Best Nightlife Places in Jaipur (Rank Princess – SEO)

If you thought that Jaipur is only meant for a shopping spree and posing with the century-old mansions, then you are in for a surprise. Amidst the ebbing street of colours, an evening in Jaipur is worth every dime spent.

Jaipur, the Rajasthani capital of colours and beauty, is not just limited to ethnic artefacts and traditional handicraft works. The Pink city, as famously known due to the pink sandstone used in its architectural grandeur, reinvigorates by night. Jaipur’s nightlife is probably by far the most happening night life you have come across in the entirety of the country.

The city is a place for the nocturnal to explore more in the dark camouflages of Jaipur’s nightlife. Here is the list of places you should visit to enjoy the city in a different hue.

  1. Geoffery’s, Hotel Park Plaza

If you would like to experience the grandeur of Jaipur with a quintessential colonial touch, then this is a must place for you to visit. The classic wooden architecture under the hazy dim yellow lights will add more sparkle to your drink than you could have ever imagined. Not only is the ambience uber cool, but the drinks here have a sassy touch to them too. A must try for your taste buds.

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  1. Amigos Bar & Discotheques, Hotel Om Towers

This is the place to visit if you have a keen interest in Mexican culture. The site is designed with a Mexican theme. The music is so good that it will get dance embedded in your blood. It is a place to let the diet chart loose and indulge in the city’s finest Mexican food (it is their specialisation).

(Image Courtesy: Hotel Om


  1. Ta BLU, Hotel Clarks

The selling point of this place is its rooftop café bar which is open till 1 am. A simple traditional spacious lounge with sofas and seats for you to sit back and sip the amazing cocktails they offer. You can do all this, while overlooking the Jaipur city glittering with lights at night, under the stars.

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  1. The Fireball, Hotel Ramada

If the traditional look of most of Jaipur’s bars& pubs have worn you out, then there is another name on our list of contemporary bars to light up your night. The Fireball is a unique place with its modern minimal ambience. It’s a popular spot for youngsters and many celebrities. The place also holds a discotheque night over the weekends. A little expensive on your pocket, but the fun here is unmatched.

Apart from night clubs, we also have a list of things if you wish to enjoy a quiet display of art and culture.

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  1. Light and Sound Show, Amber Fort

It is a 50 minute, must watch spectacular show of lights and sound at the Amber Fort. The fort, already steeped in culture and traditions, revives itself through the night. The various colourful lights thrown at the fort walls coupled with its reflection on the Maota River will leave you breathless. Not only the show, but you can also enjoy indigenous Rajasthani delicacies, and a puppet show, while immersing you in its grand history.

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  1. Raj Mandir Cinema, C-16

Created by W.M  Namjoshi, the cinema is owned by Bhuramal Rajmal Surana. It was inaugurated on June 1st, 1976 with the movie ‘Charas’. Since then, this has been a favourite hub for movie lovers. The ambience is sheer El Classico, but the crowd is a mix of local and foreigners who cheer at every impressive stunt in the film. Also, the food is amazing.

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  1. Cultural Shows, ITC Rajputana

A place that will fill your nights with an amazing display of puppet shows and traditional folk dance. You can watch Kabila dancers perform their sensuous moves to mesmerise you with their art or listen to the enchanting songs from the Bhopa singers as they narrate the folklore on the phad (scroll).

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Hope you enjoy the charming nights at Jaipur!

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