Truly Gifted – Upcoming Trends in Wedding Gifts (Rank Princess – SEO)

Indian weddings have seen it all, from simple ceremonies to extravagant destination weddings. Gift industry trends 2016 showed a vast divide of ideas amongst young couples to what exactly they want on their special day.

There has, however, been a breakthrough these last few years in the size of the gifting industry in India. Even though the gifting industry statistics in India is set at 30 billion USD, couples have realised that the more personal the ceremony is, the more memorable they are.

This year, there is an inclination towards eco-friendly weddings with gifting favours that are more personal, edgy and chic.

Gift Package

The packaging of the gift is as important as the gift itself.  Indian gifting market provides readymade options of decorated boxes to elegant pouches to accommodate gifts like small candles, jewellery, dry fruits and nuts.

Opt for green gifting like a small plant, cacti, or bonsai plants. The guests will love it and cherish it for a long time.

Personal Gifts

Gifting toiletries is always a go-to option as party favours. There is a wide range to choose from where you can either personalise it to your taste or your guest.

Go for options of personal items such as cufflinks, broaches, scarves, fancy hair clips, etc. These are useful items that the guests will appreciate and keep for a long time. There are a lot of unisex options in this category which makes the job of choosing much easier.    

Ditch the Sweets

Gifting business in India goes hand in hand with giving sweets. Many are now health conscious and often consider it a burden to receive sweets. Switch to healthier options that the entire family can enjoy like dry fruits and nuts. These stay for longer and come in very attractive pre-packaged parcels.

The edgy option here would be gifting wine, gourmet raw or ground spices, and preserves that are available in trendy tins that you can personalise with your names or logo.

Functional Gift Options

Choose party favours that go along with your theme of the wedding. For example, a couple who are football fans had a FIFA-themed wedding with party favours like team jerseys and other football souvenirs.

Go over the edge and gift a hangover kit, that includes coffee sachet, electrolyte sachet, breath mints, and an express make-up put-together, and finally, instructions to the nearest restaurant for that perfect hangover cure breakfast.

Let your Guests Decide

With the online gifting market size getting larger, with so many innovative options available to choose from, it is super trendy to let your guests decide what they want to buy.

Gift cards and vouchers are available with several online shopping portals, and this is probably the easiest and the most eco-friendly method to give and receive gifts.

Another alternative to this trend is gifting discounts on travel websites to give your favourite people a well-deserved vacation.

Create a Memorable Experience

Gifting an experience is not only new but is a welcomed concept in Indian weddings now. Many gifting startups in India are coming up with interesting options like dancing lessons for the guests and DIY workshops with a take home after the ceremonies.

A special spa and massage session for couples and cooking classes for the young makes the surrounding lively and interesting, and they are sure to be talking about it for a long time into the future!

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Redefining Ethnic Home Décor- the Kannada Way (Rank Princess – SEO)

In this article, we’ll be walking you through some of the traditional Kannada elements to incorporate into your home. So be ready to de-clutter and renovate your home the Kannada way!


Any Kannada household is bound to have a traditional hand- made rangoli design by default. The white coloured pattern made of rice flour made in different designs is found in every South Indian family since it is considered auspicious.

It may take time and practice before you perfect it but it’s worth it!

Fresh flowers

The interior designers of today are greatly inspired by this particular practice. A Kannada household always has a large broad mouthed vessel filled with water and fresh flowers floating on it.

It brings a new feel to the house and is one of the best ways to perk you up instantly!


These are window shaped outlines either carved in wood or can be seen embedded in the walls of a typical Kannada home. These can also be made of clay.

When embedded in the wall, these act as a space to keep the earthen lamps or diyas.

Scented incense sticks

One can invariably find a typical Kannada household smelling of sandalwood!

So you can use sandalwood incense sticks as well, or you can opt for scented candles instead. It can serve the dual purpose of lighting up a corner also.


Yes! The indispensable accessory of festivals, even the grih-pravesh, designer torans that we usually purchase to decorate our homes is inspired from here.

Traditionally these are made from fresh mango or coconut leaves, but you can also go for the fabric ones.


This style statement of today has its origins from the south, where almost every courtyard has this particular piece of furniture. It’s available in every size right from those meant for toddlers to those intended for adults.

