry for offering the most comprehensive and affordable life insurance options. However, when they unveiled the Aegon iTerm plan, they made life insurance coverage affordable for everyone. Even if you do not have the highest paying job, or you believe that you are not in the financial position that you have to be to get life insurance, the iTerm plan is for you. Everyone deserves to have the security of knowing that if the absolute worst were to happen, their family would be looked after.


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Term insurance plans are the ideal life insurance choice for people who are working, who have others depending on them, and are looking for the best level of protection available but at a reasonably low cost.

So what is a term insurance plan? In a nutshell, it’s a life insurance protection policy. It means that in the event of the death of the person insured, a guaranteed amount will be paid to their specific nominee. Nothing will be given if the individual who is insured, lives beyond the length of the policy. 

If you are worried about any of the following issues, then a term assurance policy might be the best thing for you:

  • The security of your family financially if you were no longer with them
  • Any need to change your life insurance as your life stages change
  • Ensuring your family would have a monthly income if you passed away
  • Avoiding your financial issues burdening your family after your death

The benefits of the new Aegon iTerm plan

This comprehensive term insurance plan provides a variety of advantages to working families, to help provide reassurance that their loved ones would be looked after if anything should happen. Some of the key features of this particular plan include:

  • Life insurance right up to eighty years of age, if required
  • The choice to increase your life cover as your life changes
  • A built-in benefit if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness

So, looking at the advantages in a little more detail, the Aegon iTerm plan offers customers the chance to expand and increase the life cover purchased, when there are changes in life which require it, such as the birth of a new child, or a wedding.

If you were to die, there is the option to either grant the payout to your loved ones as a lump sum or as a monthly income, whichever would suit them better. The policy also includes an automatically built in benefit if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness. The plan even includes discounted rates for women and for those who don’t smoke.

What other similar plans are there?

A quick search on a comparison site for myself – a non-smoking 43-year old woman – soon pulled up some similar policies offering some benefits and features along the same lines:

Metlife is offering the Mera Term Plan. This term plan also includes a discount offer for non-smokers and allows insurance up to the age of 75. The policy term provided to me here was between 10 and 40 years.

Birla Sun Life Insurance runs the BSLI Protect@Ease term plan which was similar but offered insurance up to the age of 80 this time. It also included a no-smoking discount price and the policy term this time was between five and 40 years.

ICICI Prudential Insurance offers the iProtectsmart plan, which insures you up to 75 years of age. This policy term is between five and 40 years again, and also provides a non-smoker reduction in price.


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The Aegon iTerm Insurance Plan Is the Plan for You (Rank Princess – SEO)

There’s no saying when your family might need the benefits of life insurance. With everyone scurrying around to buy life insurance and the vast selection pool of life insurance policies to choose from, choosing one out of the hundreds might leave you in a tizzy.

Plus, you might have already heard your relatives complaining about how the cheap looking insurance you bought was now not paying up on a legible claim. The Aegon iTerm Insurance Plan was created keeping these problems and your needs in mind.

What Do These Plans Provide-
The Aegon Life iTerm Insurance plan has many more benefits than you’ll ever find in the standard insurance plan by most other companies. Some of these include-

1. The Aegon Life iTerm Insurance Plan covers you up to an age of 80.

2. With this plan, you can choose how the amount payable should be paid out in a case of an incident- either
a full direct lump sum payment or a scheduled monthly income dividend to be paid over a period of 100

3. You have the choice to boost your life coverage as per your rising life stage necessities.

4. You enjoy an inbuilt terminal illness benefit.

5. The premium rate is lower for women and non-smokers.

6. You can enjoy tax benefits.

The minimum age to enter this plan is eighteen years, and the highest age is set at 65 years. The highest maturity age is fixed at 80 years which means you’ll stay covered up to that age.

The policy term has a minimum of 5 years and a maximum of 62-80 years. You are assured to receivea minimum sum of Rs 25,00,000. There is no limit on the maximum amount you can receive.

You can choose to pay your premium in a single payment, annually, semiannually or monthly.

You can improve upon your originally bought plan by further purchasing riders. There are five different types of riders available to you, each entailing a different set of benefits for the different requirements you may have.

The Aegon Religare term plan premium increases with age- the lowest being Rs 2140 and the highest at 65 years being Rs 17650.

How Does It Compare-
Most of the Aegon Religare iTerm Plan reviews have found themselves to be on the positive side.

From the information above, it is very clear that the painstakingly low premium of this plan puts it way ahead of its competitors.

The number of discounts and cuts which are available to you based on the category you fall in is what stands out about this plan. This plan is especially good for women as the premiums are lower for them. Also, again, you get premium benefits if you are a non-smoker.

On top of that, unlike other insurance plans, you get to choose how the nominee is to be paid- either in a lump sum or by monthly income. Other plans seldom have this option.

The riders are too good of an upgrade to your insurance plan. On other plans, you are stuck with what you bought whether it fully covers you or not. With the AegoniTerm plan, you can improve upon what you originally bought.

The ease of access features such as online application and the Aegon Religare term plan renewal system are excellent add-ons to a great plan.

The only drawback of this plan is its definition of accident. The plan poorly defines it.

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