How to Select An e-Commerce Service Provider

Making a fortune out of a businesswould definitely seem vague if we take a look back in the past. The investments of setting up a physical store, promoting and advertising for the same and more such related tasks would require huge investments and thus, involve a lot of risks.

Well, of course, the risk is a characterised factor in every and any kind of business, but one must definitely know how to minimise risk in order to take the venture ahead in the long run. It was until e-Commerce came in the scenario businessmen have followed this traditional approach.

E-Commerce came in with a revolution that had made trading easy and simple with the involvement of an electronic media. With time, E-Commerce has come a long way and has been looked at as one among the most necessary key factors behind a successful business. An efficient e-Commerce Service Provider which facilitates simpler and convenient business transactions online is the need of the hour.

What Is An e-Commerce Service Provider?

In order to know more about e-Commerce and how it helps in boosting a business, you need to know about an e-Commerce Service Provider.

An e-Commerce Service Provider is a platform that enables you to set up a virtual store online to sell your products with setting up any physical store. The merchants can arrange, customise and set up their products for purchase right away and maintaining the site is super easy. Also accepting card payments in the national and a number of available international currencies can be facilitated and Also, keeping track of all the orders and supplies are super easy.

Availing the benefits of an e-Commerce service provider surely come across as a lucrative deal for every small and medium-sizedbusinessmen,but while you do, you need to make sure that the e-Commerce Service Provider that you select must be efficient as well as economical. It must come with a user-friendly shopping cart software and a trusted payment gateway. But how do you know if you are choosing the right e-Commerce Service Provider? How do you know it is worth your money?

At ShopNix, we provide the most required e-Commerce services to our customer’s satisfaction. We provide our customers with strong technical support like building and hosting a website. We provide everything that you expect when you give your business a push with e-Commerce.

Get started with us with a very reasonable minimum monthly chargesand easy registration process. Avail the benefits of zero transaction fee, myriad payment gateways, wide storage space, over 50 free themes and more just as you get along and boost your business to limitless heights with

Points To Keep In Mind Before Availing Services Of Any E-commerce Provider

Seeing your business grow to it’s highest potential is undoubtedly thrilling and in today’s world E-Commerce is the route towards the growth. But there are certain points that you need to bear in mind while choosing an E-Commerce Service Provider. These are as follows:

  • User interface and user experience are definitely among the most important points that you need to focus upon.
  • The software has to be user-friendly, providing great user support for the ones with little technical know-how.
  • Look at the payment handling section. Does it provide considerable payment making options?
  • The flexibility of the platform is to be kept in mind. How many products and categories can it handle?
  • Price is to be considered. What is the minimum and the maximum monthly cost and many

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Can Cancer Be Prevented? (Rank Princess – SEO)

Cancer is the most dreaded disease and spells death to most people. That is not an entirely true conception of cancer. With advancements in medical science and technology, cancer is being detected early in people and being treated. Many people are leading their full lives after being suitably treated for cancer.

Cancer Therapy Advancements

The prevention of the spread of cancer cells and their elimination is the foundational method adopted by medical science, and this is being enabled by the following advancements in medical science and technology:

Advancements In Deciphering Cancerous Cells

Cancer has always baffled doctors as it is not a single disease but hundreds of types of diseases with similarities and differences. Cancer can arise in any part of the body and spread to other parts. A cancer cell is different from a normal cell. The prominent difference between a cancer and a normal cell is that unlike the normal cells the cancer cells do not heed signals of stopping division and keep on dividing.

Cancer cells start pushing out the normal cells and spread to other parts of the body. Over the years doctors have studied meticulously the features of different types of cancers and are now able to identify the various types of cancer tissues and cells.

Advancements In Cancer Detection Techniques

Doctors can treat cancers successfully if they are at an early or premature stage. Advanced stages of cancer are very painful and difficult to treat and cure. Advanced imaging technology enables detection of cancerous cells at a premature stage. In fact, without advanced detection technology, most cancers would go undetected and enter the advanced stage. Doctors can advise cancer screening to patients if abnormal symptoms indicative of cancer are observed in any part of the body.

Advancements In Cancer Therapy

In today’s time, doctors apply different cancer therapies after making a thorough analysis of the particular type of cancer and its stage. Cancer therapy constitutes chemotherapy, radiation, and medication. Surgery can be performed for removing cancerous tissues and tumors. Radiation and medication are administered for exterminating the cancer cells and stopping them from spreading.

