Ports-of-Call On Your Food Odyssey in New Orleans(Rank Princess – SEO)

If you’re stopping by in the ‘Big Easy,’ then there’s no way you can leave without having some of their iconic dishes. The vibrant nightlife of New Orleans is matched by its nourishing and mouth-watering food.

With roots in Creole, Cajun and French culture, the decades of sumptuous mixing of ideas and tastes has created a cuisine not only entirely new and fresh but also delicious.

If you’re new to New Orleans, then this is just the beginning of your Odyssey. Whether you’re just visiting for a couple of days, or you’re settling in for the long haul, you can’t miss the food.

Take a look at these five dishes you must try out, and some of the famous New Orleans restaurants you can try them at.

  1. Char-grilled Oysters in the Acme Oyster House, French Quarter: Seafood delicacies abound in New Orleans, with the seafood history going back to the 1700s with the start of commercial fisheries. While oysters are a common delicacy throughout the South, chargrilled oysters are one of those New Orleans specialities that you can’t find anywhere else. While you’re there, try their Seafood Gumbo Cup too. The New Orleans French Quarter is a treasure trove of amazing seafood restaurants.
  2. Gumbo in The Gumbo Shop, French Quarter: Gumbo is one of those things that show what a wild, crazy and delicious mix of cultures New Orleans is. A stew served over rice; there is no one true recipe for gumbo. Everyone has their own recipe. Sassafras and bay leaves are staple seasonings, as introduced by Native Americans, but everything else is a free-for-all.
  3. Po’ Boys at Parasol’s: If you’re in the mood for a quick (but filling) bite, then try out another one of New Orleans’ specialities. Po’ Boys are overstuffed sandwiches with cut potatoes and roast beef gravy. These first started being made during 1929, where they were provided free to poor, striking streetcar workers (hence the name.) So you’re eating a piece of New Orleans food history!
  4. Beer and Bar Food at The Avenue Pub: This may be cheating, but we feel any list with New Orleans eating places on it has got to have a good pub on it for newcomers who want to party the New Orleans way, and The Avenue Pub sure knows how to show you a good time. Discover 40+ beers on tap, each one unique, and pub comfort food the way only New Orleans knows how. Famously, the bar is open 24×7 so drop in whenever.
  5. Beignets at Café Du Monde: Beignets can be distinctly traced back to the influence of the French-Creole denizens in the city. To the uninitiated, they are a little like doughnuts, but they precede doughnuts. The dough is combined then fried, and the mound is dusted with powdered sugar to create the famous New Orleans sweet dessert treat. You can buy your beignet mix from them and try it out at home if you like it.

Visit Often!

It’s tough to leave New Orleans, and it’s tough when you think about all of the amazing food that you just can’t get anywhere else, so come back whenever you can.

Live with good music, great food and a wonderful life in New Orleans.


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The Philadelphia 76ers – How their 2017 Draft Picks Are Shaping Up(Rank Princess – SEO)

Looking to strengthen their line-up in the coming year, the Philadelphia 76ers draft pick in 2017 will want to carry forward the vision of rebuilding the team from this year to become more competitive.

The 2016 draft pick saw point forward Ben Simmons joining the 76ers roster. The Philadelphia 76ers, or the Sixers, will want to add talented young players while their coach Brett Brown rebuilds the team.

With a start to their season that can only be described as rough at best and the Philadelphia 76ers earning the first draft pick, here is a look at five players and at how well they can fit into the Sixer’s current line-up. 

Markelle Fultz – the perfect fit

He is the perfect fit in this season’s draft for the Philadelphia 76ers. Fultz will fit in well when the Sixers attack and will compliment their defence too.

He is on top in almost every aspect of the game and will be the player the Sixers will be hoping to land.

Dennis Smith – could provide offensive depth to Sixer’s roster

The next best point guard after Markelle Fultz in the upcoming NBA draft, Dennis Smith could provide the much-needed depth to the Sixer’s attack.

