5 Shoe Trends To Look Out For This Year

Summer is just around the corner, with that being said, you cannot continue wearing those mile long boots that you stomped around in all winter. For two reasons, the first being, that they are out of fashion and the second being there is nothing worse than wearing something that is out of fashion.

Keeping yourself updated from time to time is the name of the game. Summer 2017 shoe trends are very different compared to the shoes for fall winter 2016-2017. We do not recommend raiding your nearest popular fashion store with your daddy’s credit card or hiring a stylist to keep you in style. Instead, you can just read on, and you will know what to stock up for the entire year to come.

So here are top footwear trends for the year 2017-2018.

Suede Sneakers Are In

If you have made an accidental purchase while being impulsive during a sale that included a pair of suede sneakers, but never really wore them as you were afraid they were not in fashion, now is the time to flaunt them. If you do not own a pair of these sneakers go right ahead and get them in your favourite colour. 2017 sneaker trends around the world include suede to make a dramatic comeback and designers are taking to the ramps aggressively with this heavenly pair of footwear.

Quirky Flats with Sequins and Florals

They say comfort never goes out of fashion and I bet they are not wrong. Flats are to foot what sofas are to bums. So invest in some quirky flats, with flowers, beads or patterns on top. You will know you are in the limelight when the lady with 7-inch heels will stare at you with envy for looking cool and yet being so comfortable.

Pump it up

Spring/Summer 2017 footwear trends may discourage you from going overboard with you collection of heels or platforms. But this isn’t a bad year for pumps at all. Nude, brown and black are the classics. You can also experiment with other, worldly colours that you might feel confident to carry. Team it with an LBD or knee high skirt and blouse, and you will look nothing less than a showstopper.

Sliders are the new flip flops

 With flats already on our list this one seems like a repetition, but do not worry, it isn’t. Sliders are for the days when you have exhausted your trustworthy flats and are looking to stay comfortable without hurting yourself. Invest in a pair of very casual and bright coloured ones to stand out in a crowd of fashionistas who are trying hard to fit in.

Wedges: The mascots for spring-summer 2017

Finally, let’s talk about the controversial yet appealing wedges that are here to make a comeback this year. These tall beauties can be your besties this summer. They tread on the borderline of being comfortable yet stylish which makes them a hit with someone who wishes to move away from the devilish heels. Pair them with a floral dress, and you will look like you have just walked off the neighbourhood ramp.

The 2017 shoe release of various brands is a collection of some odd yet appealing styles. As important as it might be to be constantly updated regarding the latest trends of this year, it is also advised to add a dash of your style in it. It’s okay to have a fashion faux pas at times, but it’s not okay to intentionally put on the wrong attire. Look out for 2017 Nike shoes, 2017 Shoes Jordan, 2017 sneaker trends men, to learn about the latest trends in fashion. Stay ahead and stay stylish. 

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