Under the Spotlight: CashRewards Inc. Becomes Australia’s Fastest Growing Tech Company (Rank Princess – SEO)

A quarter million subscribers and $13 million in cash backs later, the e-commerce start-up CashRewards won the title of ‘Australia’s Fastest Growing Tech Company’. Here’s the full story.

The Award

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, or only Deloitte, is a professional services firm based in the UK. Every year Deloitte conducts the ‘Fast 50’ program under which it recognises fast-growing tech companies around the globe based on revenue growth in the previous three years.

The awards are country specific and this year, for the Australian chapter of the awards, the online shopping space CashRewards.com.au emerged as the winner. This was due to CashRewards’ stellar growth of 12,496% over the last three years.

About CashRewards

Now, these are some serious numbers we are talking. It’s not every day we see growth figures like this. So what is CashRewards and what are they doing right?

CashRewards is an Australian cash back service that gives consumers cash backs for purchases they make through cashrewards.com.au. One only visits the website, chooses the product they want to buy, following which they are redirected to the seller’s website. And they just complete their purchase as they normally would. And just like that, they receive a part of the price paid for the product back in the bank account as cash backs.

All the shopper has to do is take the extra step of visiting the CashRewards website before being redirected to the seller. Read on as we tell you why it’s such a brilliant business plan and how we love their tagline “Get paid to shop”.

How it Works

Like every good idea, the mechanics behind this is fairly straight forward. Retailers pay Cash Rewards money to advertise their products on their website. And in return, CashRewards pays a part of it to the consumers who shop from their website.

The cash backs offered are just an extra incentive for the consumers to buy that product and take that extra step of visiting their website.

For the retailers too, this is a smart move as the cash backs translate to higher traffic from this site than others.

Simplicity is Key

The success of this company lies in its simplicity and efficient marketing. CashRewards tells its customers that they are always just 15 seconds away from ‘getting paid to shop’ and most consumers wouldn’t mind those few extra clicks before landing on the page which they were going to visit anyway.

And guess what? They get some cash, real money not coupons or discount codes, in the process. Brilliant, ain’t it?

CashRewards is another example of a good idea coupled with excellent execution. And with their smart marketing and persistence, the company now has under its belt over 1500 retailers on the website, a quarter million active users and the titles like ‘Australia’s number one cashback site’ and ‘Australia’s fastest growing technology firm’. 

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How Pushpay Went to Church & Mobile Payments Became as Easy as Breathing (Rank Princess – SEO)

On a beautiful Sunday a few years back, New Zealander Chris Heaslip was sitting in his church with his phone in his pocket and not much cash in his wallet.

It was the helplessness of not having enough cash to donate at the moment that made the realisation hit Heaslip- what if giving money to the church were as simple as buying a song on iTunes? What if having cash at hand was no longer a requirement, and cashless payments weren’t a heap of fear and complexity anymore?

Soon after, Chris Heaslip and Eliot Crowther founded Pushpay in 2011. They expect to achieve annualised monthly revenue of $100 million by late 2017.

Pushpay Is the Easy Way to Give

The Pastor of Experience Church, Dennis Cummins, was astonished by the 1000% increase in the donation numbers, so much so that he decided to rerun the figures because he didn’t believe the calculations the first time.

Cummins isn’t the first, and his Church isn’t the only one to benefit from a faster and easier payment facilitating application. Church’s Pushpay reviews are mostly flooded with appreciation. With its services available in about fifteen countries, Pushpay dominates a good part of the faith sector of the USA.

The Ten-Second Giving Experience

The eChurch app by Pushpay allows the registered churches to create their branded app and customise it per their infrastructure.

It promises a ten-second giving experience, allowing people (customers/charity donors) to pay the merchant/church of their choice any particular amount of funds with the minimum possible hassle.

In the US, thirty of the largest hundred churches from the top employ Pushpay. The company has processed as much as $1 billion in a year at a time.

When Pushpay Almost Didn’t Exist

Back in 2011, Pushpay contacted the large churches of New Zealand to run trials for its product. With a somewhat rocky start that marks the realisation of every novel idea, the firm managed to raise enough capital to expand its business to Australia, and then to the USA.

Pushpay was rolling.

Then came 2013. The company ran out of funds. Heaslip sat down in front of his staff and apologised. The firm had no money to provide salaries to its employees. He felt he had let his workforce down.

Heaslip recalls that fateful day as the single hardest of his entire existence.