Preventing The Occurrence Of Cancer

Can cancer cells be prevented from occurring? According to the National Cancer Institute, a cell can deviate from normal behavior and become cancerous due to certain damages in the cell such as damage to the DNA of the cell or damage to any basic mechanism of the cell.

According to doctors a healthy lifestyle and diet certainly prevents cancer, and some environmental factors can trigger damage to cells. These include tobacco and tobacco smoke and ultraviolet radiation among others. As per the doctors damage may also appear due to several genetic factors and a cell may start functioning abnormally.

Outlook Towards Cancer

There is no alternative to leading a healthy lifestyle. Nobody can control the occurrence of cancer. Cancer can strike anyone, and it is advisable to regularly undergo cancer screening as per the advice of a doctor.

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Detecting Cancer Early On with Latest Technology

How many times have you heard the phrase “Health is Wealth”? Probably, countless; but in this swiftly pacing world, how much time do you devote to your health? Or even consider health as precious as wealth?

What is observed is that many people don’t even think of visiting the doctor unless it is very urgent. Why even bother wasting your time getting yourself checked for no reason, right? We think not. Health is to be preserved at all times and to do so is investing your time well.

Maximum diseases and disorders begin without any symptoms, but can be nipped right there and then. If let remain as such, over the time, a small lesion may develop into a cancerous condition or straight out cancer.

Our Mission

Many people we come across take getting regularly checked for cancer as a taboo and want to stay as far away from it as possible. But this can be a disastrous folly. Albeit, getting yourself checked up and finding out you are in perfect health will certainly boost your confidence and morale, wouldn’t it?

This is what our mission is. We at SaScan believe that there must be no indignity in getting yourself diagnosed for even a grave disease like cancer. Getting properly diagnosed can give you extreme peace of mind if the diagnosis comes as negative. Even if anything wrong is found, if you have been undergoing regular checkups, be assured that whatever it is, there will be most chances that it can be treated early on, as it may still be in its window or initial period. We believe that early diagnosis of precancerous lesions can help reduce the mortality rate from cancer, from 50% to less than 20%.

Understanding Precancerous Lesions

You may have heard that cancer has various stages. These stages are based on various criterions like the dimension of the lesion, its position, lymph node metastasis, etc. The initial stages of cancer can be viably treated and there would be little to no reoccurrence. What is even more reassuring is that before cancer begins, something called precancerous lesions occurs.

These lesions, while being easily overlooked by a layman, can be easily picked up by the physician or dentist during regular check-up visits and their treatment can be started there and then. For instance, white or red lesions are precursors to potential cancerous disorders if left untreated. They have nothing particularly distinct about them and can go unnoticed by the person, which can create a problem later.  At the same time, there are also some kinds of cancers which unless diagnosed with the latest technology can go completely unnoticed and suddenly start to grow, leading to grave results.

It is due to this reason that we took up an initiative to educate people that there is nothing wrong with getting yourself diagnosed for early signs of cancer. As it is said, “It is better to be safe than sorry.”     

About Our Services

We offer state-of-the-art equipment with at par latest technology to detect and diagnose cancerous lesions in their early stages of both the oral and cervical cancer. We employ the latest detection processes with Bi-Modal Multispectral Imagining, in which we use diffusely reflected light and fluorescence emission from body tissues and study them for signs of cancer.

Further, we have built-in cameras and imaging devices apart from conventional methods like Pap smear or Colposcopic examinations, which facilitate the detection of cancerous and pre-cancerous lesion both in the mouth and the cervix. While providing the best services, we have kept the prices very reasonable, considering your pocket.

In addition to the devices and technology, we have an expert team of able and experienced doctors who work day in and day with one aim, which is to detect the underlying precancerous diseases at the earliest and ensure their treatment to help the patient get healthy as soon as possible.

Contact Us

Ph No:

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Are You Willing To Risk Your Life Or Be Brave And Ward Off Cancer? (Rank Princess – SEO)

Health is the least prioritized element in our everyday lives. Isn’t it supposed to be a prerogative to have a healthy body and mind? But we as individuals tend to take it for granted always. Increasing cases of lifestyle diseases have been reported due to a sedentary lifestyle and mainly ignorance.

There is a flourishing market that revolves around lifestyle diseases and its cures. But are we willing to risk the cost of treatment? Of course not!

Cancer Is Listed As One Of The Most Critical Diseases In The Country

Devastating families and individuals, cancer is for sure a scary word. But are we responsible enough to get tested and undergo those strenuous medical checkups that are essential? Procrastinating health for other pleasures of life takes its toll in the worst possible way.

