Rank Princess

Rank Princess is Gaia’s original
content creation service.

Rank Princess delivers 80% of Content Princess’s quality and 100% of the service at a fraction of the price.

Rank Princess is aimed at smaller businesses, webmasters and hobbyist bloggers who need lots of content but can’t pay much for it.

The Rank Princess Edge

Graduate Writers

Almost all writers at Rank Princess are either college graduates or currently studying in college.

Identical Quality Control

You get an absolutely identical level of service and quality control with Rank Princess as you’d have got with Content Princess.

Flat Rate Pricing

Flat rate pricing regardless of the type of content or the size of your order.

All of Gaia’s Edges

With Rank Princess you automatically get all of Gaia’s USPs as well.

Direct interaction with writers is a feature of the Gaia CRM portal that hasn’t been launched yet. Current orders won’t have this provision. The CRM is likely to be launched closer to the end of 2016, tentatively.

Rank Princess Is A One Stop Shop For All
Your Content Creation Needs!

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do; we service everybody:





SEO Agencies

*Subject to a minimum write-up word count of 200 words or more. And subject to a minimum order size of $15 / INR 1125.

*If the pricing is a problem, please email aakshey@gaiaq.com to discuss possible discounts and/or offers.

**If you place a Bulk Order, you’ll get samples from a number of writers to choose from to complete the rest of your order. Alternately, if you’ve hired us previously, you can share the name of your desired writer(s). All this is subject to availability and will likely increase the delivery time.

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Estimated Quote :

All quotes for Content Strategi are custom and quoted by Aakshey personally.

Please leave a message through Content Strategi's page or email aakshey@gaiaq.com.

The minimum order size is USD 15 or INR 1125.

All writeups below 200 words are billed at a flat rate of 200 words.

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If you're still unsure about your order, please contact Aakshey at aakshey@gaiaq.com to discuss your requirement in detail.

Alternately, you can use any of the contact forms on this website.

Or you may even try us with a free custom sample before you sign up as a paying client.