The sincerity, however, was rewarded. The staff chose to stay. Soon after, New Zealand riches Peter and Christopher Huljich took an interest in Pushpay. Heaslip and Crowther were handed an investment of $2 million.

Fast forward two years and Pushpay was taking the faith industry by a storm, reaching Canada and other countries.

Founded out of Frustration, Pushpay Had Its Moments

The company was ranked at the top in the 100 Hot Emerging Companies List in 2015. Crowther and Heaslip received the EY Young Entrepreneur of The Year award the same year.

Chris Heaslip, during one of his public appearances, called Pushpay the 15th among the set of ideas that he was working on at the time. He recalled the insane amount of determination, willingness, and hard work it took not to give up and keep learning and adapting.

At the time, Pushpay has more than 5200 merchants, most of which belong to the faith sector. It provides its services to five out of the top ten churches in the US. Pushpay Redmond and Pushpay Auckland headquarters watch over the handling in the USA and New Zealand respectively.

Pushpay careers saw an increase in its staff headcount by 33 per cent. It is working to become a part of additional digital payments to various other organisations in other zones.

Despite creating a service so thoughtful and seemingly flawless, Heaslip considers his workforce as their greatest asset, stressing on the paramount significance of having the right kind of people at the right point in the journey of any firm.


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Stained your Leather Jacket? Dhobilite to the Rescue! (Rank Princess – SEO)

Don’t worry. Getting stains out of leather garments is a tad laborious, but not an impossible task. At Dhobilite, we’re here to tell you how much your leather jacket will love you after our services.

Leather jackets are the statement for winters. But like with everything expensive, leather too needs care and attention. Whether it is suede, sheepskin or good old full-grain leather, there are different methods of cleaning. For minor stains on leather, just mix water and vinegar, and give it a good buff.

If the stains on the leather are more traitorous, or the garment more treasured – hand it to us. Dhobilite has professional leather dry-cleaning and restoration service, which gives your leather jacket back good as new.

The Last Word in Dry-cleaning

At Dhobilite, we use a plethora of clinically-tested safe cleaning agents to dry-clean your jackets to ensure that the leather is not harmed in any way.

Our experts know how to differentiate dry-cleaning methods for nubuck, suede or full-grain leather garments. Also, the dyeing of leather makes a world of difference to dry-cleaning techniques. Light and tan colours need a different hand in cleaning than full, darker shades.

You’ll Get Your Leather Jacket As Good As New

Whether your leather item is a jacket, a coat, motorcycle wear, boots, purses or bags – Dhobilite leather dry-cleaning and allied services know how to make it look and feel good as new. From making marks and stains disappear to touching up scratches, we’ve got you covered.

Colour Me Original, Baby!

Recolouring is a process in which we match the jacket to the first dye which was used to colour the item of clothing. Our leather experts include cherry-picked tanners who know how delicate recolouring is. You will get your leather biker jacket back looking like the day you bought the snazzy little thing.

Stitching those pesky little bits up

Over time, the stitching near cuffs and collars gets worn and frayed. We’ve all taken scissors to cut those little stragglers off, but the damage just gets worse over time. At Dhobilite, taking care of your leather jackets and overcoats includes expert stitching. We use high-quality stitching equipment and techniques to keep them smart and sharp.

Rivet Replacement

Your trusty sheepskin overcoat lost a couple of rivets during last night’s blow-out party? Worry not, Dhobilite has leather experts who will match and press those rivets in like nothing ever happened. Just to keep you looking oh so debonair.

Leather Patching and Zip Replacement

Leather and its variants are a lot more durable than fabric. That said, wear and tear do take place. We provide premium quality runs for all kinds of leathers. And a professionally restored patch does wonders for the look of your leather item.

Take Care of Leather, And It’ll Take Care of You!

Removing stains from leather is nothing new. They can be done professionally, restoring leather jackets to their first glow. But home remedies at best are good at removing 80% stains from leather. With time, the stain grows more prominent, and you wish you’d taken it to professionals earlier. With a regular dry-clean from us, your leather jackets and coats remain soft and supple for years.

Remember. For every spill, Dhobilite has a way.