Did you know that the mortality rate is close to 50% due to non-detection of oral and cervical cancers?

Development in the field of detecting and treating cancer has moved leaps and bounds making it less horrifying. Laser spot detectors have been developed as capsules that can be consumed. These smart tablets go and attach themselves to the cancerous cells which can be later detected through non-invasive lasers. These lasers heat those cells up causing them to disintegrate and dispersing the cells into harmless units.

Early Detection Of Cancer Can Prove Highly Beneficial When It Comes To Treating It

Modern technology and breakthrough in the field of medicinal developments can help cure cancer in the early stages. Screening devices, detection agents can be used in invasive and non-invasive ways to find out the source of the issue and heal it in the least painful way possible.

Sascan uses devices which traces the tissues in the body and analyses it through data science to figure out the type and stage of cancer using an algorithm which is designed to perform the same process. This data can be stored and used later for diagnosis and further healing. Oral cancer is curable. But it requires dedication and the determination to walk out of the comfort of your couch into the nearest detection centre.

Similarly, close to 50% of the women in India are prone to cervical cancer. Varying levels of cancer have been detected as a part of the regular check-up process which was instrumental in initiating a healing process sooner than ever. However, most women tend to put their health on a back seat which is not recommended. Sascan uses imaging devices which detects the biochemical changes occurring in the cervical tissues thereby feeding the data as input to the algorithm. Multiple processes of biopsy, pap-smears et al. help in figuring out the stage of cancer, if present.

It is rightly said that prevention is better than cure. Therefore, Sascan brings the opportunity to find out the causes and diseases in its initial phases and disseminate it in the nascent stages. Making use of state of the art processes such as spectral imaging, diffuse reflectance, absorption techniques et al. to detect oral and cervical cancer, Sascan has taken up the initiative to bring down the mortality rate by 30% in the shortest span possible.

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How Indian Businesses Are Leading A Digital Revolution (Rank Princess – SEO)

Six years ago, in India, there was a single billion dollar product company in terms of market cap, Info Edge. As of 2014, there were five – MakeMyTrip, Info Edge, Just Dial, Flipkart and Snapdeal, and others coming up.

What do these five all have in common? They took advantage of the new wave of Technopreneurship. The internet, smartphones, and new tech are still very new in India, with a history of barely five years. However, the impact has already been felt. Today’s startups are the technopreneurs.

The Indian Association of Mobile and Internet and market research firm IMRB International reported in March 2017, that internet users in urban India had already crossed the 60 percent mark, and that rural India as per the 2011 census, had only 163 million (17%) Internet users. There are a potential approximately 750 million users yet to be accessed. The market, in a word, is huge.

Startup culture in India has transformed with the coming of the digital age, and it has transformed the economy in turn.

Case Study of Technopreneurship: PayTM and Radio Cabs

In 2016, PayTM internet mobile wallet founder Vijay Shekhar was the richest under-40 entrepreneur. Notably, another technopreneur, the co-founder of Ola Cabs Bhavish Aggarwal is another notable young one on the list. They are both great examples of successful technopreneurs.

PayTM started as a classic mobile wallet, offering utility-bill payments and mobile recharges. It is now an end-to-end consumer marketplace; with over 120 million active users who use the wallet to do everything from booking cabs and hotel rooms to buying movie tickets.

Based on the volume of transactions in India’s top 10 metro cities, PayTM is hogging the market share at 67.9% while rival Freecharge had a share of 11.4%. This proves a truism of Technopreneurship, all other things being equal, early adopters will get preference. PayTM has continued to evolve, and is now unlikely to lose out to any other mobile wallet offering the same options.

WhatsApp proves this, having no real rival in the Indian market, so does BookMyShow. There are other options, but only when these have failed.

Uber and Ola Cabs have created a gig economy with self-employed cab drivers and have nearly driven out all others in the business including the limping Meru Cabs.

The Radio Taxi Association of India mentions that the taxi business in this nation is steadily growing at a rate of 20-25 percent every year. The organised-taxi side of the sector just accounts for 4-5 percent of the taxi industry and totals close to Rs. 100 Crores. The growth potential is clearly massive. The importance of Technopreneurship is that new markets are created, rather than companies fighting for ever-smaller shares of old markets.

Upcoming Days

The next big thing will probably be in the realm of the Internet of Things (IoT). About two-fifths of the world’s IoT market is owned by the information technology (IT) service companies in India accounting for approximately $1.5 billion or 43 percent of the world’s market of $3.5 bn.

