8 Places to Shop for Stylish Unbranded Apparel at Rock Bottom Prices in Bangalore (Content Princess – SEO)

Bangalore, the city of gardens, is alive with its fashion trends.  It is an excellent place to shop.  Shopping venues are ranging from small retail outlets to large multi-faceted hyper malls.  You can find stylish unbranded apparel at low prices.

Brigade Road – An Economic Destination for Apparel

You should go to Brigade Road if you are looking for economical shopping.  There are numerous stores with an extensive collection of jewellery and stylish clothes.

Malleswaram – Bargain Shopping

You will discover great shopping from street vendors and small retail shops.

Chickpet – Another Interesting Shopping Experience

You will enjoy visiting Chickpet.  It is one of the oldest shopping areas.  It has an outstanding history of almost 400 years. You can shop for clothing at very low prices. This commercial area is narrow and crowded, but Bangaloreans can experience the shops here to get the best clothes at a competitive price.

M.G. Road – A Shopper’s Paradise

This street is one of the busiest business areas in Bangalore.  Every tourist must experience this shopping destination for stylish clothes.

Commercial Street – A Major Shopping Destination for Apparel

Commercial Street is famous for trading in clothes.  The downside is that there are only 75 parking slots available on the street for four-wheelers.  The bustling street is the most crowded in the city. When you brave the crowds, you will discover both local products and international brands.

Marathahalli – A Busy Marketplace

There are numerous factory outlets and seconds shops.  It is a perfect place for best prices for apparel. You should visit The Forum, Mantri Square and Garuda Mall voted as the three best malls in Marathahalli.

Renting Clothes – The Alternative

Rent a Style is an online fashion venue.  It is steered by technology and new age philosophy.  It aims to give you the opportunity to look forward with style and shifting trends.

You will get the complete look for every event, occasion or special day with accessories and full grooming.

  •    You choose from the contemporary apparel collection for an express delivery of a four-day rental.
  •    They transport the outfits and complete look in 2 hours.
  •    They will collect, dry clean and keep the outfit fresh and crisp.

Klozee is a preferred fashion rental supplier recently opened in Bangalore.  It has an extensive collection of ethnic and western apparel.  You can rent them at a fraction of the cost.

  •    Express delivery within 3 hours anywhere in Bangalore.
  •    You get the outfit for two days, and you can pre-book any day in the future.
  •    There is a strict quality – control policy.

Shopping Malls in Bangalore – Shop for Apparel Under One Roof

The Forum Mall- popular with tourists. It has retail outlets with stylish apparel to choose.

The Orion Mall – an upgraded shopping mall entices a lot of shoppers.  It has a vibrant atmosphere and hosts fashion shows.

If you are looking for trendy apparel that doesn’t cost the earth, you won’t be disappointed in the City of Gardens. You can choose to buy or rent and shop in small retail stores or big shopping malls.  Either way, you will get an excellent bargain.

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