So go on and add a bit of ‘ethnic’ to your balcony!

Traditional architecture

A typical Kannada household is synonymous with a central ‘aangan’ or inner courtyard. A place that provides a special patch of sunshine to dry papads and make pickles!

The outer verandah is invariably made of delicately carved wooden columns supporting massive wooden beams. These columns are seen crafted in unusual patterns and intricate designs.


Oil paintings of gods and goddesses such as those of goddess Lakshmi find a home in these households.

One can even find a corner dedicated to the ancestors where photos in black and white are kept framed.

Ornate carvings in wood depicting mythological stories add a rustic element to the house. You can also indulge in these decorative pieces to add that rustic look to your home.


Furniture may include wooden chests, decorative boxes in sandalwood, metal, marble, footstools, jharokhas and even bird cages.

It is heavy in design with intricate patterns and motifs, curved armrests, metal or ivory inlay works and may have silk fabric upholstery.

Whatever be the taste in furniture, you won’t find the knick-knacks and curios. No clutter in short!

No household incorporates calm, serene and peaceful at one place as does a typical Kannada home. Just follow the cues mentioned above and bring these traits to your home.

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Delight your mother this Mother’s Day with luxurious treats from (Content Strategi – SEO)

IndiaCakes has been helping people celebrate their joys and special occasions since 2004. We have something exquisite befitting every occasion – freshly baked, delectable gourmet cakes, ethereal designer bouquets and other personalised gifts to show your family how much you care.

Mother’s day special – A tribute to the most important person in your life

Show your mother how much you love, cherish, and appreciate her with decadent treats and sweets designed to indulge.  Conjure unforgettable memories with –

  • Deliciously flavoured themed cakes – Send your mother her favourite flavour of cake made to order. IndiaCakes offers a lot of options from 2-3 tier cakes, fondant cakes, sugarless cakes, and more. There are wide assortments of choices to make your celebrations exceptional.
  • Unique floral arrangements to turn every occasion festive – Add colour to life with our myriad arrangements of flowers. We have delicious chocolate bouquets with cute little teddy bears that will charm your mother and bouquets of orchids, roses, or mixed arrangements to add a feeling of enchantment to her day.
  • A basket of fruits – Our dealers handpick the best in seasonal fruits in the market so you can surprise your mother on this special day with a tasty selection of succulent, flavourful assortment of her favourite seasonal fruits.
  • Eggless cakes for the vegetarians in your life – Never miss out on variety or flavours with our eggless cakes. There is no dearth of choices when it comes to surprising your mom with heavenly, ambrosial eggless cakes.
  • Exclusive distinctive gifts online – From greeting cards, themed mugs and more making every event exceptional. Amaze your mom by getting her mother’s day gift delivered on the jot of 12:00, midnight with our midnight delivery of presents.

Turn this mother’s day significant and reminiscent. Choose from our boundless online catalogue and send thoughtful gifts from to add a wallop of pleasure and zest to your mother’s day festivities.

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Google Optimize (Rank Princess – SEO)

What is Google Optimize?

Google Optimize is a web enhancement tool. With this tool, entities can measure and analyze several online business related aspects and devise their website to enhance business performance and positive customer experience.

Google Optimize is based on web-enabled statistics that returns solutions in a jiffy. It is integrated with web metrics and web analytics. With this tool, you can perform statistical operations. You can collect, measure and analyze web-related data, all within a remarkably reduced time frame.

Google Optimize collects data from several web and user interfaces and feeds these into the analyzing machinery to generate valuable business information.

Who can use Google Optimize?

Google offers some of its Google optimize versions free of cost while a few others are chargeable. The basic versions are recommended for small or medium-sized enterprises with less sophisticated business requirements. If the business is large and sophisticated, then advanced versions are recommended such as the Optimize 360.

The basic versions are free of cost whereas the advanced versions are chargeable.  Advanced version users are provided installation and support services as well as advanced user and account administration.

A lot is spent on website promotions, taking decisions based on web metrics improves cost effectiveness and efficiencies.

Features of Google Optimize

The basic features of Google Optimize enable:

  • Testing different website versions.
  • Experimentation
  • Tailoring websites to optimize performance parameters.
  • Comparison of different website versions (A/B testing).
  • Performing multivariate analysis.
  • Application of customer targeting tools.
  • Personalization of web features.
  • Integration with Google Analytics.