He can set up assists as well as be a good scorer himself, which could add up to him being the perfect fit for Ben Simmons, besides Markelle Fultz that is. If these two can find their rhythm the 76er’s offence could pack too much of a punch for many teams to handle.

Harry Giles – a pick for talent alone

With the possibility that the Philadelphia 76ers could lose Jahlil Okafor or Nerlens Noel, Harry Giles could be a good draft pick even though he might not be the perfect fit for the team.

Standing at 6 feet 11 inches tall, Giles could be picked for his talent alone, be it defence or offence.

Jayson Tatum – a forward the Sixers have been hoping for

Offensively he is an option that the 76ers have been hoping for. He shoots well from mid-range and is a good forward while working in isolation scenarios.

He will be a good fit to work with Ben Simmons to take the Sixer’s attack to the next level.

Josh Jackson – a good mix of offence and defence

Josh Jackson is a promising perimeter defender, but his on-court aggressiveness also leaves enough room for him to shift to the offensive when needed.

One of the best fits to play alongside Robert Covington he can plug the holes in the Sixer’s defence, while his physical abilities will also provide enough teeth to the offence.

With Brett Brown trying to improve the 76er’s defence Josh Jackson, with a good mix of offence and defence, may be the answer.


With the start of the college basketball season and the Sixers hopeful of two of the top 10 draft picks this year, the scouts will be watching this NCAA season closely.

The 76ers will be trying to add to their roster young and promising players to shape up to the vision of head coach Brett Brown, in keeping with the restructuring the team underwent last year.


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Philadelphia 76ers – Is the New ‘New’ Really New?(Rank Princess – SEO)

Perhaps, the worst team in the NBA last year were the Philadelphia 76ers. However, with an influx of old as well as young talent, in the front office as well as on the roster, the Sixers are now gearing up to zoom ahead!

The last season has been a busy one for the Philadelphia 76ers with major reshuffling taking place within the organisation, which has not been keeping up with the expectations of its fans. In its desperate attempt to reclaim its lost glory, Jerry Colangelo has been brought into the picture with the task of making the Sixers famous again.

The Reconstruction Phase:

After being in the “tank mode” for a while, the 76ers realised that they were stuffed with players that did not belong to this league and that had made them the laughing stock of the NBA.

Under Bryan Colangelo, the new General Manager, the team appears to be in the re-building mode, and after being at the bottom for years, the 76ers are hoping to strike gold in the NBA Draft.

The Arrival of the Champs:

As a part of its reconstruction plan, the 76ers have brought in some senior players such as Jerryd Bayless, Gerald Henderson and Sergio Rodriguez to rope in some much-needed leadership skills and stability. Bayless and Henderson are known for their consistent performance and are expected to build up this virtue in the younger players.

The absence of sufficient talent on the current roster will ensure that Bayless and Rodriguez, who would have been a backup option otherwise, get ample limelight.

Rodriguez is expected to play the role of the ball-handler and distributor. Henderson is a famous all-around player and can guide the time on all fronts.

The Unexploited Assets:

The team also has a lot of young and talented players who are waiting to play their first season this year.

Take Joel Embiid for example. He was considered to be the number one pick before injuries forced him to take a back-seat. Now that he has had enough time to recover and get back on track, Embiid can now prove that he is a dominant player.

Ben Simmons and Timothy Luwawu-Cabarrot were in the first round of this year’s draft and had significant minutes on the court to outshine their competitors.

The player that seems to be a crucial one for the Sixers is Ben Simmons who has performed very well previously at LSU and the NBA Summer League. Showing the elegance of a veteran player and far beyond his experience, Simmons is sure to make his presence felt during the matches.

Jahlil Okafor is expected to polish his game and put up a more encouraging performance along with the athletic and lean Nerlens Noel.