The largest share of the Indian IoT is owned by Product engineering services, of about Rs. 4,168 Crores as of 2017, but the fastest growth is expected in managed IoT services where data collection and interpretation and management is outsourced to outside parties.

Just like with mobile apps, IoT has a massive potential, particularly with clever start-ups that can find the right market.

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How Indian Businesses Are Leading A Digital Revolution (Rank Princess – SEO)

Over the past decade, India has shown great promise and proved leadership in digital technologies. Today, India showcases a digital economy that has the biggest potential for global market players. This ‘Indian digital revolution’ is anticipated to create new growth opportunities in jobs and businesses sector over the next few decades.

As a new world order, entrepreneurship is out, and technopreneurship is in. A technopreneur must take risks, mobilize resources, gain expertise in his chosen line and master intricacies of technology he wants to advance and profit from his enterprise. A successful technopreneur will pioneer a digital revolution.

Indian Government Initiative

India’s initiative in the digital technologies has been an enabler and has fuelled its economy to turn it into a major growth facilitator. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Digital India’ program promises a huge boost to the digital revolution in India. Key areas that have been positively impacted by this program are:

  • Digital empowerment of citizens

The main objective of the Digital India program is to empower all parts of the country even the rural regions with digital literacy. The first step is to improve their digital connectivity with high-speed internet networks and WiFi-enabled villages.

The ICT (Information and Communications Technology) programme ensured that high-speed internet connectivity reached every village by 2016.

Cities with over 10 lakh population were provided with WiFi hotspots for public use.

All schools were connected via broadband, and free WiFi was provided to secondary schools.

  • Provide digital infrastructure as a service to every citizen

Availability of open source software, local language computing, and enterprise solutions for creating ‘smart’ cities or villages is a big step towards this initiative.

The Indian government has recently announced 98 smart cities and has allocated Rs. 48,000 CR as the budget for building smart cities.

  • Governance and services on demand

Every sector like education, infrastructure, and healthcare is being affiliated with the digital revolution and reaping benefits from it.

DetY (Department of Electronics and Information Technology) has developed a online registration system as a part of the e-hospital project for online registration, appointment, fees payment, access of reports and so on.

e-Kranti is a tool that provides electronic delivery of services to all citizens.

The MyGov platform is designed to help citizens become partners with government in nation building and assist in policy formation.

  • Effect of demonetization on digital payments

India is now one of the world leaders in payment system technologies. Programs like Jan Dhan, Aadhar, mobile services and recent demonetization have favored adaptation to digital payment systems on a large scale.

e-Sign facility for digitally signing documents and digital locker for storing and sharing digital documents.

Digital Revolution in Indian Banking Sector

Banks upgraded to Local Area Network Connectivity from just being standalone PCs for a long time. With technological advancement, Core Banking was adopted with no more dependence on particular branches. Customers could then conveniently perform ‘Anywhere Anytime’ banking.

Examples of platforms used in core banking are BaNCS by TCS, Finacle by Infosys and Flexcube by i-Flex.

Numerous commercial banks have introduced digital customer service for easy accessibility and convenience. E-banking has brought about significant cost reduction in performing bank transactions. Human error has diminished to a great extent because of digitization.

Banks like Axis, ICICI, HDFC are implementing robotics to provide centralized services like loan processing and selling.

More than 75% of chequebooks requests happen digitally.

Axis bank has more than 1,500 cash deposit machines.

Telecom and Technology’s role in digitization

Telecom and technology has now become accessible to every nook and corner of the country. India now boasts of almost 100% telecom ingress, and its people have gladly accepted new technology adoption.

This telecommunication boom has catalyzed for the citizens to realize their ambitions and dreams. The telecom and technology industry has enabled key payment solutions such as:

  • Mobile wallets that can be used for paying bills or purchasing goods.
  • United Payment Interface (UPI) has made money transfers over phone safe and secure.
  • Micro ATMs have been successfully deployed where full-fledged ATMs could not be established.
  • Telecommunications has been the secret enabler for uninterrupted connectivity and smooth communication between banks and financial institutions. It has aided apps that perform digital payments to be successfully implemented.
  • Technologies like automation, artificial intelligence and Big data empowered by digitization empower the economy and make it more productive.

Challenges that lie ahead for Digital Transformation

  • Connectivity

Slow and delayed infrastructure could pose as a major hurdle for providing high-speed data connectivity. Digital divide should be overcome to improve rural area reach.

  • IT Literacy

For the masses to warm to the digital revolution, IT literacy is essential.

