Scentra Laptop Bag (Rank Princess)

The Best In Style
Flaunt the best of styles among laptop bags, and make your look work comfortably with any outfit.
Refresh Your Day
Feeling out of mood? Just rub your hands across the bag and relish the relaxing, fruity perfume.
Best Quality Vegan Leather
Carry the best of quality among leather materials, while also making sure you’re not harming the environment.
Choose Your Favourite Colour
Available in various colours like tan, black and marsala, so that you are spoilt for choice over which colour to choose.


TOTE BAGS: Stylised, Scented, & A Mood Uplifter (Rank Princess) Eco-Friendly Material Handmade Beach Ready

The beach tote bag gives off a rich toned fruity smell when rubbed slightly.

A choice between vegan leather and laminated canvas. The material is dyed in the smooth scents of natural fruits.

Each stitch of the lining, the imported gold bronze zip, magnet buttons, handles, and side closures are created by hand by experienced craftsmen.

The pink and white shades of the tote marry all the style, design, and colour of the ensemble.