The Game-Plan:

The Sixers now have the players who will not only help the team perform well, but also move up the NBA ranks. The two big men positions will be frequented by Embiid, Okafor, and Noel. Ben Simmons and Dario Saric are fluid with the ball and will spend time playing forward. Simmons has all the necessary qualifications to thrive and move forward. The backcourts will be controlled by Bayless, Henderson and Rodriguez.

The Philadelphia 76ers might be a team on the lower-end but have made great improvements compared to the last few years. They might not turn out to be the big champions but will certainly not be the butt of all jokes this season.

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Dishes that Define New Orleans, the Top Five(Rank Princess – SEO)

We wouldn’t be very wrong if we said that New Orleans takes its food more seriously than any other city in The States. In the city where every restaurant has something to offer that you won’t find anywhere else, it’s no surprise that the town is home to many iconic dishes. Here’s a list of places and food you can’t afford to miss.

  1. Brennan’s Signature Banana Foster

The Banana Foster is essentially a banana sundae, but with a New Orleans twist. The bananas are slow-cooked with butter and sweet spices like cinnamon and vanilla. Then the rum is added, and the flames get to work, combining all the ingredients and imparting its delightful flavour.

The cooked bananas are served with the special in-house vanilla ice cream, and the best banana sundae of the solar system is born.   

Head over to 417 Royal Street and behold the magic yourself.

  1. Gumbo Z’herbes at Dooky Chase

Talking New Orleans food without talking Gumbo would be like talking Halloween without the candies. Gumbo is a versatile dish which you can find almost everywhere and in a variety of flavour combinations.

The gumbo in question, Gumbo Z’herbes, is an extraordinary affair, though. Prepared by the legendary chef Leah Chase of Dooky Chase, Z’herbes is a particular dish which is available only on Holy Thursdays.

But you can still find their regular gumbos all year round, which are some of the best in town, on 2301 Orleans Avenue.

  1. Oysters at Casamento Oyster House

Casamento’s is a seasonal oyster house located at 4330 Magazine Street. Seasonal meaning it’s closed in the summer.

But visit them at any other time of the year, and you’re bound to find some of the best bivalve oysters which the natives and tourists can’t get enough of.

Order some good wine to go with the oysters and engage in conversations with the oyster shucker. And who knows, he just might let you shuck a couple of oysters yourself if you ask nicely enough. 

  1. Pascal Manales Barbeque Shrimp

We still have little idea as to why it’s called ‘barbbeque’ shrimp when it isn’t barbequed at all. What it is, though, is some quality sautéed shrimp with a Worcestershire butter sauce which tastes, well, as you can imagine, heavenly.

Pascal’s, on 1838 Napoleon Avenue, shouldn’t be too much work to find as it is a major city landmark since the 1950s.

  1. Fried Chicken at Willie Mae’s

In a country that’s obsessed with fried chicken, claiming to be the best doesn’t come easy. But if there’s a place that’s often credited with the title of best-fried chicken in town, it must be for a good reason.

The thing which separates the chicken at Willie Mae’s from the crowd is its batter, which is very moist, luscious, and a secret recipe (you’ll find a lot of those here).

So, drive to 2401 St. Anne Street and get hold of some of them chicken wings.

And this sums up our list of some of the most popular and decadent food that the iconic city of New Orleans has to offer. We wish you to be reminded that this barely even scratches the surface of what the city has to offer. To really enjoy and appreciate the food culture there, New Orleans has to be visited and revisited.







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The All new InTouchApp Chrome Extension(Rank Princess – SEO)

~Exciting Features and More~

Well, we all know WhatsApp is about displays, pictures, and phone-numbers. So the all new InTouchApp Chrome extension lets you save images directly from Whatsapp to your phone. From group photos to a single friend’s photo, this new feature also allows you to select a few images from a pool of fetched photos. Users can also save unknown contacts in bulk from without having to save it one by one.