  • Security

With easy access to data comes threat of financial data security. Data susceptibility and phishing attacks are always a concern in large-scale financial transactions.

  • Partnerships

Public and private partnerships should be adopted by technology companies to promote modernization in a digital economy.

To lean on its historical past and leverage on its IT competencies, India needs to use digital services further in public services, financial technologies, and trading mechanisms.

Progressive digital solutions can be applied even to solve most challenging problems of the country thereby helping it emerge as a prolific economy globally.


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How Indian Businesses are leading a Digital Revolution (Rank Princess – SEO)

The world today is embracing digital transformation in almost every aspect and every field. There are hardly a handful of countries that are yet to experience the benefits of digital transformation. And of course, India is certainly not one of those countries. India is slowly but steadily emerging to be one of the biggest digital hotspots in the world.

The Need for a Digital Revolution

India’s focus is on improving connectivity in the rural areas of the country, farmers, and owners of small businesses to have better access to education, proper healthcare, and good financial services. This is the main reason why Indian businesses are leading India to a Digital Revolution through Technopreneurship. According to Cisco, by 2018, more than 40,000 villages are likely to be under the banner of digital technology.

Technopreneurship as a Driving Force

IT services in India accounts for 43%, or $1.5 billion of the total $3.5 billion, of the global Internet of Things. The emergence of technopreneurship in India has been a driving force in putting India on the list of emerging technology hubs. There may be many digitally developing cities in the world, but not many can match the potential of India’s IT industry.

The competition between India’s local tech companies and their multinational adversaries has been going on for decades. There was once a time when experts used to leave India to work in tech companies in Silicon Valley. But today, tech companies in India are attracting professionals from all over the world. The immense success of Indian businesses like TCS, Infosys, and Wipro are a testament to the sheer potential of India as a technology hub. In fact, even multinational companies like Xerox and Dell have invested in India and witnessed their growth here. IoT services are expected to grow by almost 23.5% or Rs 2,036 crore in business for Indian companies annually.

Indian Start-ups and their Role in the Digital Revolution

India is known to have almost 4,500 tech start-ups, which is the third-highest in the world. Some Indian start-ups have proven their worth not only in India but also in countries from around the world. A good example is Hike which is a mobile messaging app that has almost 40% of its users located in the Middle-East and Europe. Another well-known start-up is Zomato which carries out its operations in almost 100 cities in 18 different countries of the world.

Of course, there is little doubt as to why this sector has gained so much momentum in India. The total number of internet users in the country is increasing every day. In fact, India happens to be ranked first in countries where internet users are added each year, with an expected increase of almost double from 250 million users to 500 million users. In just a couple of years, the Internet of Things is expected to reach $15 billion in India! The domestic market in India itself accounts for almost $35 billion out of the total $150 billion IT industry.

Online shopping websites like Flipkart and Amazon have given a tough competition to their more well-known adversaries like Amazon and eBay. These Indian companies are also trying their best to expand their businesses outside of India.

With a number of opportunities available in this sector, it is quite exciting to think about what more India can achieve in the years to come.

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Cancer Fighting Food Intro

Cancer is a serious health condition, no one in this world would want to have it, hence eating food that can help you fight cancer is a must. Eating food of course should not be your only source to support you from fighting cancer but regular doctor visit, taking supplements and vitamins, regular exercise and healthy living to name a few. Cancer can be caused by lifestyle, diet, and environment or can be hereditary. Needless to say, however this sickness can be acquired, you have to take care of yourself, primarily by eating foods that are known to fight cancer cells.



Guest Blog Post by

Reasons Why Travelling Is Good For Your Health

One of the main reasons for stress and tension is the mundane way of live that many of us lead. Hence, there are physical and mental health experts who believe that taking a break from your boring and monotonous life is no longer a necessary but a necessity. Travelling to distant places on a short holiday with family members and friends is a great way to remove stress from your body and mind. There are many other reasons as to why travelling could be a good stress buster. We are talking about the same over the next few lines and we are sure it will be helpful to those who are really looking for a break.



Ahmedabad to Mumbai – All you Wanted to Know (Rank Princess)


The city of dreams! The city that never sleeps! The city where hope never dies! Call it by any name, yet the city will remain the same – Mumbai! It is considered to the heart of the nation, as it is the most happening city regarding fashion and culture, while the same city is known to be flourishing multiple folds in no time.

