Beyond Love (True Story Of A Dipsite) (Aakshey Talwar)

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Beyond Love (True Story Of A Dipsite)

Dear Friend,

You definitely don’t want to be bored with a sermon. Being a copywriter, I ought to know to not do that to you. So. I’ll keep this short for you.

You probably want to know who the hell am I? I’m Aakshey Talwar. And I was diagnosed with Asperger’s when I was in class 9. You saw SRK in My Name is Khan? For now, this introduction should suffice.

But. I have set out on a journey that none of my *normal* school and college mates dared to take. You’re probably wondering what the heck is this guy talking about.

I’ll get that to that in a bit.

I’ll be telling you 2 short stories today. Just 2 of them. No big deal.

These short stories form the basis of who I’m today. And I’m sure they will help you in some way or the other, in your own journey.

First, let us talk about love.

Back in DPS RKP, in class 11, I fell in love. And I was madly in love. Her name was Annie. And I found her beautiful.

I found life harsh because she used to hate me. You probably know how terrible and painful that feels. Time didn’t stop though.

School ended. And of course, there wasn’t much hope after that.

But. I hope you don’t love anybody that way. Because it is poison. But. Now we’re moving off topic.

The question is why did Annie hate me?

And the answer is simple. I was different. Weird in fact. Teenagers, and popular girls in particular don’t like that. One bit. You’d agree with that perhaps.

My classmates used to call me an Alien due to my stratospheric IQ but weird behaviour.

And most of all, I just didn’t have the courage to approach Annie directly. I never got the courage to talk to her confidently. Even though she was in the same school bus!

And as you probably know, girls hate lack of confidence. And I was as under confident as one could be.

Long story short, Annie was never in my life as my GF.

And it was the biggest setback ever. You’d probably not want anything remotely similar to happen to you. Pray it doesn’t happen to you. And I’ll pray for you too.

And the biggest hurdle that was there was overcoming that Asperger related behaviour. You understand that. Right?

Anyway, enough about the first story.

You probably want to hear the next one.

The final one.

My love for Annie made me start my own company. Weaving Thoughts. When I was not even 18 years old.

Yes, I did enrol in a full time college course. From Delhi University, no less. I attended Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies and majored in Finance. And I did graduate as well. Albeit. I just about passed. But that isn’t what we are talking about right now. Right?

Coming back to the point.

Back in 2008, age 18 years, I still loved Annie. A lot. And that will never change. It hasn’t changed in 2016 either. And starting Weaving Thoughts was the best way I could think of to impress her. And to earn enough to buy gifts for her. Of course the gifting part never materialised.

You’d have done the same thing. Right? Thought so!

And later on Weaving Thoughts was to become my dream. My passion. My love. My life. I didn’t need to take up a job when my friends were taking up jobs or going for higher education.

There were times of success and those of failure. And even now I’m still recuperating from a low. But at least I’m happier than ever and I can see a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel.

To top it all. I have been on anti-depressants ever since school ended. I have been suicidal for a significant part of this journey. And not everything is hunk dory even now. As you’d probably have guessed.


There is a point I’m trying to make.

Had Annie not been in my life as an inspiration, I would have never started Weaving Thoughts.

Had I not started Weaving Thoughts, I would just be an unhappy and disgruntled employee in a corporate job with no existence of his own. I would never have been happy. And I wouldn’t know what to do about it either.

Had Annie accepted me, I don’t know whether I’d have taken out enough time to pursue Weaving Thoughts through college.

And this is just the tip of the ice berg.

There is a lot of stuff that never made sense till even a year ago. And there is much that doesn’t make sense even now.


Once you believe that you reside in the Creator of the Universe. And that he resides in you. And. That you and the Lord are all but one. You’ll be better equipped to deal with the problems that come.

It may not always work out. But. Do you know anything that will?

And just to show a glimpse of how much I loved Annie:

Back in grade 12, when all of us were 17 year olds, Annie had kept a Karwa Chauth fast for her then boyfriend, who of course didn’t do the same for her! Frustrated at the thought of enjoying my meal while she was hungry and thirsty, I decided to keep one for her myself. That day, I didn’t drink a drop of water nor ate a bite of food till I broke my fast with her pic when the moon came out. Of course, she doesn’t know this even today. (I did drink a few drops of water early morning with my medicines, but that’s it!)

P.S. The name of my love has been changed to Annie to maintain her privacy. Which becomes even more important now that she’s happily married. Not to me of course! I’m single and ready to mingle.

P.P.S. Some 340 or so poems that I wrote for Annie, that I have self published on Across two volumes.


P.P.S. You can download the poems for free from my server:



About the author:

Aakshey Talwar is the founder and CEO of Gaia Internet aka and Weaving Thoughts. Both companies are really two sides of the same coin.