In advanced versions, each of the above features is equipped with more statistical power, and there are also some additional features.

Other Optimization Tool Options

Various other optimization and analytical tools are on offer, and these include Spring metrics, Woopra, Clicky, Mint, Chartbeat, Kiss Metrics, User testy, Crazy eggs, Mouseflow.

All these tools can have specific features which can serve specific purposes, all these are chargeable, but Google Optimize is free and is a comprehensive problem solver that includes a wide range of capabilities and features that enable solving diverse and complicated business problems.

Google Optimize Advantage

Google optimize tools have been made conspicuous by Google and extremely user-friendly so as to promote the culture of web metrics. It is very easy to install and is free.

Google Optimize can be used for solving many types of combinatorial optimization problems such as constraint programming, linear programming, vehicle routing problems as well as solve graphical algorithms.

Google Optimize has been created by using C++, but the tool can also be used with Python, C#, or Java.

In a nutshell, the benefits of Google Optimize include:

  • Round the clock maintenance.
  • Several free versions.
  • Maintenance of records of user experience.
  • Wide versatility, can be used on other platforms besides C++.
  • Wide applicability, can be used for solving wide range of problems.
  • Has surpassed several tests.
  • Has been used in Google internally to solve critical business problems.
  • Efficient and user-friendly.
  • Provision of high-level user support.

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Make the Best Use of Business through Online Optimization (Rank Princess – SEO)

If you are happening to be an organization, it is quite evident you would like to reach out to the maximum number of end user customers. When the internet has spread out, and websites of various companies are ruling the world, it has dawned on many and rightly so of being the only and best way to sell the products and services on offer from your end.

A Tough Call:

However easier said than done, stiff competition in the market followed by a diverse online presence of companies selling similar patterns of products and services makes the going quite tough. It is here that the digital ventures of companies on the lookout to make it big needs a boost or a push.

Making it Count:

If we are to search the meaning of the word optimization in a dictionary, it will point out the meaning as, making the best possible output through proper and full utilisation of a sequence. How true is that and this is exactly how the SEO function or Search Engine Optimization works.

Visible Presence:

On digital grounds, it can be explained as the more an organisation has its website displayed at the top of popular search engine results, the better are the chances of drawing the maximum traffic of web users. The search results are often defined through phrases as, ‘natural’ or ‘organic’.

Google’s Part in It:

Talking of popular search engines, Google undoubtedly features as one. Thus website contents to be optimized in accordance of Google has to go by a basic criteria. These are;

  • A thorough and comprehensive analysis behind choosing of the keyword. Since websites are largely content based, a good pickup of keywords is mandatory.
  • The success of website remains in how short, precise and informative a manner it can give away a company’s purpose, products and services. There isn’t scope for overdoing any piece of information.
  • Other than the content, the visual aesthetics through pictures and video content also greatly matter.
  • Next in line of the tasks is building up of links. The links can be shared on various social media sites, and it directs a user to the content of a website.

Is it Only Just Google SEO?

The question naturally arises as there are the other available search engine options of Bing and Yahoo. Studies very well show the combined effort of Bing and Yahoo has already managed to capture a good percentage of online market shares.

Bing, for instance, is constantly pushing itself up the ladder for a greater audience reach and ranks its content higher on search platforms. The websites optimized not just for Google but also the others will certainly help draw in a broader traffic.

Staying Ahead:

A popular search engine has to and always does undergo updates of its algorithms that put them in a better chance of scoring over others. At times these changes make it difficult for the client companies to adjust but over the long run, it is beneficial for both. Moreover, if the ranking position of a company suffers due to the changes, as discussed in the above paragraph, there are always the options of using other search engines.

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Boost Your Business Using Google Optimize (Rank Princess)

Google Optimize is an analytics and optimization tool that can be efficiently utilised to test the quality of your landing page and improve your website content. Optimize offers services like website testing and personalization experiences that are needed to create engaging online experiences that tempt and interest your customers.

Google Optimize can be easily used to boost online sales and digital marketing or brand communication.