Known as Bombay until 1995, it is the capital city of Maharashtra. It has over 18.4 million population and has well-connected modes of transport to all cities and countries across the globe. This city has been acclaimed as the Alpha world city and has a record of holding the highest GDP in the south, Central, and Western Asia.

Ahmedabad to Mumbai Flights

If one wanted to drive from Mumbai to Ahmedabad or vice versa, it is possible via the well-connected roads and highways within approximately 9 hours. However, both cities are well developed and have multiple flights to and fro.

Both these cities are just 532 km away, and thus the flight journeys are not too long. A direct flight from any of these cities will take about an hour to reach the destination. There are about 36 direct flights to these cities, and there are numerous domestic and international connecting flights from Mumbai to Ahmedabad and vice versa.

The flight charges may vary depending on season, availability and dates. However, you can get the flight tickets at quite a pocket-friendly price, starting from Rs. 1, 00 and going as high as possible.

Best time to visit Mumbai

Speaking in general, the city Mumbai has the 12 months divided into three seasons – the cool or winter season which begins in December and ends in February. Then the dry season starts in March and ends in June and again leading to the humid season from September through November. The monsoon season lies in the middle from Mid-June to August.

Multiple surveys and real-time feedback from tourists have proved that there is no right or wrong season to visit this beautiful place. All the seasons have experience high tourist footfalls – local or global. The season depends on your likings –

  • November to February is the best time for you if you love chilly mornings and windy evenings. These months are the most pleasant months in the city of Mumbai as the temperature in these days can go up to as low as 10 degrees. Majority of Christians love to be in this city at that time, keeping in mind the fantastic events during Christmas and New Year.
  • June to October – Well, well! Who doesn’t like the monsoon? A hot cup of coffee and some Indian snacks by the beach on a cool, breezy day, where it might look like it could rain later in the day. It is the perfect scene a Mumbai beach can get. This is considered to be the best time to plan your weekend getaways too – to cities like Pune and Lonavala, which are beautiful hill stations, not very far from Mumbai.

Hotels in Mumbai

This place has a mix of hotels. If you want some exotic stays, there are a lot of 5 stars and 7-star hotels like Taj and Oberoi that will give you the best experiences. The place also has some decent 3 and 4-star hotels for those who are looking for comfortable hotels, which are not very expensive. Some of the best hotels in Mumbai are –

  • The Leela – Located in the Sahar, this hotel is one of the best-reviewed places
  • Ibis Novotel – Located in two different locations of the city, this hotel will never disappoint you regarding view and services.
  • Hyatt Regency Hotels – Who doesn’t know about the world-class services of the Hyatt group? Located very near to the airport, this hotel is just perfect.
  • The Taj Group – When in Mumbai, how could you NOT go to one of the Taj hotels? They are known for their excellent services, rich heritage and emphasises on the Indian culture.

Restaurants in Mumbai

You just cannot afford to miss some amazing foods that you get in this city. From the local street food to some exquisite dine-ins, this place is known for its food. Here are some brilliant places, you shouldn’t miss –

  • Ziya – A restaurant within the Oberoi hotels is known for its innovation in the traditional Indian cuisines.
  • The Table – This place has been listed as one of the top restaurants in Asia. Need we say anything else? You are going to fall in love with the ambiance of this place and food is just exceptional!
  • Indigo – Love a romantic ambiance? Then this is one place you just cannot escape. It has an open terrace option too where you can enjoy the multiple cuisines served here.
  • Leopold Café – If you love art and old heritages of different countries, then you are simply going to love this place which is one of the oldest famous cafes and restaurants of the city.

Offbeat things to do in Mumbai

  • Explore and have a look at each Bollywood celebrity’s house from outside (you apparently won’t be allowed in). You may get lucky, to have a glimpse at the actor!
  • Visit the Asia’s largest slum – Dharavi. It is located right in the heart of the city
  • Art lovers? Have a look at the street art in Bandra
  • Experience traditional Indian wrestlers have their day of practice in the real ‘Akhara.’


Connectivity from Mumbai Airport?

The city roads and metro lines are well developed, and hence you can choose to take a private transport of public transport from the airport to any place in the city

The first flight from Ahmedabad to Mumbai?

Operated by Air India, at 4:30 AM. Reaches the destination in about an hour

Last flight from Ahmedabad to Mumbai?

Operated by Go Air, at 11:50 PM. It reaches the destination in one hour, 20 minutes

What are the Major attractions in Mumbai?

Gateway of India, Essel World, Haji Ali Dargah, Siddhi Vinayak Temple, RBI Monetary Museum, Maratha Mandir