Breakfast Brunch Buffets-Under INR 1000?! (Content Strategi)

The craving for lunch and breakfast at the same time is nothing new to human beings. Believed to have been trended first during the late 19th century.

Now, brunch is seen as an international way of saying “I Woke Up Late, And I Can’t Decide Between Lunch and Breakfast!”.

10 Must Try Brunches In Delhi, Yes, Below INR 1000!

1.Café Knosh:

If it’s got class, Knosh’s got it.

This one’s for the hardcore brunch-maniac! The awe-inspiring lights and retaliating red wallpaper go well with their exclusive, and yet modest brunch buffet spread, for just ₹599.

This is a landmark, so you can’t miss it, but here’s the website anyway.

  1. Mosaic- Country Inn:

The variety will make you dizzy:

If you’ve never been to the countryside? No worries, because these guys transport you directly into the thick of the action!

They serve a 7-course meal, with beverages right to your table, and for the self service-enthusiast, they offer a buffet as well. And the best part? It starts from ₹599

Check them out and avail their special offers.

  1. 7° Brauhaus:

Well… The Name Says It All.

Quirky? No. Hardcore? Yes!

One of Delhi’s best brunch buffet spreads is here. Those Sunday mornings can present a challenge when you don’t find a restaurant serving brunches at your convenience. 

No worries here, as Brauhaus is open from 10 am with Sunday brunches starting from ₹999.

You should take a look at their offerings right away.

4.Viva – Holiday Inn:

So unlimited drinks it is guys!

Yes, you read that right. These folks don’t just serve up a hot Sunday brunch for you, but let you wash down all those goodies with an unlimited serving of cold beverages!

So soak up the happiness at the

Epitome Of Quality And Experience. And all that for ₹899.

  1. RBG – Park Inn:

The Perfect Indian Comfort Food.

Indian cuisine is known for its blend of savoury dynamic spices.

That being said, not all of us can rush down state to state to get that exquisite taste that is Indian cuisine, which is why RBG  is the next best option for you.

Grab their super-saver combo, starting from ₹799,  right now.

6.Avatar – Radisson Blu:

Not your ordinary culinary experience!

These guys deliver top notch ingredients on your plate with each order, and I mean “Top-Notch.”

So the know how to set the standards high while keeping the prices fair at ₹999.

Click here to check out their amazing menu.

7.Uforia Kitchen:

Good Food. Good Time.

Feel like you need to party hard and fill your stomach at the same time to compensate for that hardcore rock song you’re jamming to? Well, Uforia is the exact place you need to be this Sunday.

Their spread is also one of the largest in the locale, starting at ₹699.

  1. The California Boulevard:

It’s go fresh or go home here!

This is it, folks. The height of quality brunch spreads.

For all my players out there that like to get a little naughty and have breakfast and lunch together, this is for you.

Take a stroll through their menu, starting from ₹800.

  1. Turquoise Cottage:

Where food wins you over as well as the décor!

This well-designed restaurant offers brunches worth some serious consideration.

Indulge in some of the finest Indian-Chinese creations and speciality salads and what not, starting just ₹899.

  1. Olive Bistro:

The pasta with the right bite!

It says Olive, so you would’ve guessed! That’s right; Olive Bistro specialises in Italian and Continental good.

You can expect some authentic, well-made pasta, risottos, and seafood there.

Try it for just ₹699. You won’t be disappointed, I guarantee.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you can’t decide on whether to have lunch or breakfast, simply have both!

A meal is best enjoyed when shared. So share these classy brunch ideas with your loved ones and make their day.

Also, we would love to hear from you. So if you have any suggestions, or know an excellent brunch destination that we missed out, please tell us in the comment section below.


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