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Your One Stop Solution for Painting the House

We love making our mark on the things or places that we value. We love putting a stamp on what we feel is close to our heart. One of the best ways to make sure the places close to your heart become a part of you is to choose Berger Silk.

Berger brings to you the unique touch that separates your bedroom from the rest of your house and separates your house from the rest of the block. Berger Silk guarantees that you will be the envy of all around you.

How Do You Add A Little Bit Of Yourself Into The Mix?

So how do you make your personal statement in the bedroom? With Berger Silk, you get to choose themes for your rooms. Thematic bedrooms allow you to explore your creative side and channel your energies in that general direction.

Play around with colors and soft furnishings till you get the perfect combination for your bedroom. We have a traditionally English bedroom theme for you in the above picture.

In Case Sophistication Is Your Thing

The soft grays of the walls are accentuated by the brilliant white washed ceiling. The whole effect is enhanced when we include furnishings of soft white hues. This ensures a brilliant experience as far as aesthetics are concerned.

Along with the soft colorings, wooden furniture adds to the brilliance of this theme, adding a romantic quality to it that most people seem to miss out on when they design their rooms. While you must sit down with your interior designer before you decide on a theme, we believe that Berger Silk themes themselves do the job of creating a home out of your house.

·        Eclectic

If you are someone who wished to experiment a lot, then you can splash on shades of magenta and make the effect a little more eclectic. This ensures that you don’t lose out on certain details of your own personality.

With Berger Silk, we try our best to ensure that your room is an extension of your personality. A certain eclectic touch does add a dash of character to otherwise staid surroundings.

·        Ethnic

For the more conservative among us, we have a certain amount of tradition in our mix as well. The ethnic theme from Berger Silk comes with embroidered silk sheets and colored cut glass lamp shades.

All of these combine to create a durbaar-like ambiance within your own bedroom. They say a man is defined by the company he keeps. We say families are defined by the how they paint their rooms. With Berger Silk, you can be sure of standing out.

Outside of thematic bedrooms, we provide you with a ready solution for almost all rooms, be they the baby’s room, or the guestroom, which might end up being the most important thing to define your standing in society.

·        Minimalist

One of the key features of using Berger Silk is how we manage to gain the most out of small spaces. The key to this is to create a stress-free minimalistic design area that would have a symmetric design and simple layout.

The rooms are designed to look light and airy with neutral colors.

Berger Silk is your one stop solution for all aesthetic needs one might have while painting the house.


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