Don’t Fret, It’s Quite Easy:

Save Images from Whatsapp to Phone-Book

Once you download the new plug-in, you can directly save all displays and pictures in the name of your contact. The images are organised by the InTouchApp without creating clutter or chaos in your phonebooks.

Group Photos in Bulk

The images can be stored in bulk, so if you want to save images from a WhatsApp group, then they can be sorted out by the InTouchApp, without you having to save it one by one. The Plugin allows you to save time and invest it in chatting rather than storing images.

Choice of Image Selection

Once, the images are fetched by the App, you have the choice selected few out of the whole lot. That way you can select multiple photos at once, without having to do it again and again.

Save Unknown Contacts in Bulk

To save your time, you have the option of storing multiple contacts at once. You save a lot of time, by just keeping them all at the click of a button. All you have to do is click ‘save all’ and all of them will be stored in their respective names without you having to go through the turmoil of doing it one by one.

Save Contacts from LinkedIn

Find professionals on LinkedIn and get in touch with them right away. Keep their contact coordinates with the help of the IntouchApp Chrome plug-in and make networking a child’s play. All you have to do is click save the contact, and all his contact information (Number, Email, LinkedIn Username) will be saved immediately to your phone-book.

Save Unknown Contacts from any website

We visit a hundred sites every day, go through countless numbers every second.  Ever wondered if we could save all important numbers by just clicking save, well Intouch App allows you to do so. From Facebook to Zomato, you can store all relevant numbers just by clicking save and just get in touch ☺

Final Take

The all new InTouchApp Chrome extension is worth it. Store images in bulk or keep them individually, select or deselect photos to make your phone clutter-free and organised.  Storing WhatsApp contact numbers in groups become all the easier, you don’t have to go through the exercise of saving each number, you can just click save all, and the contacts will be stored in their respective names. Find numbers and email address online from numerous websites, just click save contact, and the App keeps your phone book up to date.


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Indulge Your Inner Foodie With These 7 Winter Specials(Rank Princess – SEO)

We Indians love winters. It is the season to rejoice with friends and family over a variety of delicious food! It could be a picnic wala Sunday, a chaat evening, or a Monday gossip wali chai, and many such hours, spent together, laughing and eating!

The markets are overflowing with green leafy vegetables, tubers, and root vegetables, filled with healthy nutrients and flavours that can be savoured in these cold months only.

The cold season gives us the reason to eat more and not sweat about it! So how can we not think of all the yummy seasonal dishes that we can indulge in from different parts of India?

Let us share 7 of our Winter Special – ‘Dish to Binge on’!

  1. Gajar ka Halwa from Northern India

Gajar ka halwa is a typical winter dessert that is cooked in almost every North Indian household during the cold season. Made of juicy red carrots laden with milk, ghee, sugar, and assorted dry fruits, it is the most anticipated sweet dish of the chilly months!

It becomes a must on the dessert menu for all the weddings, parties, and dinners during the season.Nothing can beat the feeling of eating steaming hot gajar ka halwa on a cold winter night!

  1. Punjab’s Makke ki Roti and Sarson ka Saag

This is the food for the soul! Nothing warms up your body more than a heartening meal of Makke ki Roti and Sarson ka Saag from the kitchens of Punjab.

Made with iron-rich leafy vegetables, and maize flour, the food is enriched with Indian spices, condiments, and ghee!It tastes best when served piping hot with butter and jaggery.

  1. Kolkata’s Nolen Gurer Rosogolla and Sandesh

Though sandesh and rosogolla are known Bengali sweets that are served year round, it is the flavour of nolen gurer that is special to the winter months only!

Date palm jaggery or nolen gurer flavoured rosogolla and sandesh are almost synonymous with the Kolkata winters!This ghee and jaggery filled winter delicacy is so impatiently awaited that it can be eaten with all meals and in between too!

  1. Delhi’s Mixed Vegetable Parathas

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, no Delhi household goes without having this hot, round, fulfilling meal a few times every winter!