Google Optimize is the free version of Optimize 360, an enterprise-grade tool that contains a collection of products that aim to help an enterprise understand its customers on the basis of marketing and data. Optimize 360 can be used to test, analyse, optimize and personalize the user experience of all potential customers visiting your website.

Products/Services Offered

Google Integrations- Optimize offers integration services that can be used to customize and improve customer experience.

  • Google Analytics – Optimize is based on detailed consumer behaviour and segmentation data that are available in Analytics. Analytics can be used to identify the website areas that need to be improved upon and to measure website experiments against business objectives. It can be used to formulate a strategy to influence consumer behaviour and conversion.
  • Google BigQuery- Analytics 360 customers, can send their data to BigQuery for large-scale data analysis.

Experiment Services-Optimize offers different types of experiments for your website testing needs.

  • A/B testing, also recognized as split testing, entails the comparison and analysis of multiple descriptions of a landing page, web page or mobile app feature to determine which one executes better in terms of user engagement, growth in revenue and improvement in a website’s conversion rate. Conversion rate refers to the percentage of users who are influenced into performing the desired action. One example would be the percentage of website visitors that buy something on the website.
  • Multivariate Tests allow you to test multiple elements on a page so that you can figure out the best outcome for your website through trial and error.
  • Redirect Tests or split URL tests, are similar to A/B tests. In the case of redirect tests, the different versions being tested are identified by the URL instead of the elements on the page. This test can be used to evaluate two very different landing pages or a completely new design.

Visual Editor- Optimize enables you to create multiple variants, without going through the hassle of having to recode your website every time.

  • The WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) editor enables you to create multiple versions of your web page without any re-coding; you just have to click for editing. This feature can also be used very easily by non-technical teams.
  • Visual Editor Diagnostics alerts you to potential problems.
  • Mobile Web Editor enables you to configure mobile experiments for users. You can see how your web page looks on different devices and screens using this feature.
  • Sophisticated Code Editing provides you with the ability to HTML codes, or add JavaScript or CSS directly to provide your users with great experiences.

Targeting- Google Optimize provides you tools to customize website experience for your customers and choose visitors for your site experiments.

Reporting- Optimize uses Analytics and Bayesian statistical methods to efficiently analyse your data and the results of your experiments to give accurate reports of the expected impact on your business.

Experiment Management-Optimize offers features like an activity log, experiment preview and user permission for easy management of the experiments being conducted for your business.


Optimize is a highly inclusive tool that offers a wide range of products and services for enhancing your website’s quality and conversion rate. Customer reviews have praised its performance and called it easy to use in comparison to similar products like Visual Website Optimizer, Optimizely and Google Content Experiments.

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Thought IVF Isn’t An Option? Here’s Why You’re Wrong! (Rank Princess – SEO)

In Vitro Fertilization has proved to be a boon for many who have given it a chance. Over 5 million babies have been conceived with the help of this Assisted Reproductive Technology since its inception in 1978.

However, there’s still a long way to go before people start seeing it for what it is – a potentially beneficial surgical procedure with plausible risks involved.

Having been around for only four decades, IVF is still a relatively new procedure. However, many of the fears and concerns have remained since that era. Like any technology, IVF continues to evolve as scientists through further study reduce the risks and side-effects involved every year.

How Likely Is IVF To Help You Have A Child?

The rate of successful pregnancies from IVFs resulting in live births (according to the 2014 report from the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology) was 18% for women aged 41 and 42. And although an IVF success rate of 5% doesn’t seem like a big number, it still provides a chance for a woman beyond her menopause to experience pregnancy.

It is natural for women to experience decreased fertility rates with age. From ages 30 and 40, a woman’s chances of conception fall to half her peak. A woman of 40 is four times less likely to conceive each month than she would have been a decade earlier.

Out of all ART techniques, IVF is the most successful. Even if a pregnancy is not achieved in the first cycle, the process can be repeated. Your doctor can find out how your body specifically responds to treatment to ensure things go better the next time around.

Other Advantages Of IVF

With IVF, your doctor can examine a few cells of your embryo to check for genetic diseases before implantation, through the process of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). Although the ethics of this practice is debated, with it, you can have peace of mind knowing that your baby will be healthy and won’t have to deal with a life-altering debility.

In case your first cycle of IVF doesn’t go as planned, healthy embryos from a PGD can be cryogenically preserved, so you have the option of attempting again.