Gaia Internet is an on-demand content writing service that is trying to make a mark for itself.

GaiaQ has worked as a content vendor with Nearbuy, MobiKwik, Portea, VC Circle, Economic Times, Times Internet, Hyatt, CoverFox and many more big brands.

Aakshey was a Dipsite and graduated from CBS (DU). He is a big foodie, avid music lover and crazy gadget freak!

To learn more about Aakshey Talwar or to contact him, visit

To learn more about GaiaQ, visit

To learn more about Weaving Thoughts, visit


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But. Before you proceed, let me take a quick minute and introduce myself.

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Good day!


Demo Cold Calling Sales Script By Aakshey

Demo Sales Script

Alternate Script for a Demo back, say HDFC for example.

Let us assume the salesman John called his pros Rahul

Am I speaking to Rahul Sharma?

Can I call you Rahul? Nice name by the way.

If yes


Are you busy right now Rahul? I basically needed two or say three minutes of your precious time. If you’re busy, I can call back later. No big deal.

If he is free

I was wondering whether you could help with me what I got here. I’m not sure you would or even could, but I’ll share this with you anyway.

Basically I’m an Intern with HDFC Bank. I’ll be joining as an Associate come June.

The deal is that my boss feels I can’t get in clients. And he has promised to make me an associate if I could get 5 clients by the end of the week.

Now I’m not asking you to sign up as my client. Of course not!

But I have this new Credit Card right here. Which perhaps some of your friends or associates might be interested in.

If I could get your e-mail, I can send over more information about this. And if you feel somebody might be interested, I’ll send over my agent.

Now, you don’t have to hand over your email to me. I’d understand if you don’t. Just that I’ve got a career to make over here. And my boss also appreciates every email I’m able to send out.


Demo Newsletter Opening Page By Aakshey

From The Doctor’s Desk

From The Desk Of Dr. John Smith
XYZ Hospital, Mumbai, INDIA
28th February 2016

Dear Patient,

I have been using various LASIK machines for over a decade now. And I’m grateful to God that LASIK machines today are far easier to operate, quicker and less painful as compared to when I first started out.

But what hasn’t changed is that LASIK was safe then, and it is even safer now.

I’m sure you’d have heard horror stories about LASIK over the years. And truth be told, I have talked to patients first hand who experienced the original issues associated with LASIK. And to be honest, many of those issues were caused by inexperienced surgeons rather than inadequate technology. And I consider myself blessed that at our eye hospital, LASIK casualties are almost unheard of.

I’d like to share some developments that have happened at Adityajyoth.

Our hospital has brought in a new machine for LASIK – EX500. And this has taken the entire experience of the patient to a whole new level.

The EX500 has several powerful benefits over its predecessors. To tell you about some briefly:

Far less discomfort

Significantly reduced risk of contracting an eye infection

More stable vision and often quicker. Several patients report a clearer vision within moments of the operation.

Less pain compared to its predecessor (PRK)

And that’s not all.

At our eye hospital we also offer SBK (Sub-Bowman’s Keratomileusis) aka Thin-Flap LASIK. And of course SBK also offers advantages of its own. To explain a few:

It is absolutely painless and highly efficacious thanks to the all-laser blade-less technology.

A more natural and stable cornea that is less altered and results in eyes that aren’t as dry. This happens because fewer nerves are cut due to a thinner flap of cornea being cut.

And of course SBK is even safer than previous LASIK technologies that were already pretty safe.

I could have wasted your time on technicalities, but I’m sure you wouldn’t enjoy that. So I’ll be sharing more about the technology as this newsletter progresses.

I sincerely thank you for taking out your precious time to read this newsletter. I hope you find this newsletter worthwhile, as I have tried my best to ensure what reaches you is a no-nonsense newsletter that aims to clear general misconceptions about LASIK.

Thank You & God Bless!

Dr.John Smith
HOD – Cornea
XYZ Hospital


Incomplete Demo Landing Page Copy For RSystems By Aakshey

DATE, Washington:

The US Federal Government Appoints R Systems Ltd For America’s Nationwide Health Information Network (NHIN)

R Systems is alone responsible for securing and scaling America’s NHIN to industry standards as per HIPAA norms.

Why do you think America handed over such a critical project to us?

Of course you realize that Washington won’t do this solely on the basis of competitive bidding. And nor is mere capability and technology enough to land one with something that is so crucial for Americans.

Moreover, year after year, several state and central government departments in USA have awarded several important projects to R Systems. So. How come biggies like Infosys and Accenture didn’t get those projects and they landed up at R Systems?

Obviously you know that there are literally thousands of software companies in the world. And several hundred of them are within the States. All these companies are very competitive in their pricing and even as far as technology is concerned.

