10 Must-See Goa Attraction Guaranteed to Spice Up Your Trip (Content Princess)

Whether you are embarking on a family trip, a relaxing vacation or a romantic getaway, the city of Goa has something dazzling in store for you!

If you’re looking for exciting, new adventures to have in Goa, the following activities are absolute musts.

EsselWorld and the Water Kingdom

What could scream fun more than an amusement park?

Visit EsselWorld and the Water Kingdom for an utterly thrilling day outside, with entertainment for all ages! And if the weather is too hot, the water slides and pools of the Water Kingdom are sure to calm you down.

Enjoy the rides of EsselWorld today!


Are you a fan of arcades and video games? Then Timezone is most definitely for you!

Re-experience the joy of childhood with rides, prizes, games and more! And if you happen to have kids, make sure to bring them along for a fun-filled day at Timezone.

Fit Timezone into your schedule for an action packed experience right here in Goa!

Tatva Elements Spa

Built around the five elements of Indian mythology, the Tatva Elements Spa is set on creating the ideal soothing atmosphere for each, no matter how unique their preferences.

To ensure that they are enveloped in the most comfortable, serene ambience possible, the spa allows customers to handpick oils and incense from a myriad of choices, as well as converse with spa therapists to set the mood and treatment options exactly to their liking.

Drop by the Tatva Elements Spa for the pampering of a lifetime.

Chalo Picnic

If you have a more adventurous, outdoors soul, then splurging a bit on a parasailing or wake boarding trip is entirely worth it.

Designed to provide a thrilling combination of rope bridges, obstacle courses, rock walls, paintball wars, and extreme water or air based sports, Chalo Picnic will give you the experience of a lifetime.

Plan to visit Chalo Picnic for some truly unforgettable moments.

PVR Cinema

Enjoy a fun movie of your choice with you friends or family at the PVR Cinema in Goa, one of the largest film entertainment companies in India.

Take your pick of the selection, and sit down to view an original film of any genre for a casual, memorable evening.

Visit the PVR Cinema for a pleasurable experience in Goa!

Rediscovery Cruises

Picture this: a breathtaking sunset forming a backdrop of pink and orange, creating a soft ambience for a romantic dinner on the water. Or perhaps you’d prefer a more adventurous approach, exploring the rivers of Goa on a comfortable day cruise.

Whatever your preference, Rediscovery Cruises has a private cruise to suit your needs – just you and your group, no pesky bystanders to interfere!

Look up Rediscovery Cruises and glance through their selection!

SinQ Beach Club and Lounge

If you’re looking for a wilder evening out, SinQ is where you need to be. A luxury club at a lifestyle resort, it provides music, drinks, restaurant quality meals derived from varying cuisines, and seating by the pool.

Spend the evening at SinQ and get a taste of Goa nightlife.

The Park Calangute

Dine at The Park for an exquisite meal prepared from fresh, local ingredients, cooked to mouthwatering perfection and plated stylishly for your enjoyment.

Enjoy the complimentary evening entertainment varying from karaoke nights to professional singers, and spend some time at the bar sipping a refreshing drink with a friend.

Visit the Park Calangute for a refreshing restaurant experience!

Lifespring Tarot Card Reading

For the more astrologically inclined, don’t miss out on an opportunity to get a tarot card reading at Lifespring. Whether you would prefer a telephonic reading, email, or a personal consultation, get a taste of the future today!

Ramada Caravela Beach Resort and Spa

Lastly, make sure to enjoy your time on the beaches of Goa and relax by the pool or on the beach at the Ramada Caravela Beach Resort – and when you’re ready, step into its spa to receive a full body massage. Don’t forget to take advantage of all you can eat at the buffet lunch!

Stop by the Ramada Caravela Beach Resort for a beachfront, luxury hotel experience.

If you’ve found this list useful and enjoyed getting to know Goa, share it with a friend! And don’t forget to comment with your Goa experience and the places you’ve seen!


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