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How to prevent a Callus on your heel

Calluses usually occur on the heel of your feet, from where it has been subjected to a lot of rubbing and friction. However, in rare instances, they can also appear on your:

  • Hands
  • Other areas of your feet.
  • Chin (can be common for violin players)

A Callus on the heel is often characterized by its hard and rough appearance, which can also look like a swollen lump.

They are not to be confused with corns:

Although they are often categorized with corns; they are both different conditions.

Corns are significantly smaller in size and come with a small plug of skin in the center.

The main causes for a Callus on your heel:

  • Wearing wrong sized shoes.
  • If you wear shoes without socks on.
  • Any form of friction to your feet.
  • High heels for women.
  • Obesity

Other symptoms from a Callus:

  • You may feel tenderness around the area.
  • Fluid or pus may be produced by the infected area.
  • Symptoms of fever.
  • Swelling
  • Pain

However, symptoms can vary, and most callus sufferers don’t even feel it’s there.

How to prevent onset of a Callus:

It is easily done; to neglect your feet or even giving a thought on the support they provide for the pressure of your entire body weight – so start taking extra care of your feet, with the following:

  • Wear comfy shoes and throw away any that brings discomfort to your feet.
  • Remember; even when an adult foot size can adjust over the years, so always try on shoes before you buy and get measured at the shoe shop from time to time.
  • Remember; your feet are mostly covered over the majority of the time, so are in dark and moist conditions throughout the day – allow as much barefoot time as you can, to give them a chance to breathe.
  • Treat your feet to a foot spa (some foot spa even offer specialized fish treatment, which will nibble and cleanse the dead skin from your feet).
  • Be more aware of your feet, when doing any sport or activity, assess whether any exertion is causing friction or pressure – then look for ways to adjust for comfort.

How to get rid of a callus:

You can soak the callus for twenty minutes, with either of the following:

  • 2 Spoonful of Baking Soda.
  • Chamomile Tea.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar.
  • Epsom Salt

Then with a Pumice stone gently rub the affected area, which will remove dead skin from your feet.


Make sure to dry afterwards, do not leave it moist, especially if putting on socks afterwards.

Another technique:

Before going to bed, apply warm Olive Oil and wear cotton socks – this will help to soften the dry skin, for when using the Pumice stone.

In Summary…

Callus on heels are unsightly and even uncomfortable, so it’s always worth giving love and TLC to your feet – the fish treatment offered by foot spas is fully recommended for foot maintenance and cleansing.


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