Beach Wear for the Ideal Vacation (Rank Princess – SEO)

    Summer is the time to soak in the sun. Whether it is beach vacation or just a day lazing around in the sands, the one dilemma every woman faces is the attire. The outfit has to be stylish and at the same time easy on your skin to support the extended outdoor hours.

   The humid coastal weather will make it impossible to cover up from top to toe, making it the perfect time to flaunt your body and get it exposed to the sun. If you are uncomfortable with exposing your skin to the sun, you can cover up and yet create a style statement.

Choosing the Right Beachwear

    Sexy beach dresses with little detailing and a glamourous look are perfect for beach concerts and dates by the beach. Casual beach outfits are ideal for a stroll by the beach or for relaxation on the sands. For playing in the waves and fun time in the water, a bikini is an ideal outfit.

   Here are some tips to dress up most appropriately for a day by the shore.

  1. Dress according to the event

    Though the options for an ideal beach wear are endless, you can start by filtering your clothes based on the occasion. While a business event demands a semi-formal outfit, an informal outing will require you to dress in a casual manner. An event-appropriate outfit will not only make you look stylish, but it is also a mark of respect to the host.

  1. Contemplate your style

   The dress should portray your style and personality. The clothes we wear speak a lot about us. Decide on the kind of style that suits you best- casual or chic or young or sexy or the much sought after boho look.

   For casual outings, sexy beach dresses or bikinis suit best. If you do not find the right kind of bikinis in any store in your neighbourhood, you can buy bikini online in India.

  1. Match the components right

   Once you choose the style, a lot of attention should go to putting the items of your clothing together so that they match the vibe of the event or occasion. The accessories and ornaments should match the surroundings. You cannot let the ornaments ruin the carefully thought out look.

   Printed bags, flip flops or small wedges can add an edge to your beach look. Sarongs, capes and throws in wild prints can jazz up a plain bikini.

Choose Weather Friendly Outfits

   The coastal towns are humid, so choose your clothes so that they are easy on the skin. The fabric of your dress should not suffocate you. So, while choosing an outfit, remember to keep the material light. 

  Light colours are more comfortable for a hot day. You can add some gusto to the look by incorporating fun prints and coordinated accessories.

  The beach favourite bikini can be stylised with the right kind of bracelets and flat sandals. Over the bikini, you can choose to wear a cape, a kimono, a thin throw or just a sheer dress. To find the right design of bikinis suitable to your body type, you can buy bikini online in India.

Stick to Casual

   Beach outfits should be put together with no fuss. When in a beach, remember to dress down. Stick to the basics and rock the minimal look.

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