Affiliate Policy

The affiliate policy for Gaia Internet and all its service brands/companies

This affiliate policy is valid for:

Customers brought to Gaia’s service brands/companies entirely owned and run by Gaia alone, where Gaia is the service provider and receiving payments for providing services to clients.

This affiliate policy is not valid for:

Brands/companies not owned by Gaia entirely or where Gaia is a mere partner.

Purchases where Gaia itself is an affiliate.

Brands/companies, service/product/hybrid or otherwise, entirely owned by Gaia or otherwise, where Gaia is hiring freelancers/contractors/staff/affiliates etc or there are outgoing payments rather than incoming payments from clients.

As of 4th February 2016, this affiliate policy is valid for the following Gaia brands:****

*This affiliate policy is only valid for those who bring in paying customers. Not for bringing in contractors/freelancers/staff/associates etc.


The affiliate policy may change at any time and without prior notice. Only pending payments due prior to the change in the affiliate policy will be due post that. Future or near future payments will be governed by the new affiliate policy, should that ever happen.

Affiliate Policy

1. Affiliates get a lifetime 20% commission for all service customers that they bring to Gaia. This is defined as below:

If an affiliate brings a customer to us, then for all purchases made by that customer in his/her lifetime across any of Gaia’s services, the affiliate gets a 20% commission on the gross revenue that customer brings in.

This holds true for all Gaia service brands that are governed by the same affiliate policy. So if an affiliate brought in a client to Rank Princess, the affiliate will still get lifetime commissions for all purchases made from Content Princess or Ezaqi and so on.


If the customer is brought in at a discounted price, like that found on places other than Gaia’s main website, there won’t be any commission for that.

Also, Gaia must recognise and appoint said affiliate as Gaia’s official affiliate before they can claim commissions or ask for financial incentives. Those who do it on their own whim, can’t be recognised as official Gaia partners/affiliates.


However, if a customer had previously made any purchase from any of Gaia’s brands or partners or had requested a review copy prior to the sale brought in by the affiliate (or prior to opting in for a review copy through the affiliate’s link), then no proceeds from that customer will be associated with that affiliate and the affiliate won’t get any credit for the same.

2. If a client brought in by an affiliate refers one or more customers to Gaia, the affiliate won’t get any credit for revenue brought in by the referrals from the customer.

The affiliate’s earnings are only tied to the customers he/she gets directly, subject to this privacy policy.

3. Gaia may ban any affiliate and reject its lifetime earnings retrospectively (the customer and earnings will be retained by Gaia as its own income in this case) and sue for damages if it is found that the affiliate is engaged in use of the following to bring in customers/traffic to Gaia or its brands/companies/partners:

A) Google Adwords (or media/networks that only allow one account to advertise a single domain) on any of our websites/owned web properties. Because that way we could get penalised/suspended by Google due to multiple accounts promoting the same domain via Adwords.

B) Without consent of the traffic/customers or by spamming.

C) Via illegal methods or borderline legal methods or grey hat methods or other methods that may be loopholes or not 100% white hat and 100% ethical.

4. Gaia may ban any affiliate and reject its lifetime earnings retrospectively (the customer and earnings will be retained by Gaia as its own income in this case) and sue for damages if the affiliate may be involved in the below or meets any of the below criteria:

A) Black hat or Grey hat techniques to earn money/commission via Gaia or its partners.

B) Illegal or unethical methods to earn money/commission via Gaia or its partners.

C) Gaming the system or attempting to game the system, or lying or attempting to lie or hiding information or not giving complete information to Gaia or its partners about business.

D) Cheating or manipulating Gaia or its partners or customers or anybody/anything/any entity remotely associated with Gaia.

E) If the brought in customer is deemed suspicious for any reason including but not limited to misbehaviour, one or more refunds, or otherwise.

F) Customers can’t buy through their own affiliate accounts or affiliate accounts commissioned by them. That is if we extend the privilege of allowing them to become affiliates.

G) Affiliates can’t create customer accounts. A customer may become an affiliate but only using their existing account such that they don’t get any discount on services they purchase themselves.

H) Any other reason deemed reasonable by Gaia or its partners.

5) Affiliates won’t receive any payment on orders by their brought in customer(s) that involved a partial or whole refund in cash or in kind or in any such situation.

6) If (the) customer(s) brought in by an affiliate are deemed unworthy because of too much/many refund(s), the account of the affiliate and his/her lifetime earnings stand rejected and he/she is responsible for the damages.

7) Payments to affiliates will be made once every month. They will be responsible for all/any fees involved. There is no minimum payment apart from the affiliate bearing all fees involved in both sides of the transaction.

8) Payments will be made 30 or more days after the order has been marked as completed by the customer and there is no reasonable reason for the customer to request a refund in cash or in kind, of any sort.

9) Service brands that are not included in this Affiliate Policy and/or not in existence at the time the affiliate brought in the customer, may or may not be included in this Affiliate Policy. As per Gaia’s discretion. That is, business brought by customers to brands launched at a later date, than when the affiliate brought in those customers, may or may not pay the same 20% commission, or any commission at all.

All these terms are only meant to serve as a protection for Gaia Internet. We do NOT intend to mislead or cheat any of our affiliates, as they are one of our most important assets. A lot of the terms mentioned above would probably never be executed and are only meant to serve a warning to mischievous elements out there. 🙂

To apply to become an affiliate for Gaia, please drop in an email to:

To get in touch with our affiliate team, please drop in an email to:

We would love to have you onboard as a valuable affiliate!