The Controversy Over IVF

Ethical issues with IVF are widely prevalent. Many debate that making in vitro fertilization mainstream will put more pressure on women to become pregnant. Some religious bodies believe it is morally wrong, including the Church, which believes any method of conception other than intercourse between a man and a woman prevents reciprocal and responsible love.

Becoming pregnant is a mutual decision between two partners which should only be influenced by their desire to create life and experience it together. Any question of coercion is a sign of an unhealthy relationship. IVF is only a means to procreate.

A couple unable to have children naturally have as much a right to be called parents, whatever their orientation or sexuality may be.

The stigma against IVF continues to decrease as it is accepted by more and more couples wishing to get pregnant. On average, one couple out of every six face problems with fertility around the world. With IVF, one day every couple will be able to experience the wonders of childbirth.

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Giving Birth Through IVF Isn’t a Remote Option (Rank Princess – SEO)

Conceiving a baby is the ultimate dream come true for every couple wanting to step into the shoes of a parent. But what stand as a barrier in the path to that dream are medical conditions that render a couple to be without a child.

New Generation:

Medical science intervention over time to solve this problem has resulted in various methods and ways of treatment. And one of the most popular ways that was once quite famous across the world by being known to produce ‘test-tube babies’ is in vitro fertilization or IVF in the abbreviated form. A whole new generation of babies was born to this treatment.

Breaking Barriers:

More modern techniques have later on developed over the years, like the process of artificial insemination involving the human sperm to be placed in the uterus for natural conception to take place. But can IVF be entirely ruled out, and is it just a myth of being branded as an unsafe option is the topic of this piece.

Surely IVF does involve some complexities and along comes its very expensive nature. No wonder in the modern context, going by reports, only 5% of couples take to treatment through IVF. However, records suggest a staggering statistics where close to more than 200,000 babies have seen the light of the day and been born through IVF.

Where is the Process Effective?

Medical conditions leading to infertility for both men and women can be various. If we are to name a few, then the list may run as:

  • Endometriosis where the uterine lining tissue is outside the uterus instead of inside causing severe pain amongst other symptoms.
  • Men can have low sperm counts. Along with inability of sperms to penetrate the cervical mucus.
  • Other problems are underlining the areas of the uterus and fallopian tubes such as blocked tube passage and more.

Keeping it All Alive:

IVF’s success remains in the fact it never got shunted away as a medical practice. It is a revered technique that is due for consideration when all other treatment measures like artificial insemination, fertility drugs amongst others take a back seat. However, it must not be mistaken to be a last ditch effort.

What Goes on?

To draw a picture which would help readers understand the IVF procedure,

  • It is here where a woman gets her first treatment in the form of fertility drugs. These drugs act by stimulating the production of mature eggs manifold.
  • After the eggs are matured, a needle is then placed into the vagina to have the eggs removed.
  • The retracted eggs are placed in a laboratory dish to be treated by the method of sperm washing. Or to understand more clearly, with the help of a very fine needle-like apparatus, sperm is injected into the nucleus of one egg.
  • Fertlization is detected in no time as soon as the injected egg begins to show the symptom of cleave or break up into multiple cells.
  • The embryos are then needed to be placed back in the uterus after about 72 hours of fertilization.

Such a treatment measure helps infertile couples to achieve their dream of having a baby of their own that too with their eggs and sperm. This is possible as unlike other more modern and advanced pregnancy-related treatment options, no donor sperm or eggs are used.

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Thought IVF Isn’t An Option? Here’s Why You’re Wrong! (Rank Princess – SEO)

The lifestyle hazards of the modern age are among the many factors contributing to the global rise in fertility and health problems. In Vitro Fertilization or IVF offers an effective solution to the problem of infertility.

The first IVF baby in the world was born in England, in the year 1978. Since then IVF has helped millions all over the world achieve their dreams of having a child. IVF is a highly feasible option that can help you to have a child of your own.

In vitro refers to a process that is performed or that takes place in a test tube, culture dish or outside a living organism and in an artificial setting. IVF at the most simplistic level involves egg fertilization in a test tube and then embryo transfer to the uterus. IVF has a much higher success rate as compared to other fertility treatments like Artificial Insemination and IUI or Intrauterine Insemination procedures.