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Stained your Leather Jacket? Dhobilite to the Rescue! (Rank Princess – SEO)

Stained your jacket and can’t get it off? Well, blotched jackets or shirts are no more a concern when you can call Dhobilite at your whim. Can’t wash the leather jacket or get it dry cleaned? Well, don’t fret, because Dhobilite has got it all covered. From pick up to drop off we offer a complete package of cleaning solutions to all. And what’s more? We even have an emergency cleaning alternative that allows cleaning service within 48 hours.

What is Dhobilite?

Dhobilite is an efficient online cleaning service that allows you to maintain a clean wardrobe and an even more decent life with a busy schedule. We provide world-class garment care with a penchant to deliver the best services. We are an affordable platform that caters to your hectic lifestyle and offers added services like Pick up and Drop off of garments.

Why Dhobilite?

Dhobilite takes care of each garment as a priced possession. We understand that each garment is much more than just a piece of clothing and we handle it with utmost concern.

Our Services

We offer various cleaning solutions, such as these:


Tired of running chores all day? Well, cleaning is made easy with state of the art cleaning practices and detergents that are premium as well as gentle.

Steam Iron

Can’t get the wrinkles off of your favourite outfit? Well, we have got that covered too. Dhobilite provides a hassle-free way to deliver ironed clothing at your doorstep.

Dry cleaning

With ion-active technology that not just frees garments from stains and dirt but also helps you maintain a healthy bacteria-free life. The ion rich components don’t allow unwanted organisms on your clothing that could otherwise be a threat to your life.

Shoe Cleaning

We understand shoe-fetish and thus the concern for shoe care. Our athletic staff at Dhobilite is trained to not just clean shoes but to revive their textures and make it as good as new.


A bag’s worth more than what meets the eye. Therefore our eye for value and concern for care makes us the best at what we do. Dhobilite cleans your favourite bags and revives de-shaped leather to its original form.

Car Cleaning

A big boy’s toys are a priced possession, and therefore we look after it for you. You don’t need to drive it down for cleaning; we offer car cleaning service at your doorstep from basic car cleaning to meticulous dry cleaning.

Places of Operation:

Gurgaon (Gurugram)



Greater Noida






The Key Takeaway

The next time you have a stained leather jacket, don’t you worry as Dhobilite is just a click away. Garments can be picked up from the doorstep and are charged on a per Kg basis. Other services at Dhobilite include Car Cleaning, Shoe Cleaning, Accessory (Bags, etc.) cleaning and revival. There is also an option to create a Dhobilite wallet that makes the whole service pre-paid and hassle-free.

In case of queries, FAQs and redressal, please click here.


Online Cleaning Service


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Stained your Leather Jacket? Dhobi Lite to the Rescue! (Rank Princess – SEO)

We know you love your leather jacket. After all, a good leather jacket is a lifetime companion and a sizable investment. We would all like to protect our investment, but sometimes life gets in our way. Did your jacket have a little accident with the elements? Dobhi Lite is only a phone call away.

Leather & the Rest

There is something about leather that makes it so coveted among everyone. While discussing garments and accessories, it’s often leather or ‘something else’. Why the distinction?

The leather is primarily processed animal hide. Hide, or skin is an incredibly robust and versatile organ that lasts a lifetime. And for this reason, leather goods are as durable as they are.

But on the flip side, the animal hide is a tricky material to process and make products. On top of that, leather, like our skin, absorbs anything that it is exposed to. Dust, Water, or that cup of coffee that you spilt on it.

As a result, Leather goods are expensive and require extra attention. While we understand that you try your best to take care of your leather jacket, things don’t always go as planned, do they?

Leather Care

So you stained your coat and didn’t know what to do about it. Not a problem. But we do hope that you haven’t tried doctoring it yourself because standard cleaning rules don’t apply to leather.

Leather goods cannot be washed and doing so might be the end of them. What about dry cleaning? Nope. It’s not that simple. The chemicals used for dry cleaning fabric have little effect on leather, a little positive effect that is. So when it comes to rescuing leather, experts do it best. Welcome to DobhiLite.com

The Dhobi Lite Treatment

At Dhobi Lite, we understand leather and employ cleaning techniques that not only remove stains without harming the materials but also improve its overall longevity.

The cleaning of leather goods at Dhobi Lite is done using special leather-friendly cleaning agents which restore the essential oils of the animal hide and help retain the look and feel of the jacket.

That’s Not All

Dobhi Lite’s leather services aren’t just limited to stain removal. Our corrective services cover everything that can go wrong with your leather articles. From stitching, strap and zip replacements to patchwork, we have it all.