But there is something that R Systems takes a bit too seriously. And although this causes us to lose a few big clients, but often it does just the reverse. That is it hooks up those big fishes to R Systems for years.

What is that we are talking about here? What is this secret ingredient?

R Systems founder Rekhi Singh started the company in 1993 with a few core values in mind. And fortunately, these core values bring in quite a bit of business for the company even today.

We will let the man himself tell you about the core values that make R Systems so special.

From the Desk of Rekhi Singh
MD & Founder, R Systems Ltd
1st January 2016, Noida, NCR, INDIA

Rekhi here.

I’ll keep this section short. I know you’re waiting to hear what was promised and I’ll come straight to that.

The R Secret Sauce

I believe that our clients should be able to trust us. I believe in forming a personal bond between Team R and every single one of our clients. If as a client you trust us, I feel I don’t need to try too hard to make a sale. And once that happens, I’m sure you’ll automatically consider me for all your confidential and critical projects.

A client isn’t a paycheck for me. A client is a friend who makes my life easier and better. And in return I feel obliged to keep my end of the bargain. And this emotional and personal relationship is what makes R Systems so unique. Also. This trickles down to Team R as well.

Learn Before You Earn
I believe a person should perfect his learning before he even thinks of earning. If you perfect your learning, earnings will automatically follow. And this is what I imbibe in Team R. I encourage them to learn for the sake of learning. Rather than to rush and mess projects in hand. And touch wood, it couldn’t have worked better. After all, if you already master a technology when it is in its beta stage, you are already way ahead of your competition.

And lastly, Time Management
It is said that if you master your time, you become the creator of your own destiny. And the philosophy we follow at R allows us to deliver projects before time, every time. While ensuring that Team R isn’t overworked or stressed out. So that brings about the best in them. And at the same time, resources are efficiently utilized between projects.

That is it my friend.

These 4 pillars are what hold the R Systems business together.

I’d like to take your leave now, God Bless!


As you saw, Mr.MD did a great job of explaining why he believes his company is doing so well.

I’m not saying we are the only company or even the best company out there. Far from it. But what Team R promises to you is that we will make your project with us an experience. And not merely a piece of code that will get outdated as time passes.

And all this doesn’t come at a premium either.

We take up projects of all sizes, of all types and from just about anybody who wants to do business with us.


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You can interact with these industry personnel as well as other entrepreneurs over a span of 2-days to form some of the most important connections and have some of the most educating conversations you’ll probably have your in your life.

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One stop shop for all your IT needs.

Extremely high rehiring ratio and multiple experts for every single client.

Realtime visibility of projects through pSuite.

20000+ hours of experience among 400+ experts.

Experimenting with upcoming Big Data beta technologies.

Hybrid Global Sourcing model.

Packaged Services

Technology agnostic.

One of the few to have specialised teams solely for this.

Blend of tech with S&M.

Your next best option after Oracle. Comprehensive coverage 24x7x365.

Complete solution for startups and conventional offline retailers.

Handholding support.

Due importance to Content Management without overlooking other metrics.

Premium consulting.


Extreme agility and measured ROI oriented approach.

Infinitely scalable.

Computaris – Telecom

Convergent charging
Unique customer centered approach.

Mobile Broadband

Compliance on a budget.

Serving consumers and enterprises alike.

Bootstrapped yet profitable from day zero.


Stable but fast growing client base.


Serving every single mobile platform on earth.

In house product Computaris.


Sales force integration with ATM cloud tech.

All types of banking covered. Period.


US Govt compliant.

HIPAA compliant


Air, land and sea. We got you covered.

Repeat business from several US state govts.


Measurable approach and returns.

Largest project with 9600+ person months. Check.

Recommending against frivolous outsourcing by customers. Building credibility.

4000+ person years of experience.

Open Source
From social networks to complex apps, we specialise in it all.

No need for a third party partner.


Living in 2017. Future 2020.

Core programming. Beyond the backend.

6 time zones supported.


Custom SaaS modules and models.

About Us

Oyster Pearl. True story.

From USA to India/Global.

Oyster/Pearl Story
Dream it. If you mean it.

Caring before transforming. And transforming before innovating.

Merit only policy.

Global Management
It is all about leadership here. Human values come first.

Always ready. Never say no.

Continuous improvement. Never stop learning. A man can stop earning, but he should never stop learning.

One award too many.

Partners you can trust.

Fortune 1000 clientele.


Case Studies
From the horse’s mouth.

Learn infographic style.

Never made a loss.

We love you.

More numbers than you can dial.

Content that markets itself.

Work Culture
Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

You can trust our transparency.

Innovation focus
Team of scientists working in our R&D labs.

We believe in our Scrum Masters.

Quality Excellence
Six sigma and PCMM is the way we like it.

Pre assessing product market fit.