When is IVF an Option?

IVF is recommended for couples who suffer from the following issues:

  • Anatomical problems like blocked fallopian tubes or pelvic adhesions with a distorted pelvic structure.
  • In a case of severe male infertility due to a low sperm count or low motility.
  • In a case of failure after 2-4 cycles of ovarian stimulation with intrauterine insemination.
  • In case the mother-to-be is over 38 years of age.
  • In the case of a low ovarian reserve or low egg supply.
  • In a case of severe endometriosis.

Procedure and Stages

  • Stage 1- is ovulation induction, during which the fertility specialist monitors your ovulation and the time of egg release. Fertility medicines or hormones are given at this stage to stimulate egg production. The more eggs you have, the higher the chances of success. If you are unable to produce any eggs, you can use donor eggs for IVF.
  • Stage 2- involves the extraction of eggs for fertilization. Pain medication is given to reduce any discomfort during the extraction process.
  • Stage 3- is fertilization. The sperm sample whether from your partner or a donor is secured, and the most active sperm is mixed with the egg in a special chamber, or sometimes the sperm is injected directly into the egg. They are then put into an incubator and are monitored to ensure that a healthy embryo develops.
  • Stage 4- consists of embryo transfer and implantation. The healthiest embryos are selected for transfer and are then carefully placed into your uterine cavity. Bed rest for 24 hours is often recommended after the IVF process has been completed.

Wrapping It Up

You may have to go through 2 to 3 IVF attempts before you achieve success. However, once you are pregnant, it is not very different from a pregnancy established naturally. Additionally, IVF pregnancies are not considered to be high risk.

So, if you thought earlier that IVF was not an option for you, after going through the information provided above, you can revisit your previous position. You can also visit your local fertility specialist for more information. With a higher rate of success, IVF can prove to be more cost-effective than IUI or AI which may require multiple attempts for successful fertilization.

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Chengdu Wolaila: “How Disruptive Approach Creates Opportunities” (Rank Princess – SEO)

The still emerging- but quite a rapid one at that- economy of China is an ocean of opportunities and presents an immense market to various start-ups to grow: with the highly economic prospects which allow the rising companies to generate higher growth rate.

One such company that has shown rapid emergence into the Chinese market is Chengdu Wolaila. This software company provides e-commerce services and a 24-hour express delivery service through its internet portal known as Sposter. It also develops and markets the applications for Android users and iPhone users.

What Is The Sort Of Work They Exhibit Under Their Services?

It has surfaced as the largest smart delivery box operator in the world. For its drop off services, it makes use of the network which is operated on the basis of the pin code of the area. The extent of its reach in the Chinese market can be estimated by the fact that it has 30 million subscribers throughout the communities of China and it serves the deliveries estimated at an average of 1 million per day.

It also keeps track of the consumption habits of its customers by collecting data from the day to day communications with them. Based on this analysis, it recommends value-added services, which serve the everyday needs of the customers that can include everything from food to clothing to pensions and medical treatments.

Where Has A Simple Start-up Led To?

This company bagged the first position in Deloitte Asia Pacific Tech Fast 500 where an evaluation is carried out of the various companies in the Asia Pacific region based on their average revenue growth.

With its 25239 percent of exceptional growth, it provided a demonstration of how the new technology, with its innovative mechanisms, is shaping everyday life of the people by transforming various business models for the simplification of the lives of the customer. As quoted by the head of the company, “Chengdu Wolaila shows how a disruptive force can create opportunities.”

Chengdu Wolaila aims at improving the experience of its customers by providing a quick and reliable nature of service. Seizing the opportunities driven by the demands of the customers, they have harnessed the technological opportunities at hand in China.

In the end, it all comes to providing a marked experience to its customers with its sizeable team and operational staff. They lay strong emphasis on innovating their services to enhance customer satisfaction, and so that they can act quickly in any case of technical problems reported by customers.

How It Keeps Growing

Keeping in line with its idea of growth and innovation, Chengdu Wolaila has now started an offline advertising business. The success of this endeavour is marked by the fact that it generated two-thirds of their revenue in the previous year.

Alongside, the company also focuses its efforts to understand the ever-changing demands and preferences of the customers and to provide filtered and custom tailored solutions to their problems.

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