You don’t have to wait for something to go visibly wrong with your leather goods before you pay attention to it. In fact, we recommend showing some love and care to your leather goods on a regular basis. You have Dhobi Lite’s preventive services for that. These include everything from polishing, conditioning to recolouring. Our preventive services ensure that your leather jacket remains soft, supple and new-like for years to come.

So, bring in your leather articles to Dhobi Lite if you’ve had a little accident with them or just for the regular care and maintenance that they deserve.

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The Importance of Free Learning Content for the Individual and Society (Content Strategi – SEO)

Education is necessary for helping society and the individual self-thrive to its fullest potential. With greater access to free learning content for people, we can see more of our important ideas come to life.

An ancient Indian proverb states, “Let noble thoughts come to me from all directions.” But what are noble thoughts?

Noble thoughts are ideas that, like seeds, can grow and blossom into wonderful things. Art, science and all good things in this world started out as someone’s noble idea.

Where do noble thoughts come from?

These vital and important thoughts come from everywhere and can strike at any time.

You can have them on the bus, at work, in bed before you go to sleep at night. You never know when a brilliant thought will come to you. But where do they come from, exactly?

They come from what you know.

Education is important for this reason. A stifled mind cannot flourish. But when you open your mind to new learning opportunities, great things will happen.

The more you know, the more powerful knowledge you can apply to the world and your life. When you do this, you not only improve upon yourself but the world around you, too.

Before a thought blossoms into action, it starts as a seed inside your head.

Every day, whether you realise it or not, you’re applying what you know about the world. Your opinions, actions and even your relationships with others are based on what life has taught you so far.

This is why it is important to learn something new and interesting every single day. If you arm yourself with knowledge, you can do anything.

If a topic interests you, it is important to water that seed of intrigue. You never know what will come of it.

Why is free learning content important?

Sometimes you might be particularly interested in one or more topics. This is like a tiny spark that, if fed enough, can become a roaring fire.

So you have the idea. But what happens now? This is when research begins!

You must delve deeply into your thought, find important concepts and nurture your mind. This can’t happen if there is no access to learning content.

Education is vital to great ideas becoming something bigger.

Information is all around us. We process it all the time, every day, whether we realise it or not. But sometimes, we need to know more than just what we see and experience.

This is where educational tools come in. At school, you can learn a great many things, but this is not where learning opportunities end. If you have the right learning content in front of you, you can become an expert on anything through day-to-day actions outside of any classroom.

Unfortunately, the cost of education can keep people away from the information that they need.

No-cost learning materials bridge the gap between those who can afford higher education and those who cannot. Lack of personal, financial wealth should never prevent a mind from growing.

The world never knows when the next great idea will come along to change all of our lives. We all deserve the opportunity to let these ideas become something great.

Everybody should have access to free learning content. Without it, life-changing thoughts might just stay inside the mind of the thinker, stagnant and craving to be nurtured.

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‘He Who Studies Understands, Not the One Who Sleeps’ – From the Wisdom of Rigveda 5.44.13 (Content Strategi – SEO)

Ancient Indian wisdom asks the following of knowledge: ‘let noble thoughts come to me from all directions’. For noble thoughts to exist, though, you need to have a baseline of education already. Without the availability of free, quality learning content, there is no platform for forward-thinking minds to grow.

Education as a Right, Not as a Privilege

Education should be thought of as a right for every person. The most influential people in our society are the most educated.

For individuals to innovate, debate, and make tough decisions, they must first have had the freedom to learn what inspires them. Education provides this freedom, and so it should be available for everyone.

If all learning content were free, people from every walk of life would have the opportunity to be the best that they can be. To develop wisdom, knowledge and experience is key. Education can become a metaphorical springboard to boost someone up the societal ladder.

Without the freedom of knowledge and education, there is no chance for the social mobility that is so crucial to a healthy society.

Do We Ever Stop Learning?

Education is often compared to the lighting of a flame, rather than the filling of a vessel. This is because people always have the capacity to continue learning if they’re given the opportunity. By denying access to learning material to those without the ability to pay for it, we lose out on a vast portion of potential talent.

Every Day is a School Day

Every day we have the opportunity to learn something new. To utilise this, we must be willing to make an effort. If an individual is hampered by the excessive cost of quality education, studying becomes much harder.