The parathas are versatile and can be made with a number of available vegetables, like potato, cauliflower, cottage cheese, onion, radish, peas, carrot, just to name a few.Homemade white butter, curd, pickle, and onion are its ideal accompaniments!

  1. Gujarati Undhiyu

Undhiyu is a dry spicy vegetable stew, made in Gujrat especially during the winter months.

It is made mainly of papdi, a creeper vegetable. Undhiyu is tossed in the fiery mix with peas, brinjals, sweet potatoes, and more.It tastes best with roti, puri, or winter special methi muthias!

  1. Bihar’s Litti Chokha

The winters in Bihar, Chhatisgarh, and Jharkhand are incomplete without the Litti Chokha.

Made of wheat flour and filled with chickpea flour, the dish is traditionally cooked over cow dung cakes or wood fires.Drizzled with loads of ghee, Bihar’s winter cuisine goes best with Brinjal Bharta or Mashed Potatoes.

  1. Andhra’s Keema Methi

Keema Methi is a winter tradition from Andhra Pradesh!Minced lamb flavoured with fenugreek seeds and other complimentary condiments. Tastes best when served with rice!

India’s food culture is as rich as the country itself! Travel anywhere, and you are bound to find a taste that is uniquely rich and still unequivocally Indian!

Then what are you waiting for? Let the Indian winter food travel begin this new year


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5 Types of Gajak You’ll Love(Rank Princess – SEO)

History of Indian cuisine throwsback to the centuries-old tradition when multi-cultured people started adapting to each other’s food habits, leading to the formation of regional cuisines.

Likewise, Gajak- a dessert originated from the heart of the country, Madhya Pradesh is consumed across the nation, as the mercury level in the thermometer drops down to a single digit. The winter season heralds for some special winter food to keep you warm and cosy.

Of course, it is a desi dry sweet prepared from the desi ingredients (sesame seeds and jaggery) to fill up the winter share of your appetite. You might as well want to go through its recipe.

Heads up; it may lead to some seriously irresistible cravings. Better visit the nearest Place of Origin store, and grab some. You might as well want to order it on your fingertips through online shopping.

Calling out for “Indore ke Ghajak” won’t be enough as there are many variants. However, we would make it simpler by choosing the best from the lot. Following are the five varieties of Ghajak which can be highlighted as the “must try” ones.

  1. Gud aur Til ke Gajak

Gud aur Til ke Ghajak are the most famous in other regions of the country as well. The sweet takes a handful number of ingredients and yet, it will make one drool. All it require is Jaggery, sesame seeds, and ghee.

  1. Chocolate Gajak

Quite obviously this variant of Gajak is laden with dark chocolate.

Though it is to be consumed during the winter months, it doesn’t really matter as long as your cravings are satisfied.

  1. Dry fruit Gajak

Dry fruit is the rich Indian traditional food having enormous protein supplements. Dry fruit Gajak is stuffed with almonds and cashew nuts that make it a delicious dessert. 

Salivary glands will go out of control when you taste this tantalising sweet.

  1. Sugar-free Gajak

Crafted for the health conscious community is the Sugar-free Gajak. As the name suggests, the sugar in the Gajak is substituted by an artificial sweetener to keep the nutritional value unaffected.

Citric acid is added in small quantities to extend the shelf life of the sweet.

  1. Morena Ka Gajak

Monera is a small place in Madhya Pradesh. Isn’t it amazing, how places get named after their specialty? That’s why we are called an incredible country.

Morena ka Gajak are quite simple to make which almost taste like Chikki (another sweet Indian snack). Shiny, smooth, and thin textured, they look like biscuits. The unique fusion of sesame seeds and jaggery is loved by people across the country.

This winter season reserve some space for this special winter delicacy. All the variants are 100% desi, and are given a taste of the traditional Indian flavour.

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