Benefits of Free Learning Content

Having free learning content and education means:

  • We gain a diverse and thriving community, filled with innovative people.
  • People can earn a higher wage so that they will pay more in taxes.
  • The rates of unemployment decrease.
  • More educated people report higher levels of health and happiness.

The Messages of the Vedas

The benefits of open and inclusive education, with freely available learning materials, are exemplified by the Vedas. Rigveda, where the above quotation is found, was created as part of collaborative work. It has been proven that the Vedas were formed by numerous different scholars, whose combined wisdom is as relevant today as it was so long ago.

The importance placed through the lessons of Rigveda on the benefits of learning, and working together, is applicable even now and shows that education never ceases to be vital.

Wisdom in Life is Necessary for a Successful Existence

Thoughts can be thought of as seeds. Once they’ve been planted through education, we can allow these seeds to germinate and bloom into creative ideas. If we shut them away without the possibility of inspiration, they will never grow.

Without the wisdom provided by studying, our society would be far less advanced. We wouldn’t have the progressions in medicine and science that we do today. We wouldn’t be leading the way in technological advances. Ancient texts like the Vedas would never have been written.

In short, our civilisation would be bland and boring instead of the wonderful and thriving place it is today.

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Not filed your tax return yet? 5 reasons you may be in luck! (Content Princess – SEO)

Tax returns may frighten even the best of us when the deadline is near. But this year is the season to relax, keeping your worries at bay. There are reasons for submitting the returns late and still keeping the penalties away!

With the deadline for submitting IRS tax returns extended to April 18th, 2017 this year, you are in luck! It’s still not late to file your returns.

Do You Need To File Your Tax Return?

Before you panic over your taxes, be sure you need to submit the tax return. Under certain conditions, filing taxes is not necessary.

Consider your age as well, since being over or under 65 impacts your requirement to file.

Don’t file if you have no income. You also don’t need to file if your income falls below minimum brackets. If you’re single and under 65, you file if you earn over $10,350. If you file jointly, you file if you earn over $20,700.  

Dependents also can’t claim their exemptions regardless of age. When their earned income is more than the standard deduction for a single taxpayer ($6,300), they will still receive a return.

No Penalties

Not sending in your tax returns translates to penalties. You’ll be charged 5% of what you owe when you don’t submit by the due date of filing of the tax return. Being 60 days late will get you at least a $135 late filing fee.

If you don’t owe anything though, there aren’t any penalties for not filing. Being owed a refund also means that you won’t be charged a late filing fee.

Please Give An Extension!

Talk to the IRS right away if you haven’t filed but still need to. The time you have left might not be enough time, so ask for an extension.

An automatic six-month extension is given to anyone who asks when filing a federal tax return. This pushes the due date until October 16th. This way you can avoid penalties.

I Still Want My Refund!

Even if you haven’t needed to file taxes for the past three years, you can still get a refund. You can get the money you pay as a federal tax back.

For up to three years since your original due date, you can still get your refund. This means that if you haven’t filed yet, try next year or ask for your extension. 

Late Refunds

Not filing yet, won’t make a huge impact as you might think. You may even have a friend who submitted in January and is still waiting to get his refund.

The IRS can’t always give out refunds fast. Part of this has to do with form issues, like errors, incomplete forms, or further review.

Claims filed before February 15th for an Earned Income Tax Credit, or an Additional Child Tax Credit will also take longer. Form 8379 for Injured Spouse Allocation can take up to 14 weeks to process.

On average, however, 21 days is usually how long you’ll have to wait regardless of when you file your tax return.

Filing tax returns need not always be stressful, you might even get lucky sometimes!

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Today every CFO has a specific skill set which is complimented by the rise in finance technologies.  The latest technology developments and finance systems cut through the complexity inherent in basic duties.  This, in turn, makes it simpler for the CFO and CEO levels to integrate with a better understanding.

According to an article published last year in The Wall Street Journal written in conjunction with Deloitte, the CFO insight and analysis professional service, tech innovations such as large data platforms, mobile and social media tools and business analytics are continuously transforming finance technology.

These new financial toolkit capabilities assist in such ways towards support and collaboration between the CEO and CFO.  The modern CFO skills will encompass tech trends that fall into two categories.

Firstly, there are the disruptive innovation technologies.  These are developments that will have fundamentally changed modern business in a few years and definitely impact how it is implemented today.  This includes in its list finance technology big data, crowdsourcing, cognitive and predictive analytics and social media. 

The modern CFO who integrates these big emerging technologies and derives financial impetus from them will be positioned to take their company well into the century.  By using these innovations to further the company finance function, this will drive performance across the board.

The second CFO technology trend is all the enabling tech innovations currently in use.  These have already altered the course and enhanced the daily financial operations in companies today.  Included in this list are such financial tech innovations such as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Mobility, in-memory and visualisation computing.

These Finance Technology innovations have been highly beneficial upon implementation.  The modern CFO uses them to achieve such things as to gain better performance from the company’s systems and lowering cost of ownership. These financial technologies hand a very effective toolkit to the CFO.  It is now possible to exponentially advance and enhance financial agenda.

Efficiency and cost reductions can be monitored by keeping the SaaS model constantly in sight.  IT finances can be moved from capital expenditure costs to the operational budget.  This is possible as in place of owning an asset, IT would be consuming a service on a when needed basis.

By employing the SaaS model and technology to gather traditional performance analytics and management, this will save having to invest in hitherto unavoidable integration.  For example, subsuming new organisations into the main enterprise program would no longer be necessary as they would have the ability to operate their analytics.

This kind of mobility can extend and integrate the CFO’s capabilities more seamlessly into the organisation.  The new finance technology trends give mobility to support the business’s need for personal servicing and remote enabling of business processes, reporting and analytics at the point. 

This enhances all company decision support. CFO’s ability to communicate and partner alongside business by rendering financial data into easily consumable and familiar language to business is a powerful tool.  Perhaps the most welcome Finance Technology innovation available to the modern CFO today.

KEYWORDS: Technology CFO; Finance Technology; Modern CFO skills and competencies.

References: www.timoelliot.com www.deloitte.com/ www.deloitte.wsj.com


Technology Trends Impacting Today’s CFO(Content Princess – SEO)

Being a chief financial officer in today’s world of technology is already a role which is proven to be an ever-increasing challenge. Faced with the stresses of managing finances and making crucial financial decisions, CFOs are often confronted with an abundance of stress throughout their day-to-day life.

Though with this new age of technology thoroughly upon us, the CFO’s role is only becoming more and more stressful and they have to adapt and grow every day to stay on the top of their game.

As well as a lot of trends giving CFOs increased stress, some of them are also granting them further abilities and distances, allowing them to reach out across the financial world and explore in greater depth.

Added stress does come with technology changes and advancements, though not all are necessarily bad for the CFO. It can be good, in forcing the current CFO to develop a wider range of skills and competencies.

Some Things That Are Having An Impact

One of the most notable things that are impacting today’s CFOs are platforms which offer regular updates as often as twice or thrice yearly. Platforms which fall under the category of Cloud provide regular updates as mentioned previously, with leading technologies under the Cloud bracket offering as many as four updates a year.

This has an effect on CFOs because instead of having to freshen up their knowledge and become familiar with updates every four or five years as with previous technological platforms, they are now required to get familiar with updated versions far more regularly, resulting in more work and more stress with constant learning curves.

One thing in today’s technological world that can aid a CFO is the broadness of the mobility that they have at their fingertips. It’s this ability to have access to their data or near enough any other data whenever they wish to view it and analyse it.

It grants CFOs with a greater and more in-depth look at their respective market or niche, allowing them to make more accurate financial decisions for their business’s growth. It would aid with investment priorities as they would be provided with a broader range of typically more accurate data on which to base their decisions.

Another positive aspect of having access to mounds and mounds of data would be that CFOs would be able to pay close attention to external information. External Information like trends and tactics in other countries and other businesses – and attempt to apply those strategies to their organisation, coupling it with the internal information that they have already sourced and looked into meticulously.

That does, however, come with a downside to it, as CFOs could become overwhelmed with information if they try to look into too much all at once. This could result in confusion and the over-complication of otherwise simple decisions. Though information is the most valuable asset available to CFOs, it can also pose as just as much a pitfall.

An Important Role

In summary, being a CFO comes with many challenges and downsides, just as any role in technology does. It is a stressful position, to begin with, though in this world of ever-evolving technology and growing trends, they are forced to stay on top of their game.

 Although this can cause much stress and can give them a much harder time, it can also be of a great benefit as they have access to so much more than anyone who has worked in that role previously.

 As in every walk of life: it is all about adapting, learning and evolving to become more efficient and prolific in your respective position. And trends in today’s technological world are most definitely forcing that upon the CFOs of this generation.

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